How to quickly transfer HD Videos from Moto X through Android Beam

How to quickly transfer HD Videos from Moto X through Android Beam

Android Beam is an instantly way to transfer HD videos, files, images, web pages, apps, etc from one phone to another. Moto X comes with NFC and Android Beam support. Today I am going to show you an instant way through which you can move a HD video from Moto X to any other phone that has NFC and Android Beam. Almost all high end android Smartphone come with android beam. You don't have to turn on Bluetooth, pair your phone and wait back until a file is transferred. Through android beam you can instantly tap two phones and start a transfer. It is a smart way of sharing file. You don't ;have to use any third party application for the same. Android Beam use a wifi for transferring file so speed here is fast. You had clicked photos or have a nice song that you want to share with your friends you can just use Android Beam to transfer that in no time. To use Android Beam, you must have NFC support. Here we will transfer a video from Moto X to Sony Xperia Z2 using Android Beam.

Tap on Settings and then tap on More. In that you can see NFC. Tap on it to turn on NFC and below Android Beam will be activated automatically. If not then top on it and turn it on. Do the same thing in any other device that you have to and from where you want to share files.

After that to share a video, go in Gallery. Select the video to play in default video player.

You have to touch the backside of both phone with each other.

The screen will get minimize. If you tap on Moto X screen, then the running video will be shared with other phone. And if you tap on the screen of other device, file from that will come in Moto X.

The file download can see from Notification panel. By default it will appear in gallery.




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