How to copy files on WD My Passport Wireless 1TB from PC without cable

How to copy files on WD My Passport Wireless 1TB from PC without cable

WD My Passport Wireless is portable external hard drive which comes loaded with wifi connection. This wifi is not just limited to stream content from the drive to the mobile phone or to the tablet. It can be used for creating a wireless hub where other devices can share the internet connection also. There are two ways of accessing the content of the hard drive. first you can do that through a mobile phone using WD MyCloud App. Second you can hook the drive like a shared folder on your wifi network. And it will be visible in My Computer > Network. Just by double clicking on that you can access the folders and files. This will be easier for those who are on the Lan network and having a Mac or Windows. In the network section you can see this as a folder. So let's check out the steps to configure the same.

We will be using WD MyCloud App for the same. Just start the app and there is a three dot icon on the top right side. Tap on that and a additional menu opens up. From that you have to tap on My Passport Settings.

Now tap on Connection Settings. In this you will find further three options. Direct, Hotspot and Home Network. Among this three we have to choose Home Network. Tap on that.

The drive will scan for active wifi connection in your home network. Select your wifi and provide your login password. And then click on Connect.

Windows will install a few drivers for the same. Let it run. Most of the drivers are easily available.

One done the drive is now configured to appear on Windows Lan Network. Go in My Network Places. Double click on Twonky. And the drive will be visible.



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