Spec Ops: The Line Video Walkthrough

Spec Ops: The Line Video Walkthrough

Spec Ops: The Line Video Walkthrough Spec Ops: The Line hit stores after a long development process. First shown at E3 2010, the idea of ​​2K Games was to bring Dubai city in chaos after a sandstorm in a truly devastating mode with ability to tear down buildings and destroying infrastructure. The setting remains the same and sand plays an interesting role in the gameplay, allowing to destroy the enemies using it. Spec Ops: The Line is a third-person action. It is a game that has rocked the consoles today. Lets find out how to clear all the chapters easily but with fun using this video guide.


Chapter 1 : The Evacuation

This is the first chapter of the war you going to have in the game. As soon as you reach the beacon in the great line of vehicles, you will find the Info written on a white-board on your left side. Once you enter the plane to rescue the soldiers look down the stairs to find the box.


Chapter 2 : The Dune

As soon as you enter the Dune Chapter, there will be a ammunition box near blue umbrella where you will get the Information. Once you enter the television station you will need to reach the counter down stairs. There you will find a tape.


Chapter 3 : Underneath

In this chapter as you soon as you face the counter at C4, locate a small house with orange chairs and look at the counter on the left to find the object. Remember that you need to recover before your discussion ends with Adams.


Chapter 4 : The Refugees

Here you need to go ahead through the hallway to find a doll. After the death of Castavin, look on the desk on your left to find the document.

Chapter 5 : The Edge

At the start of this chapter once you cleared the arena, you will find a document located on the ground behind the door. The doors am talking about are just before the jump point. Once you go to other building using the zip line and crossed the bridge, simply climb up the stairs, you will get some information kept on the bed in the hall.


Chapter 6 : The Pit

In this map you will find your self with bunch of your men heading towards the an area filled with corpses. You will find here few bodies stuck up with chairs. Look around this area. You will find a small chair. There will be some documents kept for you.


Chapter 7 : The Battle

Right in the start of this chapter, you will face some attack and encounter. Once it is cleared you will reach to the end of the road. Here look for a small stop sign on left side of barricade from the bottom to find the info. After witnessing the explosion of white phosphorus, you face your first armored soldier. Once you kill him by moving to the objective marker look at the Christienne sign before entering the building to find some information.


Chapter 8 : The Gate




Chapter 9 : The Road

You need to look around and search the wall for a Flag before rappelling in the start of the map.


Chapter 10 : Riggs & Stealing Water

As soon as you join Riggs you will face some flash grenade and attacked by few other soldiers. Once you get out of here, you will find a small table next to you with info.


Chapter 11 : Alone


Chapter 12 : The Rooftops

After removing the soldier that you took to Adams in a brief hallucination, search the crates that are on the right of the stairs to find the document. Once you go to the disco, enter the toilets and locate the sink to get the maps kept on the left of paint piranha


Chapter 13 : Adams

As the name of the chapter suggests, here you will find yourself with Adams. Once you clean this are with the help of Amads, you will enter to a plane carcass. Once you enter, cross the yellow tent and look left. You will find a document with some info.


Chapter 14 : The Bridge

Here you will face some combat in the start of the map. Once you are through it, enter Dubai Seaside building, look up stairs , you will find some info on the chair. After facing an armored soldier during a hallucination you will enter second building. On the left of the stairs you need to inspect the wall for few clues.


Chapter 15 : Welcome

inside Konrad’s room, there will be stairs on your right. Go up and you will find a desktop with a letter for you. Before you go upstairs to regain Konrad, don’t forget to check the coffee table. There is some document left for you.


You will find yourself alone sitting wounded. Few minutes later you will find a crew with your men came to take you home.



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