How to Scan documents and photos on HP Officejet Pro 3620

How to Scan documents and photos on HP Officejet Pro 3620

HP Officejet Pro 3620 is an all in one printer that comes with scanner and copier. Here we will checkout the different scanning options. It is quiet easy, but through different ways you can scan instantly on your system.  The printer has a copier option through which you can use it like for Xerox also.  But there are different ways of scanning.  Through the first way you can get files directly saved in your My Documents folder, the second is using Web Scan or a third party web server. So let’s check out the different scanning modes of HP Officejet Pro 3620.

Scanning through front Printer Control Panel:


Step 1: Press the Scan button from front control panel. Ensure that the printer is connected on a network and shared. It must be added as default printer in your system.

Step 2: After clicking on Scan you are in Select Computer section. If printer is properly shared then all PC on LAN will appear here. If not then choose others.

Step 3: From here choose the type of scan you want. You can select a PC where Scanned file is directly saved in My Documents folder, or you can send the scanned file to email and fax.  Choose appropriate option and hit OK.

Step 4 : After selecting proper options from that hit Start Scan button and done.

Scanning through  HPScan Software:

Step 1 : When you insatll the printer drivers in your system, you also get a HP Printer software. It is a pack of utilties to print and scan. if you are using Windows 7 then in the Start Menu > Search type HPScan.

Step 2 :  Load the paper in Printer Scanner.  After clicking on HP Scan you can see a applciation the appciation launch with different options.  Through which you can save a pdf and jpeg file. you can also mail the file directly.

Step 3 :  At the lower side you have choice to run duplex scanning. You have to load the paper on top tray above scanner and configure double sided scanning.

Scanning through  HP WebScan Software :

WebScan is a nice feature through which you can scan a page through web based interface. You dont need any scamnning software for that. All you have to do is type the IP addrses of printer in a web browser and done. You can find the IP address under Setup > Network > View IP.

Step 1 : Type the IP address of your printer in a web browser.

Step 2 : Click on the Second tab Scan.

Step 3 : If you get any error here then you have to go in Settings > Administrator Settings > and add a tick on WebScan.

Step 4 : Under Scan go the bottom and click on Start Scan. You can adjust the scanner settings from here.


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