How to switch to Android from iPhone

How to switch to Android from iPhone

Android is attracting lots of people today due to millions of free apps and games. It is a vast platform that has been offered on impressive models in the market like Galaxy Note 3, Xperia Z1, HTC One, etc. This entire phone comes with big screen size and great performance. Just because of Android OS, mobile devices are far smarter and amazing. They give you pc like features. This short guide is for those who want to switch to Android from iPhone. It becomes a bit complicated if you are not used to the new mobile phone models. It takes some time to understand the overall features. Through this guide you will get detailed information on how to change your phone model and get more benefit out of it.

It is for sure that once you start using Android then you will not come back to iPhone. It will be your permanent device. So here you must first go ahead with backup. Signing up with cloud based storage is very important and easy, so that you can access your data whenever needed. Let’s move ahead with the process.

Android Phone setup:-

  • Almost all Smartphone comes with Wi-Fi connection. You have to first turn on wifi and configure your Gmail Account. This will allow you to get apps and games from Google Play. Also through the same account you can get all your apps back if you had formatted your phone or bought a new one.
  • Do not forget to check for software update after regular intervals. The latest update gives more feature and stability. Branded phones like Samsung gets auto notification whenever a new firmware version is released in the market.
  • You can add more accounts under Settings > Accounts. You can configure your Facebook, Twitter, email, etc; everything at once place.

Transferring iPhone Contact through Gmail:-

  • This setup is important so that your device does not crash or stop at the time of moving the data. You have to check for the latest software release also.
  • It is recommended to do the same through wifi. Because on wifi you will get better bandwidth while on regular mobile network the update speed will be low.
  • The next thing you have to do is to use iCloud. Upload your contacts on iCloud. You need to go into Cloud settings where you have to turn on the Contact settings. This will backup the contact online.
  • In the same way login to your Gmail Account and go in Settings > Mail. There you can find option to turn on sync for Contacts. You have to add your Gmail account in your iPhone also.
  • Once done sync your phone. Use iTunes to backup everything. Double check everything before going ahead with other process.

Transferring iPhone Contact Manually to Gmail or iCloud:-

  • Once the contact is synced to Gmail from iPhone, the same will appear on your android phone after little time. In this way you got all your contacts easily through Gmail. But if this does not work then there is a manual option also. You can download the contacts from iCloud and add them in your system.
  • Go on iCloud site. You have to login using Apple ID.
  • In that you can see the Contacts Section. Click on that.
  • At the lower left side you can find an option as Select All. Click on that and choose all the contacts.
  • Then click on Export. In this way you can export a vcard file. Download the same on your system.
  • Now in your web browser open Gmail. Login to your account.
  • Click on Mail and choose Contacts from there. Then you have to choose Import contacts and choose the vcard file which you had downloaded. You have option to merge duplicate contacts here.

Transferring Music:-

  • We will now transfer music to Google. For that you have to download and install Google Music Manager Application on your Mac system.
  • Add this app and then upload all your iTunes music on the cloud storage.
  • You have to sign up using your Gmail account and also you have to signup Google Wallet. It might ask your credit card details.
  • Once done all your music will be configured on the Cloud storage.

Transferring SIM:-

  • Now you have to remove the SIM and finally add it in the Android phone. For that you will have to buy a MicroSIM adapter. Depending on the SIM size get an adapter and then add the sim in your new android phone.


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