How to use Air Gesture on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

How to use Air Gesture on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes with some advance features called as Air Gesture. In this you don’t have to touch the screen. By waving S-Pen on the screen you can go ahead using the phone. This include checking out the Quick Glance screen. This tell you about miss call, sms, etc. You can also browse different page and images through simple Air Gesture.

Step 1: Enable Air Gesture through Apps > Settings > Controls > Air Gesture.

Step 2: The Air Gesture icon appears on the top notification bar. You have 4 options here.

Step 3:  The first is Quick Glance Screen.  : Once enabled when the phone is in Sleep Mode move your hand over the phone scren. Do not touch just keep the palm in air and you will see Quick Glance Screen.

Step 4: The second is Air Jump. Scroll through waving your hand in the air up and down.

Step 5: The third is Air Browse. You can use this feature on Gallery, My Music, Music on Lock Screen & S Note.

Step 6: The fourth option is Air Call-Accept. This turn on speaker when you pickup a up a call through waving hand in air.


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