How to pin contacts on Sony Xperia Home Screen

How to pin contacts on Sony Xperia Home Screen

Keepng important contacts on the home screen is handy. It help you to dail a call insatntly. It is a time consuming process to go in the Contact book and then Search for the person name and then tap and dial. I can give you a easy way to dial insatntly with one tap. For that you have to add the contact on the home screen. Xperia Z devices offer you a Top and Favorite contacts widget. While you can also do the same manually.

Step 1: Tap on the screen for sometime. You will get a menu at the bottom for customization. Tap on Widgets.

Step 2: From the list swipe to the right and tap on Favorites widget.

Step 3: You can swipe more to lcoate Recent Calls widget.

Step 4: While the last thing you can try is Top  Contacts Widget.


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