How to update Samsung Galaxy Note 3 JSS15J.N900XXUCMJ7 Firmware

How to update Samsung Galaxy Note 3 JSS15J.N900XXUCMJ7 Firmware

Samsung has released a new update for Note 3. The old build number is  JSS15J.N900XXUBMJ1. The new one is JSS15J.N900XXUCMJ7. This new update allow more stability and the download size is around 108MB. The update improves the phone performance. You can find the update underSoftware Update section. It is essential that you must run the update to improve the overall performance of the same. There is a video available on the same. You can click on the link posted at the end. The videos shows you the complete process of running this new update.

Old Version:

  • Baseband Version: N900DDUBMI4
  • Kernel Version: 3.4.39-1624790 dpi@DELL222 # 1 Tue Oct 1 18:17:06 KST 2013
  • Build Number:  JSS15J.N900XXUBMJ1

New Version:

  • Baseband Version: N900DDUCMJ1
  • Kernel Version: 3.4.39-2018955 dpi@DELL323 # 1 Wed Oct 30 16:38:06 KST 2013
  • Build Number: JSS15J.N900XXUCMJ7

Steps to update Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Firmware

Step 1: Go in Settings
Step 2: Under Settings go in About Device
Step 3: Tap on Software Updates. It is always recommended to update firmware via wifi.
Step 4: Once the firmware downloaded it will ask you to reboot the device.
Step 5: The firmware will install automatically.
Step 6: Your firmware is updated successfully.



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