How to troubleshoot Huawei Ascend P2 Smartphone

How to troubleshoot Huawei Ascend P2 Smartphone

How do I set my phone to ring or vibrate when it receives new messages?

  • Step 1.In the message list, touch  > Settings.
  • Step 2.In the NOTIFICATIONS area, touch Choose ringtone. From the displayed ringtone list, choose a ringtone.

I failed to send or receive a multimedia message. Why? What can I do?

  • Multimedia messages cannot be sent or received if data service is disabled. Before you send or download a multimedia message, enable your data service or connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network.
  • If the problem persists, check whether your phone has sufficient storage available.
  • Go to Settings. In the DEVICE area, touch Storage to view the storage details. If your phone does not have sufficient storage, delete unwanted files to free up some space.

How do I attach files to a multimedia message? Is there any restriction on the attachment size?

  • When writing a message, touch  to select an attachment type, and follow the onscreen instructions to add the attachment.
  • Attachments to a multimedia message cannot exceed 300 KB. If an image is too large, it will be automatically compressed before being attached to the message, as a result which, the image resolution will decrease.

How many characters can be contained in a text message? How about a long text message?

  • A text message can contain a maximum of 160 English characters or 70 Chinese characters. A long text message can contain up to 7 pages. If a message is longer than 7 pages, the message will be converted into a multimedia message.

How do I save messages as drafts?

  • When writing a message, touch back or to save the message as a draft, which will be displayed the next time you open that thread.

How do I distinguish between received and sent messages?

  • Received messages are aligned to the left with the contact photo displayed on the left.
  • Sent messages are aligned to the right with your photo displayed on the right.

How do I change the font or font size?

  • By default, the font cannot be changed. Certain third-party applications may allow you to change fonts.
  • To change the font size:
  • Step 1.Go to Settings. In the DEVICE area, touch Display > Font size.
  • Step 2.Touch a font size to apply it.

How can I switch between input methods?

  • Touch a text input field to bring up the onscreen keyboard. The keyboard icon then appears on the status bar. Drag down the status bar to open the notification panel, touch Select input method to select an input method.

How do I change the system language?

  • Go to Settings. Under PERSONAL, touch Language & input > Language to select a language.
  • If the language of your choice is not in the list, try other language support third-party applications.

How do I group contacts? How do I add a contact to a group?

  • Step 1.In the contact list, touch contacts to view your contact groups.
  • Step 2.Touch to add a contact group. Then name the group.
  • Step 3.Touch Add members, select the contacts, and touch ADD MEMBERS.
  • Step 4.When you are done, touch DONE.


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