Classic Weapons and Traps changes in Orcs Must Die 2

Classic Weapons and Traps changes in Orcs Must Die 2

The following article will provide you in detail information about Orc Must Die 2 Weapons and Traps. The game moves with a common gameplay of killing the horde of Orcs as they keep on entering your castle. There are quiet ample of levels available that you can play for hours. The game does not involve much about strategy but offers you a common way of achieving your target. All you need to know is about the number of weapons and traps it is having. I had notice one thing a number of times, that this games deals with many traditional weapons and traps. Magic is another thing which is simply counted under weapon according to me. Now here I had tried to collect a number of information from the game to list all the weapons and traps here. I hope this can help you to play the game in much more better way. The game is based on the older edition but with improved graphics and more additions. Mostly you have to add up some traps and use the right weapons to deal with the enemies. There are bosses involved which offer you more challenging level. The game deals with many classic weapons.


I was hoping to get some modern type of arms in the new editions, but yet that is ignored. We can expect that in more upcoming edition. Crossbow is one of them. Each weapon has its own type of damage style and a proper combination of weapon and trap can provide drastic damages. But still the game is bit confusion as you can’t remember all the traps so easily. The game level offers you some time at the start to arrange traps and make yourself ready for the attack. Let’s check the list of things we have in the game one by one. I had started to work on the weapons list first. I had listed all of them below one by one with short information on it. The game awards you skull which you can use to buy this weapons. I had listed the amount of skull needed for each of them.


Weapons of Orc Must Die 2 in alphabetical order



Alchemist’s Satchel — 14 Skulls

 This is somewhat like an acid bomb that you can throw on Orcs. It is capable of providing high damages instantly. It comes under the list of primary fire category where you can simply access this more quickly. This weapon offers you to kill a group of enemies from long distance. You can throw up the same on Orcs killing them instantly. I had seen this weapon as one of the very effective option. Like a grenade it offers you to kill more than one enemy or simply detonate the same when they reach nearby. This weapons has quiet a nice potential in killing Orcs. I am using this number of time when I am quiet stuck between groups of enemies. Within seconds it can open up enough way needed. If used this strategically this weapon can give you more kills in instant time.


Bladestaff — 8 Skulls

 Bladestaff is another spear type weapon which is effective when you are quiet surrounded. It is best recommended for short range attacks. The weapon comes in the secondary category which can help you to get rid of near enemies. To use this first wait till the enemies are near to you. It should be a small group, this weapon is quiet useless on a big horde. The weapons are more effective on freezes enemies. It is another good option in co-op game mode. For bosses battle if you can freeze the enemy you can use this to create easy damages. There are certain small enemies which quickly reach near to attack, at that point you can change the weapon to Bladestaff to bring them down quiet instantly. Remember that if you are engaged in rough fight you need quiet extra health to stand for longer time. The weapon is not really recommended for longer battles. But at some point in narrow places this is a very effective tool. The game offers you simple upgrades. You can make the weapon more effective through that. Orcs. To use it in better way you need to learn the same in more properly or else it might be a complicated thing to try.


Blunderbuss — Default weapon

 Blunderbuss is the default gun on Orc Must Die 2. You get his weapon unlocked from start. This is one of the strongest weapons which are used widely. It offers you a powerful shooting option through which you can instantly bring down a number of enemies. There are essential upgrades available for this gun. Each one of them let you perform a stronger number of actions at a time. The gun can only be used by Warmage. It is not really a long range device. It is completely useless to use this on distant enemies. Somehow there are chances of getting a bit minor damages to them. But still if you are struggling with horde of enemies this weapon can extend your survival. The gun is also very effective against most powerful enemies in the game.


Bone Amulet — 12 Skulls

 This weapon is magical. It offers you to damage at the number of enemies which touches it. You just need to lay down the same properly so that it lies perfectly in the way of raging enemies. It can be effective at many places and I hope you can keep this safe for further usage. It is a quiet nice attack that offers you high scores instantly but it is needed to be used wisely. It offers you an additional support while fighting. The emulate when activated attack your enemies with bones. This might look weird but still the attack is effective in many cases and especially to a group of attackers. There is quiet not better alternate available in place of this, but this thing is quiet worth trying in the game.


Crossbow — 8 Skulls

 Now this is something I really liked after Blunderbuss. This weapon offers you the best way to get rid of enemies in much way. Through a traditional weapon but very effective compared to others. It is the basic weapon provided in the game, but the shots are enough to give much higher damage compared to other weapons. Crossbow is powerful enough to kill a number of enemies in single shot if you have the target set right. You can zoom to hit distant enemies of simply attack on large enemies instantly. There are bit upgrades that give you more special abilities in using these weapons. You and also shoot up objects or making the right headshot to kill enemy in one shot. The more you use Crossbow the more perfect will be your shot. The only issue is it is a bit complicated to take a right shot when you are moving. You can setup traps and use this weapon to kill a number of enemies quiet instantly. It is a reliable weapon but you need to learn how to use properly. You can get killed or lost easily if the weapon is not properly utilized. There are upgrades as I said which can make this thing a bit more deadly. This only weapons that offers you to shot multiple shots at a very low time. You can create big damages and make your access.


Dwarven Hammer — 13 Skulls

 This weapon will need skull, but once you had gained you can kill bigger enemies quiet instantly. It offers you a power to kill higher amount of enemies with a single strike. It is a costly weapon and it is recommended to use when needed only. I use these mostly on bosses to get more instant damages to them. There are certain upgrades you can use to make it more drastic. The issue with this weapon is that it is not recommended for longer distance. You can’t hold it in your hand and run. If you even attack, distant enemies will not be affected at all. Always test this when you are near. There different types that you can use to make this weapon a bit more deadly. For larger enemies at near location you can try this out for making maximum damages. Another issue with this weapon is that if you did not stay alert it can hit you back by damaging a high amount of health.


Flame Bracers

 Unleashing the power of fire, Flam Bracers can give you a better attack. This power allows you to target an Orc and burn him down. Though is can be resisted but still can be used at some point for survival. The issue with this weapon is that the flame does not lie for longer time. They go away quiet easily which put effects on the damage. At some level Flame Bracers are the most crucial weapons used. You can upgrade the same to make it more effective. As a magical weapon you can use the fireball as the primary attack also. The tactic to get effective kill is to use this on a crowd. Do not use this on one or couple of Orcs. There should be a bunch of crowd near you. You can then activate this to get a number of kills very easily.


Ice Amulet

 Unlike Flame Bracers which offer you to use fireball, Ice Amulet gives you an ice bolt attack. It is very effective making your enemies weaker and halt for some time. You can then use another weapons to bring them down very easily. This weapon is quiet better in making the enemies to work slower in number of ways. I use when a horde of Orcs appear from distance to attack. This can help you to target more than one enemy very effectively. The best part of using this is when you freeze an enemy and attack your damage increases to double. You can make the enemy weaker each and kill them instantly. This is one of the important weapons that you must keep in your spell book.


Lightning Ring — 12 Skulls

 This is another magical weapon that is more drastic if you want to end up the level soon. The damages are much better here. The upgrades make this weapon more powerful compared to others. The upgrades are quiet less costly compared to other weapons. With effective tides appeared it can take down more number of enemies or cost them heavy damage. It can slow down your enemies or when you use this when they are about to move into trap, you can surely gain a high amount of points here.


Sceptre of Domination

 It is the default or you can say first weapon for the sorceress in Orc Must Die 2. It is also the primary weapon that you can go for. For easy attacks and essential damages you can use this out. There is charging stuff available that makes the weapon a bit more effective when needed. You must ensure the type of charge that you need at the time of hitting. You have to charge as per the enemies attack. The weapon is effective when used against enemies that are mostly stucked in traps. With two different charges it offers you two type of attack. At first it offers you enemies to turn into flames while the other one simply creates an explosion.


Vampire Gauntlets — 14 Skulls

 Adding one more to the magical weapons Vampire Gauntlets is a bit different. Somehow it is not widely used but it can offer you a better healing support. It has nice damage ability but for that you need to give a bit of your health. Using this multiple time is simply killing you bit by hit. There are upgrades that can offer you bigger damages in easier way. When it attacks the enemies are redirected. It is capable of absorbing the life of enemies. You can use this to load up your mana. It is like your health pill which you can use when needed.


Wind Belt

 Wind Belt operates somewhat on air energy. It has ability to push a huge mob in the direction you want. It is easy for pushing an enemy inside the trap quiet instantly. The second support is provides you is to throw any object on the enemy. The weapon is good while dealing with number of enemies at single time mostly when you are surrounding from different direction. There is no major damage appearing but it gives you a bit of time to make yourself ready for the upcoming horde. You can arrange your traps quickly and forcing the enemy to land in it.


Traps in Orc Must Die 2 in alphabetical order



  • Acid Sprayer – Fire Acid on Enemies. Wall Trap
  • Archer Guardian — Archer soldiers for short period to attack close range enemies. Effective for short distance attach
  • Arrow Wall — Fires Arrow on Enemies. Wall Trap
  • Auto ballista — Recommended for hard levels. Placed on the roof offering a large distance auto attack. A bit costly to place but every effective.
  • Barricade — Floor trap to redirect the enemy’s location or change its path. It is a path blocker. Effective for moving enemies in trap.
  • Bear Trap — A trap for catching Orcs and making them to cause high damage. Stronger enemies can break it. Good and affordable for defense.
  • Boom Barrel — Explosive barrel can damage multiple enemies at a single time. Capable of causing heavy damages.
  • Boom Barrel Dispenser — This trap can create explosive boom barrels in the enemy’s path. A wall trap offers you to activate the barrels by shooting them.
  • Boulder Chute — Roof trap. Drop big size stones on enemies causing heavy damage.
  • Brimstone — Floor trap. Capable of burning the enemies who walk over them. It can offer you a reasonable damage mode and it can recharge automatically after a while.
  • Coinforge — Good for earning. Does not provide any damage. Increases the amount of coins earn on per enemy. Recommended to use on weaker enemies to earn more.
  • Decoy — This is a distraction trap which makes the enemies to attack him and explodes killing a number of together. Very effective when you are surround or chased by big horde.
  • Dwarf Guardian — Small soldiers who fight with you on the ground destroying many enemies instantly. It is recommended good for long distance attack. It is capable of using different weapons.
  • Floor Scorcher — This is another trap which can attack with fire. It only works in one direction. It is quiet powerful and best trap available.
  • Grinder — A wall trap nightmare for enemies. It comprises of dragging enemies inside and crushing them to death.
  • Haymaker — Roof trap for hitting enemies and making them weaker. One of the most affordable traps available.
  • Healing Well — Trap to restore health.
  • Ice Vent — Use to freeze enemies instantly. A floor mouse causing slowdown hordes of enemies and can be attack with any other available weapon.
  • Mana Well — Use to refill Mana while in the gameplay. Good for recharging health back again.
  • Paladin Guardian — One of the most powerful soldiers available with heavy armor and long survival ability. It is capable of performing devastating attack by killing a high number of enemies and dealing with bossed.
  • Pounder — A roof trap causing heavy damages to enemies by crashing them down under it.
  • Push Trap — A wall trap used to forcefully push the enemies in lava or acid. It can be effectively used to push a horde or Orcs into lava.
  • Shock Zapper — Causes lightning damages to enemies who pass below it. An effective but very slow charging roof trap.
  • Spike Trap — Another devastating floor trap to hit the enemies with floor spikes as they move above that. Can cause large damages to any kind of enemy.
  • Spore Mushroom — This is a magical trap where it will make the first enemy your friend and it will start fighting for you instead of killing you. You can place it in proper way making the most powerful enemy your friend.
  • Spring Trap — A spring platform can through your enemy to distance. Good grap of throwing up a small group of enemies quiet effectively.
  • Steam Trap — Steam Trap does not really kill any enemy but it is capable of slowing down a horde of enemies. This can give you a bit more time to kill up. Good for small enemies.
  • Swinging Mace — This is a very effective when a horde of attackers reach you. It is a roof trap that can give a hard time for enemies to password. You can use this at little narrow location making the enemies movement complicated.



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