How to get Facebook, Twitter, RSS and Youtube Update on your Sony Xperia Z1

How to get Facebook, Twitter, RSS and Youtube Update on your Sony Xperia Z1

Sony Xperia Z1 comse with smart apps to manage all your social networking, feeds and updates at one place. It is annoying to check all things in different applications. Here it is a time saving application. The name of App is Socialife. It is free and works well with many accounts and RSS feed. Next time when you want to check new updates you can go in the app and get all details in one place. You can also add the widget on your homescreen.


Step 1: In the menu of Sony Xperia Z1 tap on Socialife App.

Step 2: It will ask you to sign in with a account. You can add Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds in it. Tap on Accept. The next screen you will get will about the history logs. If you want you can allow the app to keep record of history logs.

Step 3:  Now you have to add the account here. You can tap on facebook first.

Step 4:  The app will ask you to allow a integration with facebook.

Step 5 : The app is no configured. It has a simple UI where all updatesa comat one place. You can also get news here.  You will get all related updates at one place. You can add FAcebook, Twitter and RSS feeds here. The interface is very simple here.

Step 6: When you swip towards left you can enter to get more details. Like below you can see image of Facebook updates.

Step 7: The following screen is a Twitter update.

Step 8: The following screen is a Feeds update page.

Step 9: You can add and remove accounts and feeds links from the main menu.

Step 10: You can also post directly any new update or tweet on twitter.


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