How to take blurred background images through Sony DSC-RX100M3 E32 Digital Camera

How to take blurred background images through Sony DSC-RX100M3 E32 Digital Camera

We all love to take our photos when we are out in the crowd. A number of time it happens that a few unwanted things appear in the background that spoil the entire picture. Sony DSC-RX100M3 E32 has a feature through which you can take amazing pictures with blur background. You have to work on minimum settings here. You don't need to have a pro photographers skills to use this feature. It is very simple and amazing. You can take great portrait shots with that and the entire background will remain blurred. The camera is able to give you amazing hd images with maximum blurriness. And this is adjustable as per your need. You can use the control wheel to adjust the blur. For example our can bring a center object in to focus and blur its background. Or you can blur the center object and bring the background in focus. I am quite sure you can surprised many by this feature. With a little bit of practice your images will be  superb and you don't have to editing. Blur background help us to take some good photos in the natural environment with getting affected with nearby objects.

The fastest way to take images with blur background is using the Macro from Scene Modes. For that rotate the dial wheel to SCN.  Then from them main screen choose Macro.

Now focus on a object that you want to capture. And then press the capture button. The mode will automatically blur the background.

The second option is using Superior auto mode. Where you can try defocusing the centered object and capturing clear image of the background. Set the camera on Superior Auto through mode dial wheel.

Then use the control wheel on the front to adjust the blurriness as per your need. You have to zoom in a little to bring the back object in focus.


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