How to change default messaging app in Moto X

How to change default messaging app in Moto X

Moto X offer you ample of simple settings to use the phone as per your need. You can customize it more easily. It is powered by a Android 4.4 Kitkat operating system that add more stability and performance. Today I will show you how can replace the default messing app in Moto X. by default the messaging app is fixed and you get all your messages in that. But if you install any third party app to manage your sms you can't set it to default. you might see the same sms at two different place. but in Moto X you can set the default one. For example if you are using Go SMS Pro app and you want this one as your default solution then you can do that from settings.

The first thing you have to do is download your favorite Messaging App. I am going to test Go SMS Pro here.

Tap on Settings and then tap on More.

There you can find Default SMS App. Tap on it. Now choose the default sms app you want to use and done. Next time whenever you receive a sms will appear in the default selected app.


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