How to set Face Unlock on Moto X Lock Screen

How to set Face Unlock on Moto X Lock Screen

To unlock the lock screen the most common gesture is swiping to the right side. But it is time to get more upgraded. you can use the smart Face Unlock feature to activate your phone home screen. It is very simple to use and accurate. Moto X has a good front camera which is cable to identify your face in different light condition. Face Unlock is a less secure way to lock screen, but it is fun to use. You can just bring your face near to the phone screen and it will get unlocked. There are many other ways like pattern, pin, password, swipe, etc. I am going to show you the process through which you can configure your face for unlocking the device screen. This thing is handy when you are using your phone lot and you are swiping takes time. Face unlock is a faster way of unlocking the screen.

Go in the Settings section of Moto X. Scroll down to Personal and tap on Security.

At the top side you can see Screen Lock. Tap on that.

Now you will see a set of different options to unlock the home screen. This include Slide, NFC Unlock, Face Unlock, Pattern, PIN and Password. Tap on Face Unlock.

Read the instructions and then tap on Set it up. And then tap on Continue.

Now you have to bring your face in the dotted circle and hold for a few seconds. If all those dots turns to green then the face is saved. Tap on continue after that.

The next step is to use a pattern, pin or password lock so that if face lock does not work you can use the second way to unlock. Use pattern which is simplest. You have to add that two times to confirm. That's it. The lock is enabled.

When you press the power button you will get a small box in which you have to scan your face to unlock.


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