Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 – Walkthrough Tips and Cheats

The most-anticipated game of the year and the sequel to the
best-selling first-person action game of all time, Modern Warfare 2
continues the gripping and heart-racing action as players face off
against a new threat dedicated to bringing the world to the brink of
collapse. A true concentrate of action from one end to another of its
single-player campaign, the title takes players from the very beginning
of his military training and never let go until the credits. Well
written, beautifully staged and varied, with lots of dramatic twists
and betrayals, the campaign would obviously deserved a more consistent
length and especially a multiplayer mode worthy of the name. Same as
the console versions, and therefore totally archaic PC, multi-based
matchmaking Title tolerates neither dedicated servers, or mods, and is
content to 9 parts cons 9 to pings generally poor, since the parties
are hosted automatically by one of the players. Super. Populous
Already, however, it will perhaps alongside the new Special Ops mode
(playable in coop), to extend a bit of a life once again blocked the
half-dozen hours solo.


When starting the single player campaign, a solemn message appears
asking if you want to override the mission’s most disturbing game. This
option will obviously not be accepted by the vast majority players, but
it tells us immediately the presence of a level a priori more shocking
than others. One still remembers the mission "AC-130" First Call of
Duty 4: Modern Warfare, which made us coldly kill enemy soldiers with
night vision, long distance and without taking any risk. This ellipse
reminded how modern warfare is based on the game (and vice versa) is
now pale face at LA Mission Shock Modern Warfare 2, which happens very
early in the campaign. If you are interested a little bit to the game
you probably already know the kind: in the skin of an agent of the CIA
infiltrated among Russian terrorists, you have the opportunity to
massacre civilians in a Moscow airport.


Ultimately, this mission is more interesting than disturbing because it
gives the player the opportunity to express his true personality. Some
use the opportunity to unwind on the innocent passengers, others will
stay behind and let the real terrorists do their dirty work. A few
grams of roleplay in a world of brutes! But let there be no mistake, we
are still in a super-scripted shooter, and if you take the desire to
decimate the terrorists to save the civilians, the "Game Over" insured.
Modern Warfare 2 is a Call of Duty and therefore retains permanent
control over the unfolding events. It would be churlish to complain
because the studio Infinity Ward is the undisputed master of the genre.
Progress has been made even with regard to architecture levels, truly
open for some. We think including the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, which
offer multiple options of circumvention. That the followers of
linearity is reassuring nonetheless, they have their dose-levels of
corridors where the staging of events is set to the millimeter.

The cinematic introduction immediately raises the cards: Zakhaev’s
death at the end of the first Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, has not
eased international tensions, far from it. It’s even quite the
opposite: white-hot by Vladimir Makarov, the former right hand of the
deceased leader since his death raised to the rank of martyrdom, the
Russian population adheres to the new mass ultra-nationalist ideas of
man. After several years of propaganda, his influence began to spread
in Russia, and its means of action as well. But his arguments, like his
methods to the limits of terrorism, strongly dislike the Western
international community, which sets up a special forces unit comprised
of leading world specialists, Task Force 141 (because as everyone
knows, Rainbow Six c ‘ was already taken). His goal, at least at the
beginning of the game will obviously monitor Makarov and prevent harm,
especially in infiltrating a CIA agent in his group of followers. But
as often with Modern Warfare, nothing is going to unfold exactly as
planned .

In launching his series on the rails of modern war, after several
episodes dedicated to the Second World War, Infinity Ward had shown a
willingness to overcome the constraints of the pageant and to be able
to give free rein to his imagination. The developer was very well
staged this credo in Modern Warfare first name, but it goes even
further with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Brilliantly written,
beautifully conducted, the scenario of the game increases the twists
and tense situations with lots of ambition but also a lot of audacity
as violent morally and screen, the level of the airport, which happens
quite Early in the adventure, and quickly raised the foundations that
will enable Infinity Ward to go far in the bidding, without neglecting
a certain credibility that gives a lot of salt in the events. For this,
the studio has obviously used his usual technique: immerse the player
in the middle of a conflict that surpasses much, put the front row but
never give the impression of being at the center of attention, or the
convergent point of all paths of enemy bullets. Moreover, it is not the
most senior or most hot-headed in almost all the missions of the game
and is therefore generally happy to follow orders, no real opportunity
to play hero.

If the overall talent of the studio California force compliance, it
must nonetheless recognize that the reuse of permanent mechanical game
sometimes abusive beginning to be felt too. Even more than in the
previous episode, we meet regularly confronted with passages where the
enemies are raised constantly. It is unrealistic, and frankly that
night immersion as to progress, we will have the best time to rush to
the next checkpoint without addressing soldiers around rather than
applied to eradicate the enemy threat, that respawn infinitely. The
nadir was reached when the goal is to follow a character ally, who
decided not to apply this technique to rush. We spend several minutes
while fighting there, until you find yourself short of ammunition and
where we inwardly exclaims "Ah yes, must I go to start the following
script. So, the character we are supposed to follow is actually a
follower character …

The other major flaw of the title comes from the narrative, as confused
as disjointed. The fact embody different characters and geographically
remote provides a wide variety of environments (Afghanistan, Brazil,
USA, Kazakhstan, Russia …) but tends to affect the overall
understanding of events. Especially since the cutscenes are limited to
a few substantive dialogues on satellite images and the script does not
hesitate to take shortcuts steep. These defects objectively important
suffice to permanently sealing any average production, but Modern
Warfare 2 shines so near that he forgives all. The narrative
weaknesses, in particular, are nothing compared to the sequence of
continuous strong situations and scenes of worship.

For the developer uses Modern Warfare 2 in another thread very Call of
Duty, since emulated by other series FPS: change of character. First
single soldier in the Middle East, then catapulted undercover agent
with Makarov, the player will quickly find a member of a commando stuck
in the firing of a militia in full favelas in Rio, before getting eaten
toes Siberian cold of the storm to a oil rig or even defend a fast food
restaurant in the middle American suburb. Sam Fisher would have
endorsed himself all these roles one after another, but we prefer MW2
assign each a different character, deeply involved in the events he is
experiencing. Situations change, the scenery too, but there are still
visited had a small range of playable characters recurring (including a
few famous heads …), concentrated initially to carry out the
objectives of their mission, then just trying to live out where the
hell they are trapped. Some passages, like the desperate flight of the
favelas, or search for hotels Whiskey in a rainstorm, as such are
highly successful and superbly staged. But they are especially
highlight the work done on scripts and of IA by Infinity Ward.

More than his elder Modern Warfare 2 is indeed the cornerstone of many
of its gameplay. Wherever he is, whatever the situation, the player
finds himself surrounded, surrounded by teammates or enemies whose
behavior is very often right. The AI sometimes faulted, generally still
able to improvise without much trouble, at least until the player does
not play to test their limits. These are much less easy to achieve than
in CoD: Modern Warfare and it is often surprising, stashed behind a
box, by enemies who have not simply waited in us taking over. Ca
exchange. But it is in the context of scripts developed by the
developer it illustrated clearly the best. Often singled out in the
SPF, because not always well integrated, they are so many here, he
raises so minute in the course of a game, you end up not paying
attention and to ride the action. In this area, Infinity Ward has such
skill that even conscious of being a walk explosion blast, ambush
ambush "unpredictable", it is caught in the game and listen to one ear
the orders of his superior, only anxious voice of our survival in the
maelstrom that surrounds us.  

By the grace of his script, which nevertheless avoid spoilers, this new
episode also presents more often before the war, the true temper of the
first Call of Duty and its assault on the Reichstag is more then a
handful of comrades who are with us, but several dozen, and you end up
fighting about the same number of enemies with all the noise and fury
that accompanies such debates. Similarly, the level design was neat and
even though we are often guided by indications from our peers, or by
subtle elements of scenery, different ways to borrow for the same
situation gives an impression of quite unprecedented freedom for the
series. It is still box, make no mistake, especially as all roads lead
naturally to the same point. But some passages a little further
strengthen open immersion in the favelas, for example, with this
feeling well transcribed can be assailed by almost all directions at

Another highlight: the level entitled "Gulag" which inevitably recalls
the movie The Rock. The cinematic aspect of the game is further
reinforced by the soundtrack, simply outstanding. The music was
composed by Hanz Zimmer (The Dark Knight, Pirates of the Caribbean, The
Black Hawk …) brilliantly confirms its good reputation. With Modern
Warfare 2, the grand spectacle is assured at all times, even in the
quietest missions. An undercover mission priori based on discretion may
very well end in chase of snowmobiles. All these events go much better
on screen they are supported by a graphics engine perfectly mastered.
One eye may also picky embittered still meet here and there the
presence of some textures or modeling a little weak, but the player
immersed in action, the compromise between fluidity, beauty and
performance is ideal. The physics engine seems even slightly forward
and does not hesitate to steal papers galore as a result of bullets or

In terms of news, we note a few passages idle well friendly. They occur
when the hero blew up a door to surprise the enemy there planquent.
After the explosion, there are a few precious seconds to line up
quietly and graciously head shots. Among the few new weapons, we
particularly note the Predator drone, which can swing from the sky a
missile capable of destroying multiple enemies simultaneously. The
single player campaign is also a fan of intelligent service since it
does not hesitate to make some solid references to events of the first
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. As for players who accused the Call of
Duty their Americanism, they may be surprised by the presence of
multiple citations lambasting the patriotism, and a scenario under
false flag "that not necessarily conducive to trust the official line
regarding the events of the real world.

The health system selected, of course, is that the screen blushed, more
and more depending on the severity of injuries. Too many balls received
full pear, and a warning message appears on the screen crimson ball it
means that more will mean back to the last checkpoint (the checkpoints
rather common, actually). As usual, just hiding behind a crate or a
wall and wait 5 seconds to find an iron. The great weakness of
character, and often large number of machine guns pointed at him,
fortunately prevents play superhero and plunging headlong into the
fray, in most modes of difficulty elsewhere. Course, impossible to do
in open kakou-year veteran in the fashion, but the way 2nd class
(equivalent to the Normal mode) is not much more gentle with the

To inflate a little life of its title, and prevent him to find the
radius occasions after an afternoon of intensive use, Infinity Ward has
obviously thought about the multiplayer mode, replicating the bases of
the first Modern Warfare . At least at first sight. On the sets of maps
taken from the solo adventure, it may online or LAN, in game modes
classic enough on substance, but the rules varied. We also found the
experience system that rewards the player following his actions and
allows it to grow in the hierarchy of the title to access specific
classes, to obtain additional weapons or special abilities. This
unlocks mostly extra game modes (only three are accessible from the
start), including domination by example. What motivated the fiercest,
which gather the essential mechanisms of the first component, but a
little refined.

Very quickly, however, at the precise moment to launch their first game
in fact, regulars Modern Warfare first name PC will raise an eyebrow,
then two. As announced, Infinity Ward has modeled the multi this PC
version on the console versions: friends lists, profile permanent, but
also and especially a system of matchmaking that automatically chooses
the server alone and playmates of the player. Unable to mount a
dedicated server for his clan, for example, and indeed the very concept
of dedicated server no longer exists in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
which, just like on consoles, select one of the players party and its
"application" to host this little world. This lucky wins course a ping
of the Fire God when others cry in front of small bars of color
camouflaging pings straight from the 90s, but the housing system
largely limited to parties of 9 cons 9.

However, expect no change as regards the life of the single player
campaign. Once again, six hours to walk around in the normal mode of
difficulty. However, developers have had the good idea to introduce a
mode "Special Operations" to compensate for this problem. Consisting of
23 independent challenges, it significantly extends the lifespan of the
game difficulty level of most of these bonus missions is indeed very
high, and some are only available after winning enough victories. To
get more easily to his purposes, it will do well to browse these
missions coop rather than solo. While remaining sufficiently
identified, the challenge becomes still more accessible. And pleasure
is naturally heightened by the cooperation with a human player.
Moreover, the challenges have the good taste to be very varied, which
prevents fatigue and ensures good times for all types of players.

Early in the mission, enter the aircraft shell to the west of your
starting position to find the information element No. 39. This first
part is a long flight ahead: go along with shooting down the enemies
that are in your way and you hiding behind the decorative elements
available. Do not try to make a massacre, not kill the enemy with a
direct threat, the flight may be enough for many. Do not hesitate to
clean upstream with the sniper. Arrived within a hundred meters from
the extraction point, locate the aircraft nose atop a mound of earth.
You will find inside, the intelligence element No. 40. Continue your
way on a few tens of meters, especially loaded enemies to reach the
road.Once you arrive on the road, get yourself inside the vehicle
indicated by the HUD. While you go for at Nikolai, shoot the gunners on
the road and then take control of the vehicle to board the plane, and
reach the end of this epic mission. When you wake up, progress through
the desert toward the flames (Fig. 55). Shoot down the knife to the
pilot the helicopter and follow Shepherd to the car. After the scene,
crawl to the gun by pressing the arrow keys alternately covered and
shooting. After the scene, hammer key action to retrieve the knife.
Check Sheperd and press fire. Thus ends Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

From a realization point of view, this Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
blows hot and cold. Finally, the hot especially since the title is
literally in his eyes throughout the campaign. First minutes of the
Middle East through the cold of the gulag, the favelas of Rio to the
American suburbs, work environments to provide credible and full of
life is impressive screaming civilians, wrecked cars in flames, gutted
houses or helicopters crashed, all of which give a palpable mood of
each mission, reinforced by the bullet holes from a previous shooting
or windows exploding every shot shotgun. Work on lighting, or lack of
lighting, moreover, is also quite successful, as the size of
environments, often high and without loading times to break the rhythm
of the action. Just take a look from the heights of Rio, after a
desperate race through the streets to see the amount of work done. Talk
about being clear, it does not reach the heights of Crysis Warhead,
especially near where the textures are sometimes too "sharp" and
delivered the coup unrealistic, especially indoors. In return, the
fluidity of the game is acceptable on most machines, it turns out
absolutely perfect on our test PC, and fortunately, but also on PC a
little less powerful.

From racing snowmobiles in the sniper mission through the resistance to
waves of enemies, you never get bored one second. The multiplayer mode
is no exception since it is based on that of Call of Duty 4: Modern
Warfare, which is currently one of the most played games online.
Sixteen maps we expect to gain experience, choose your weapons and
bonus (the famous "perks") and thus create the soldier of our dreams.
If the test of the game has been done on the 360 version, it is still
talking about the PC version, which seems to have been totally
neglected by developers. Thus, the studio’s own admission, it is
possible to look or play on dedicated servers, or enjoy mods or custom
maps. Worse yet, while a number of 32 or 64 players became the norm for
years on PC (including Call of Duty 4), the game makes a return in the
last century and limit parties to 18 players, as console. That leaves a
bitter taste seriously, while the game itself is really exciting.  

Game Features:

  • Epic single-player campaign picks up immediately following the thrilling events from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.
  • The definitive multiplayer experience returns, with a host of new perks and enhancements.
  • New cooperative SpecOps mode, the perfect combination of Modern
    Warfare’s single-player intensity and the addictive replayability of
    its multiplayer.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Codes:

Multiplayer Weapons:

  • M4A1 : Get level 04.
  • SCAR-H : Get level 08.
  • TAR-21 : Get level 20.
  • FAL : Get level 28.
  • M16A4 : Get level 40.
  • CAB : Get level 48.
  • F2000 : Get level 60.
  • AK-47 : Get level 70.
  • MP5K : Get level 04.
  • Vector : Get level 12.
  • P90 : Get level 24.
  • Mini-Uzi : Get level 44.
  • DPR : Get level 04.
  • MG4 : get the level 16.
  • AUG HBAR : Get level 32.
  • M240 : Get level 52.
  • Barrett cal.50 : Get level 04.
  • WA2000 : Get level 36.
  • M21 EBR : Get level 56.
  • G18 : Get level 22.
  • M93 raffica : Get level 38.
  • TMP : Get level 58.
  • AA-12 : Get level 18.
  • Striker : Get level 34.
  • Ranger : Get level 42.
  • M1014 : Get level 54.
  • Model 1887 : Get level 67.
  • Colt Anaconda : Get level 26.
  • M9 : Get level 46.
  • Desert Eagle : Get level 62.
  • Thumper x2 : Get level 14.
  • Stinger : Get level 30.
  • Javelin : Get level 50.
  • RPG-7 x 2 : get the level 65.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Tips:

Bronze trophies:

  • Discount saddle : Training of the local militia.
  • Danger Close : Getting selected for the elite unit of Shepherd.
  • Vertigo : Infiltrate the base of the mountain snow.
  • It’s in the bag : Find Rojas in the favela.
  • Menu site : Defending Burgertown.
  • Soap on a tightrope : Going to the gulag.
  • Plight : Implement the plan to help Americans.
  • Hotel Whiskey : Resume Whiskey Hotel.
  • The pawn : To storm the hideout Makarov.
  • From Charybdis to Scylla : Accomplishing the mission in the cemetery of airplanes.
  • King of the Pit : Browse the pit in the mission "SSDD" and finish with a final time of less than 30 s.
  • Phantom : Place the C4 in "Perilous climbing" without warning or injure anyone in the blizzard.
  • Colonel Sanderson : 7 kill chickens within 10 seconds during the mission "A nest of hornets.
  • Gold star : Earn 1 star mode Special Operations.
  • Hotel Bravo : Earn 4-star mode Special Operations.
  • Charlie at six hours : Winning 8 out special operations mode.
  • Up to 11 : Earn at least 1 star in 11 different missions special operations mode.
  • Operational asset : Winning the 3 stars in at least 5 different missions with special operations mode.
  • Black Jack : Earn 21 stars in special operations mode.
  • With honors : Earn at least 1 star in each mission mode Special Operations.
  • Ashore but alive : Kill 4 enemies in a row being down mode Special Operations.
  • I am the Mastodon : Kill a mastodon mode Special Operations.
  • A dozen soldiers : Killing at least 10 enemies with a Predator missile soloed or Special Operations.
  • Brutality free : Use a riot shield to defeat an enemy in solo mode or Special Operations.
  • Toc! Toc! : Kill 4 enemies with 4 shots during an attack in slow mode solo or Special Operations.
  • Some Like It Hot : Kill 6 enemies in a row with a heat gun with a telescopic sight soloed or Special Operations.
  • One stone two birds : Kill 2 enemies with one bullet in solo mode or Special Operations.
  • Byways : Get 22 items of information enemies.
  • A search rule : Get 45 items of information enemies.
  • Shootout : Kill 20 enemies in a row driving a vehicle in solo mode or Special Operations.
  • Harder They Fall : Kill 2 enemies by doing the recall in a row in solo mode or Special Operations.
  • Desperado : Kill 5 enemies in a row with 5 different weapons and accessories in Solo or Special Operations.
  • With both hands : Kill 10 consecutive enemies using weapons Akimbo soloed or Special Operations.
  • No rest for the brave : Stab an enemy without notice your presence in solo mode or Special Operations.
  • More the Merrier : Kill at least 3 enemies with a single shot grenade launcher in solo mode or Special Operations.

Silver trophies:

  • To form : Finish the single player campaign (any difficulty level).
  • First day of school : Finish the mission "SSDD" and "Teamwork" at Veteran difficulty.
  • Black Diamond : Complete mission "Perilous climbing" at Veteran difficulty.
  • Tough : Finish the mission "Confrontation" and "A nest of hornets" at Veteran difficulty.
  • Red Dawn : Finish the mission "Wolverines!" and "Exodus" at Veteran difficulty.
  • Prisoner 627 : Finish the mission "The only peaceful day was yesterday …" and "The Gulag" Veteran Mode.
  • The end justifies the means : Complete mission "Unforeseen" at Veteran difficulty.
  • Back at home : Finish the mission "without constraint", "Second Sun" and "Hotel Whiskey" Veteran Mode.
  • The queen took the tour : Finish the mission "Final details" and "The enemy of my enemy …" Veteran mode.
  • Independence : Finish the mission "like old times" and "Checkmate" Veteran Mode.
  • Agent : Winning the 3 stars in at least 10 different missions special operations mode.
  • Specialist : Earn 30 stars in special operations mode.
  • Professional : Winning the 3 stars in at least 15 different missions special operations mode.

Gold trophies:

  • The price of war : Finish the single player campaign (Hardened or Veteran difficulty).
  • 69 : Earn 69 stars in special operations mode.

Platinum trophy:

  • Platinum Trophy : Have all the trophies.



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