Resident Evil 5 Walkthrough Tips and Cheats

Resident Evil 5 moves undoubtedly be one of the most important titles for the year, one that all fans watch for four years, an expectation that goes back as far as the end credits of 4. Fundamental play, Resident Evil 4 was able to renew a series in bad shape so masterful. With a prestigious elder, Resident Evil 5 had a double challenge: to succeed in an action games the most important of the previous generation, and prove to everyone that the gameplay could bear the weight of years.

They say that Africa is the cradle of humanity. Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar will learn to their cost that it can also become their tomb. Located a few years after Resident Evil 4, the plot of this new episode sees the return to the front of Chris, the hero of the first part, under a blazing sun, far from the gloomy mansions of the Spencer family or Ashford. Umbrella dismantled the fight against the proliferation of viruses degeneration is not yet quite over for the former STARS officer now incorporated into the BSAA, an international organization against the development of bio-terrorism, Chris was dispatched to Sheva Another member of the agency on the outskirts of an African village, Kijuju. According to information collected by the Alliance, strange events could be related to the recurrence of a virus. They were soon to check on room. Faced with adversity, their combined talents of super secret agents are not too many.

Resident Evil 5 Lost in Nightmares DLC :

Capcom announced the additional scenarios of Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition are also available for download weeks before the release of the boxed version. Here, then get the first one, entitled Lost in nightmares, now available on Xbox 360 and hopefully tomorrow on Playstation 3. Moved to 400 Microsoft Points (about 4.65 euros), this chapter plunges you into the Spencer mansion of the first component in the company of Chris, Jill and a new enemy walking the corridors of concern. The pack can also retrieve characters Barry Burton and Excella Gionni for use in meeting the Mercenaries mode. Some figurines finally complete the download. Note that you must have a version of Resident Evil 5 to play this chapter.

Alongside the new scenario, players will experience the most chic certainly want to get the first batch of costumes also available now (160 Microsoft Points ). This small package contains the armor Heavy Metal Chris and conducting business woman for Sheeva. Again, some figurines decorate the download.

Cheats  :

All the successes of additional content Lost in nightmares :

  • A little lost : Fill in "Lost in nightmares" on any difficulty.
  • Just a bad dream : Fill in "Lost in a nightmare" with a rank S.
  • A night of terror! : Fill in "Lost in nightmares" in Business.
  • Kung Fu Fighting : Impose a certain amount of damage to Wesker in "Lost in nightmares.
  • Head in the stars : Destroy 18 bonusstars found through "Lost in nightmares.

Resident Evil 5

The Partner System obviously needed as the novelty of the new Central Resident Evil. Capcom had already changing characters of the series in tandem, for sure, but this is the first time the coop to live for two players throughout, online, link or split. The game revolves around this logically mechanical gauges both living permanently appear on the screen, the mini-map and a joystick shortcut used to locate its crew, and both spouses owe each other respect, fidelity, relief and assistance. When one of the BSAA is ailing, his partner must cut through the crowd to revive him. And the number of switches, alternate paths and passages designed coop obvious. The success was complete, and renews the formula enough to make you want to replay the most striking passages with multiple partners. Some opt for a style all-terrain by focusing on all the melee – each character can bind an uppercut before the victim collapsed. Other launch assaults methodical, with Chris concrete to blow up the pump heads, and Sheva back to turn and snipe the target elements of destructible scenery. But of course deal with bosses that the mechanics of co detonates, as it must be organized in two to reveal the weak point of the awful and the water then.

Tensions inevitably falls a notch solo. And yet, the AI for Sheva takes the road, say, 80% of the time. Not worth waiting an advanced command system that could deal with specific situations. "Attack" or "Support" and is tired. In support, Sheva assist the player effectively, especially at the level of care, even sprinkle their partner while the gauge still seems completed. In attack, however it has a tendency to rush headlong into the crowd and nab all the ammunition lying, mistrust, then. But all is generally the road, except for one or two specific cases. With experience, we understand that it is better to call from home when an enemy hefty advances, especially those who are capable of ripping or impaled by a well placed shot. However, provided it is spinning the right weapons, Sheva mode IA appears convincing. It is the only one capable of using Kalash ‘with equal thoroughness a snipe, bullet by bullet, it said. In short, look no further the trump card of the Resident Evil 5 … with the achievement.

When the time comes, Capcom will erect a statue in honor of the team that developed the MT Framework. The engine house of the publisher is again wonderfully here, and Resident Evil 5 is needed to ease as a vamp was expected. True, the animations are recycled directly from the 4 for the most part, ragdoll and refill included. We sometimes seem to see the boss escaped from Lost Planet. And the manic necessarily find fault with some textures of rocks (cons) patch, or similar explosion a little cheap. Regardless, Resident Evil 5 sends a slap still quite monumental, not least by the level of detail models (Chris and Sheva in the lead) and the multitude of effects he allows himself (blur) to full mouth. We must make a Flash Grenade headlong to understand that one can control the entire range from Capcom. And yet, despite the crowd that piled up – the sequences of Lickers, fatal – the game without flinching level cash flow. It offers the luxury of a multi-split, but hey, no wonder no longer: the frame rate is expensive and the screens are divided on a black background. A process that reminds us that when we reduced the window to play through just Wolfenstein 3D on his 286. But now, a game as demanding as Resident Evil 5 can play two even without an Internet connection. It is already huge.

With such qualities, Resident Evil 5 seems to us armed re-shot his brother. It is perhaps her finest virtue precisely. When Resident Evil 4 had offered the series a revitalized Resident Evil 5 looks like a facelift of an old hen Cannes. Four years, an eternity across the game, especially for a genre that had as many changes as the GST. No need to split hairs, too. Whatever the configuration chosen, the gameplay of Resident Evil 5 still gives the impression of control pads, heavily armed of course, but unable to pull ahead, and even recharge. Originally, the field of vision and restricted movement were to contribute to feelings of anxiety, and justify the policy "survival" increasingly neglected at the expense of pure action. In 2009, after passing steamroller Gears of War / Dead Space and all those who have appropriated the phrase, Resident Evil 5 seems archaic. The gap between the cut-scenes, dramatic, and action, stiff, seems more and more incomprehensible. How to explain that the heroes are once again squash and brave enemies of puppets at once cinematic? Worse, when the game Capcom is trying to ape the competition by offering a gameplay-based coverage, lack of flexibility does not deceive two seconds. This gameplay "tank" was a constant in the series, it ended up taking them hostage. And yet, Capcom has tried to ease the management of backups and checkpoints, now automated, to avoid trips to the typewriter. It was time. The gains in growth rate, at least at first sight, because another major problem re-surface alas.

Resident Evil 4 had largely solved the inventory problems; Resident Evil 5 marks a step backwards as surprising and unjustified. In RE5, the player can store its items and resupply, either at the beginning of chapter or after using a continue. Simply by choosing to limit the inventory of each character nine boxes, without taking into account the size of each object (an herb = a shotgun), Capcom condemned sooner or later the ergonomics of his game Worse now that the use of items is done in real time online game requires, we find ourselves too often unprepared when the situation becomes critical. Shortcuts are available with the cross, still happy, but far be frank: the number of game over experienced during the adventure, at least half were born in the galleys of inventory between Chris and Sheva. Perhaps Capcom wanted it again focus on the coop, encouraging both players to carefully manage the preparations and then save them precious seconds in their quest for the best time. Smoky. In practice, there is nothing more annoying than losing two minutes all three cases to combine two herbs, throw grenades too or, more often called his partner that he deigns to pick up three balls lying. Just in case. And impossible to use herbs in the ground like in RE4. In short, the pace of Resident Evil 5 was found weighed down for reasons completely stupid to believe that Capcom had blinders during all these years of development. Today, it no longer passes.

Game Characters :



FACT  FILE : Chris Redfield is a founding member of the BIOSTERROISM SECURITY ASSESSMENT ALLIANCE (BSAA). His excellent marksmanship and hand to hand combat skills couple with an unwillingness to compromise his beliefs have made him a highly respected member of the BSAA. lthough Chris is assigned to BSAA’s North American Branch, he has been sent on a missions around the world in an effort to stop bioterrorism. Such missions include dismantling illicit factories and arresting bioweapons dealers, and he has taken part in more missions than almost any other BSAA member.



FACT FILE : sheva Alomar is an agent with the BSAA WESTERN AFRICAN branch. She is assigned to the current mission to assist Chris Redfield, who is unfamiliar with the area. A versatile fighter with extensive experience. Her ability to use firearms is on par with Chris. Her highly conditioned body allows her off physical attacks that Chris could never do.


Organization – TRICELL

FACT FILE : The Gionnee family is well known and respected throughout Europe for their successful export-import business. Excella’s model like beauty and aristocratic upbringing make her naughty towards those around her. Expecially men.
Gifted with keen intellect and inheriting her father’s business Acumen, Excella quickly breezed through school and enrolled at a university at a startlingly young age, where she majored in genetic engineering. Her grandmother is of the Travis family, the founders of Tricell, which was bestowed Excella with quiet a noble and storied lineage.


FACT FILE : Albert Wesker is the former leader of the Racoon City Police Department’s special forces unit known as S.T.A.R.S.  As well as a former member of Umbrella’s information department. Weskser is calm, highly intelligent and possesses keen decision making skills. Wesker Exploited S.T.A.R.S for his own gains in what later came to be known as the Mansion Incident. Following this incident, it is believed that Wesker went into hiding but continued to manipulate events related to the fallout of the Mansion Incident.  Wesker encountered Chris Redfield again at an underground laboratory in Antartica,  but the superhuman abilities Wesker had gained from exposure to the T-Virus means Chris could barely hold his own in the fight. Wesker’s involvement with the current situation in Africa has yet to be confirmed. But his shadowy presence can be felt lurking in the background.

Enemies in The Game :
















Weapons –

S75 : A bolt action Rifle
VZ61 : SUB MachineGun. Uses 32 ACP Round
M92F : 9mm Semi – Automatic Hand Gun. Mainly uses 9 MM NATO Rounds.    
AK- 74 : Successor to the AK-47 Assault Rifle.
Ithaca M37 : A 12- Guage ShotGun.

Walkthrough :


  • Chapter 1-1: Point of civilian control

At the beginning of the game, you’ll familiarize yourself with the controls. Press the indicated key to display the mini-map that appears in the upper right. Then, walk straight until you see a group of men hitting a bag. Turn left and proceed to the checkpoint. Now, find the bright yellow dot on your mini-map and go to this place. Move right, open the door and talk with the man who is inside. After a short cutscene, approach the suitcase, open it and enter the M92F pistol. Then walk out the door on the left, go down the stairs left and follow the man who is hiding. Open the door, examine the room, take the gold that is on the left element. Then, head towards the exit door and enter the grass out.
Run to the door at the top of the stairs and open. After processing the scene, you’ll learn how to aim and shoot to eliminate the new monster. Once it finished, go to the door left open. Come to the window, right, and jump out. Move left and right. After the short cutscene, you are attacked by several monsters. Your gun has only 10 balls, then empty it about these creatures and then run towards the house. Enter the plant on the left shelf then advance towards the right door and smashes it. Move to the other side of the room, climb down the trapdoor and run along the tunnel. Climb the ladder, take the guns and ammunition to the grass and then open the door. Run along the path down to the little garden of the house and enter the ammunition and the green grass. Then enter the house.

After the cutscene, you will face many monsters. Your goal is to push the enemy until reinforcements arrive. To do this, jump out the window, take place to the left and aim the monsters around the fence. Eliminate them and do not let them jump over the fence. Subsequently, the great flayer attacking you. Flee it, collect the ammunition left by the monsters and continue shooting. Eliminate any enemies, go to the entrance of the fence that just open up and drive around the area. Pick up ammunition you see the ground and continue to kill your pursuers. If you run out of bullets, use your machete and decapitate the creatures. If your partner is hit, take care of it. Continue down a monster max and hold out until reinforcements arrive and open the large red door.

  • Chapter 1-2: General Assembly

Move straight up the gate, turn left and run along the path to the door near the door. Open it, enter the house and enter the munitions that are on the table. Now go right and exit. Move left and right. Load your gun, aim the female zombie and kill it. Collect the ammunition Follow the corridor and knock a second monster left. Enter through the left door, remove two zombies, grab the gold that is on the table and then exit. Continue your way up the broken ladder and make a jump with the help of Sheva. This will fetch the key you need. Then, remove the few monsters that appear and continue right. Open the door which is right at the bottom, turn left and remove the monster. Follow the road down two zombies and open the door located under the stairs. Take the ammunition, climb stairs and turn right. Zap two monsters, go to the balcony and open the chest that is on the left. Take the clock and then beat a retreat. Go towards the right door, unlock it and open it. Go down the stairs, turn right and move up the metal door.

After the short cutscene, climb the stairs in front to enter the house. Then, flee the monsters that will overwhelm, defeat those who approach you and get the other side of the room. Follow the dot on the mini-map and leave this place. Move to the door and open it. Move right and then right again and up the stairs. Then, go up again through the wide middle. Go around the big hole in the floor and open the metal door. After the cutscene, open the blue door, follow the corridor to the right and enter the elevator. Get out, run along the corridor and turn left and follow the corridor. Then enter the room, approach the carcass of the environment and enter the key ranges. Now, beat a retreat to the locked door. After the cutscene, go back to the furnace room. Make the monster follow you inside the oven, then quickly exit and turn the oven for cremation. When he died, return to the locked door, use the key and open it. Move along the corridor, enter the ammunition in the suitcase and take the elevator to close this chapter.


  • Chapter 2-1: The Warehouse

After the cutscene, you will find yourself in a large garage. Come on, open the briefcase and enter the gun H & K MP5. Then, move right and read all the documents found on the bags. Learn how to control your partner and then walk out the door. Display the radar, turn right and move between containers. Watch out for mines placed on them and the monster that is in the top left. Walk along the road, turn left and move through. Turn left and enter the grass that is in the container. Then turn back and climb the ladder that lies in front. Walk over the containers and take the gold and ammunition left by the corpse. Now, get off and move right. Check mine placed on the container and pull to destroy. Move along the path, load your gun and get ready to remove zombie dogs.

These are constantly moving, so be very precise and eliminate them before they jump you in the throat. Subsequently, remove the zombie that is above the blue container that is right. Move left and turn left again before proceeding to the bottom of the box. Destroy the barrel and collect the gold coins in it. Then, retrace your steps, destroy the mine placed on the container and continue forward. Follow the path of containers, kill a zombie by turning right and take the gold. Continue the path, climb the ladder and take the gold that is left. Then, go and get the other side. Load your gun, or your gun, and prepare to remove a few monsters and some dogs. Remove a zombie handling a crossbow and then advance up the court. Check the two enemies who are right on the containers and kill them.

Once the enemies are neutralized, look at the court and pick up all the ammunition and all the objects you find. There are two barrels left. Destroy them and collect their content. Climb up the container and enter the gold. Finally pick up munitions which are adjacent to the container, go to the door behind you and open it.  Go to the new area, take the gold and the grass on the bags and then advance to the left. Jump over the hole in the bridge and put your left. Once you advance, a truck arrives at full speed in your direction. Take your gun quickly, aim for the explosive barrels that are on the sides and blow them to overthrow the meteor. Then, reload your gun and eliminate the monsters approaching a run. If you’re short of ammunition, use the machete to defend yourself and then pick up ammunition that the zombies leave the ground.

Now, cross the bridge and access to shelter opposite. Destroy the crate that is on the table and take munitions. Then destroy the barrels, take their content and exit. Move right out, find the stairs (left) and get off. Enter the tunnel, move forward slightly and knock two dogs. Gather up the ammunition, reload your weapon, move and remove two other dogs. Always try to reload your gun after each firing to avoid wasting time at the next. Go right, open the back door and then reach the end of the tunnel. Destroy the two crates that are on the garbage, take the exit and ammunition.
Turn left out, find the Sapphire and enter it. Come back right now and shoot the bats which spring from the dead. Take your gun, shoot the lock of the door, open it and enter the new tunnel. Move up the ladder and climb to exit the tunnel. Move right, enter the room on the right and grab the gold in it. Then go to the beach, turn right and move up market. Find the green door on the right, destroy the lock and enter. Examine the corpse hanging, pull the keys to make them fall and then take them.

Get off the zombies enter the room, take the ammunition they leave and go out. Go towards the port, use the key you made and open the door of the port. Continue down the monsters you see, cross the vessel and the bridge then go up to the other side of the harbor. Wait for the arrival of reinforcements, enter the room on the left, collect the gold that is in the box and then exit. Get off the enemy on the roof of the room right then climb on the roof and take the ammunition as well as grass. Check the shooter who handles the crossbow lying on the balcony of the house left and remove it. Descend made around the hut and reach the other side of the fence. Move to the court, reload your gun and ducks living dead coming out of the room before you. Then pick up the grass which is near the house on the left. Collect the ammunition near the other side and then advance to the bottom right. Destroy the barrel and take the gold in it. Finally, retrace your steps, go to the big red door and open it.

First, ignore the blue door which is right and move straight to the bottom row. Take the ammunition in the body, eliminate the enemy comes out of the window and then back toward the door. Open it, kill an enemy on the left and keep moving ahead. Then turn around quickly and get a second enemy. Move right, destroy the crates that are on the left table, take the gold and continue right. Locate the ladder half destroyed by the wall and make a jump in attendance. Then, shoot the living dead who come and go around the house right. Shoot down the enemy posted at the top of the left and then remove the other creatures approach. Walk up hill to the door, knock and enter it. Eliminate the zombies, go directly to the left, pay attention to the monster that is in the bottom of the toilet and get it. Gather up the ammunition, the red grass and retrace your steps. Now, head to the right of entry and move straight. Take the stairs on the left, kill the enemies that come and go up the first floor. Examine the entire floor and pick up grenades that are on the balcony. Then mount the second floor. Take the ammunition, the grass green and gold in the barrels and continue right. Approach the edge and make a jump using Sheva. Afterwards, head right down to the first floor and shoot the enemies trying to kill your partner. Try to aim for the red barrels to explode, thus eliminating several zombies at once. When Sheva arrived to open the door, down the stairs, join it and continue to push the monsters. Blow more barrels if necessary.

Once the secure area, go right and go around the house. Enter the contents of the barrel, enter inside the next building and take munitions. Then, get out and move right. Locate the barrel that is right before the stairs and enter its contents. Once you mount the steps, you’ll face a monster wielding a chainsaw. This is very tough and can withstand more bullets. You should take your distance, aim for the head and riddled with bullets. When he is stunned, run to him, give him a punch and then run away. Then, turn around again and ducks it. If you’re short of ammunition, eliminate other monsters and collect the bullets they leave behind. Repeat this same process until the monster with a chainsaw dies and drops the key to the door.  Now, go to the door. Open the return key and move to the chest. Take everything in it and then open the second door (right) and exit. Now you’ll test your reflexes and press the right buttons to complete the cutscene. Wait until the buttons appear on the screen and press it.

  • Chapter 2-2: The Station

Take the ammunition on the shelf, and the grass green if you need it and then exit. Turn left then right. Move between the wagons and get ready to fight mad dogs. Try to aim the mine placed on the car right to blow the dogs. Otherwise, take your rifle and snipe them.  Then, continue your way from the car, eliminate other dogs and then destroy another mine. Move right and then quickly turn around and knock three other dogs. Locate the zombie on the right car and get it. Then, get on this car, remove a second zombie, right. Take the ammunition, get a third zombie (left) then jump left.
Enter through the passage in the fence and turn right. Destroy the mine can go ahead and get into the little cart. Once the truck starts to move, aim quickly mine that is on the right wall so that it does not explode in your contact. Once you reach the elevator down. Move slightly closer to the projector and direct Sheva to take it.

Then, go along the corridor until you reach a fork. First Move right and enter the red grass. Then, retrace your steps and take the left path.  Move slowly while remaining on guard and then remove two monsters. Then, go to the end of the corridor and eliminate two other creatures. Turn first right and collect the contents of the barrels. Then come back to the other side and follow the corridor. Get off other enemies and continue until a new fork. Zap zombies who are left and move right. Locate the barrel (right) and type in the ammunition in it. Then go straight and get a monster, right. Go left and move up the crank. Turn the crank to open the door, wait until Sheva between then release. Get off the enemies that arrive on time as Sheva opens the door on the other side and enter. Defeat the monsters coming, go ahead and go to the next area. Go down two zombies wielding crossbows (height) and then take the ladder and climb. Get off the enemies that are above, walk around and pick up whatever is in the barrels. Then, get through another level and enter one of the caves. Both caves lead to a single path. Kill an enemy and then walk up the slope. Beware of zombies who throw sticks of dynamite from a distance and eliminate them. Finally pick up the ammunition and take the elevator to exit the tunnel.

Move right, take the munitions which are ground and then climb the stairs. After the cutscene, take some ammunition on the shelf and down the stairs that are in the room. Get a few enemies and walk out the door on the right steps. Pay attention to the turret and run as soon as she stops momentarily to fire. Head to the left, make yourself safe behind the tubes and remove the monster on the truck. Move left again, shoot down two zombies and get to the man who manipulates the turret. Stand behind him and open fire until he dies. If you have a hand grenade, it is easier to blow with this weapon. Then, climb the ladder that was on your left. Take the diamond in the trunk and walk up the slope. Take the ammunition in the room across the way, remove the living dead which is the upper level and climb the ladder. Move first left, pick up munitions which are basically right back then. Eliminate the zombies can get through another ladder, right. Descend again to the road below and then advance to first right and take the ammunition in the corner. Then, head across and move up the ladder broken. Make a break and then continue along the path. Get several other monsters then go back to green container. Put yourself on the left of it, push it in a vacuum and then continue up to two tons. Seize their content and get to fight the boss.

The easiest way to eliminate this monster is to lay mines on the ground. You will find these mines in the small hut in the blue barrels. When the monster is stunned by the explosion, take a gun, aim the red section of its tail and pull until it falls. When it starts to fly in the air, just dodge these attacks and wait for it to back down on the ground. If you’re short of mine, come back again to the cabin and you will find what you need. Repeat the same technique and the monster and inflict serious damage until he dies.

  • Chapter 2-3: The savannah

In this chapter you will handle a heavy machine gun and eliminate the enemies that you continue on motocross and trucks. Indeed, when these enemies appear, open fire before they close on your car and you throw explosives. When the trucks arrive on the coast, quickly eliminate the monsters that are on the dump and look after the riders who are usually behind or on the other side. Continue to knock these creatures until you reach the barrier blocking access to the bridge. Open fire on all the zombies, shoot the red barrels and blow them to clear the path. Finally, knock a few other bikers and other enemies on a truck and reach your destination.

Arriving on the scene, you’ll face a big strong monster. Aim for his head and open fire. When approaching the vehicle and tries to hit you, do not be afraid and keep firing. Take a constantly look at the temperature of your gun and do not let it overheat. After a few minutes, the monster is a large stone from the ground and tries to run over you. To counter it, aim for the explosive barrel located nearby and explode it. Then, the giant will emerge from his body like a spider. Try to target these creatures and destroy them. Subsequently, it shows its head and tentacles. Shoot them and destroy them. The monster can also pull the power pole to hit you with. When he lifts his arm to strike, press the appropriate key for evading then resume shooting. Continue to snipe constantly until it collapses completely.


  • Chapter 3-1: The marsh

After the cutscene, pick up the few items that are in there. Take the tablet bestial in the middle, break the vase and take the ammunition they contain. Find the skull on the left, destroy it and take the ruby red in spring. Find the bug hung on a tree, right, and take it. Finally, take the ammunition lying near the fence and beat a retreat to the hovercraft. Speed up straight, look for the bright spot on the minimap and reach it. Get off, follow the path and take the card shelf (right). When new data is displayed on your mini-map, insert the shelf in the door which was opposite then go back on board the hovercraft.

Head over to the first point which is south-west of the mini-map. Reach the first place and continue right. Then, go and tour the houses to reach the dock. Dig into the first house you see and enter some ammunition there. Then go out and get on the platform is down. Take the treasure found in the trunk, the ammunition in the mud and then get ready to eliminate some men Voodoo. Then enter the room on the right, take everything in it and leave the other side. Finally, reach the third room, find the chest and take the tablet "Warrior". Now, back to the hovercraft and leave this place. But before that, the path will be blocked and you’ll face enemies who throw explosives. Just try to dodge these shots for some time and let Sheva fire on these men. After some time the road will be free again and you can exit. Use the turbo and then quickly leave this place.

Now, go to the second location that is east of your mini-map. Down on the bridge, you’ll have to cross the marsh walk. Therefore, beware of crocodiles can eat you raw. Try to avoid these reptiles and run directly straight up the ladder that lies on top of a small house. Enter this room, take everything that is on the shelf and then remove the dead who come alive. Then go left to a second hut, open the casket and take the tablet "Raptor" which is located inside. Take the ammunition and retreated to the hovercraft.  Now, go to the last location on the map and get on the platform. Move up to the shelf opposite, taking ammunition, read the papers and go right. Enter the parts right and left for more ammunition and then reach the entrance of a large building located down the road. Look here, grab the gold in the mud then head to the towers in the background. Perform a jump attended by Sheva at the foot of each tower and let it take the contents of the boxes. You now have the third shelf. Once the tablet is in your hands, you’ll face several enemies. Charge your weapon and eliminate them all.

Finally, go back on board the hovercraft and reach the bright spot on the mini-map. Place the three shelves on the door and open it.  Move along the marshes off the enemy on the tower and up the stairs. Then, go left and take everything that is in the vases. Enter the room that is responsible and take the gold and ammunition on the shelf. Climb to the second floor and pick up more ammunition. Exit, go to the left scale, climb and get ready for a tough battle against the villagers. Take your gun, open fire from a distance and eliminate them before they approach. There are some people more resilient than others. Try to combine your shots with melee attacks to inflict more damage.

Then take the passage to the right of the entrance to the village and then come to the crank on the left. Leave Sheva turn the crank to raise the bridge and look around. Cross the bridge and enter. Climb the stairs, go left and open the door for Sheva to enter. Then, ransack everything that is in part right and continue forward. Destroy the vase which is located at the entrance of the cave. Finally, move left, collect the treasure in front and take the elevator to close the chapter.


Exit the elevator, follow the path, taking ammunition in vases and exit. After a short cutscene, get on the balcony, take your weapon and eliminate the zombies are on the other side. Then go left, go down the monsters and continue left again. Then go up along the bridge right, jump over the gap and get through the left scale. After the scene, other enemies arrive. Zap them, ignore the first ladder in front and move right. Examine the handle and then retrace your steps and climb the ladder. Jump over the gap, go down along the bridge and turn left. Get on the wooden board and let Sheva move through the crank. Beware of crocodiles which spring from time to time and quickly press the buttons indicated to dodge. When you reach the opposite side, go up and give a kick in the large button on the right. Now that the bridge is deployed, open the left door, go turn to the left bridge. Skip, down through the right scale and cross the bridge.

Enter the tunnel, destroy the lantern light and collect the gems they contain. Now exit the tunnel and go to a military camp. Enter inside the first tent (right), read the document lying on the bed and leave. Visit the second tent, taking the spray back and exit. Then take the incendiary grenade right and enter the hut on the left. Take the ammunition as well as gold in the barrels and go down the slope (left) to the door and open it.  Once in the oil field, take a gun and eliminate the enemies who attack you. Go down, go up the stairs to the left then climb the ladder you see in front. Rotate the valve knock out monsters that appear and then take the scarab is on the opposite side of the valve. Now, get off at the lower level and enter the area that just opened. Climb the ladder on the left and operate the lever. Then, hang onto the zip line and reach the opposite side. Get off the monster with a chainsaw through shots combined with melee attacks. When he died, turn the valve and down. Move left, climb the stairs to the first level and move right. Follow the path right of the bridge and up the stairs. Activate the lever and use the zip line and reach the other side. Turn the valve and prepare to remove a second man with a chainsaw. Now that the path is clear, cross the bridge and get the men that appear. Open the door located at the end of the bridge and enter.

You must eliminate the enemies who consistently until your friend arrives to activate the elevator. The monsters spring from the trap in front of the elevator and through the window that is left. Eliminate them one by one and hold out until the elevator is activated and then take it and go up. Move straight out of the elevator and turn right. Knock other enemies, collect the ammunition and climb the ladder. Come on, take the nearby mines in the barrels and then get through the level which is below. Come on, climb through the ladder and eliminate three more enemies. Continue right, then climb down through a new scale, below. Place a mine and then get off. Now you must eliminate the enemies coming until your partner unlocks the door. When the latter is activated, open the door and leave this place.

Go down the stairs, go right and climb the stairs to the left. Enter through the door, go to the dock and turn first left. Perform a general inspection of the left and collect the ammunition and gold coins that are in the barrels. Then go to the right side of the dock and follow the path of the bridge until the cutscene triggers.
Now you have two minutes to join Josh on the other side of the wharf. However, enemies will not make things easier. Remove first the first wave of enemies you back. Come on, pick up ammunition, climb stairs and turn right. Run towards the red door (opposite) and get ready to get off a second wave of hits. Then pull the blockade of the door to destroy it and open it.

  • Chapter 3-2: The place of execution (continued)

Get off the fat man and the mad dogs and then destroy the mine placed at the entrance stairs to the right. Destroy another mine down right then join Josh on the left. Zap a few other enemies if you have time, otherwise head straight right to the boat to escape the explosion.

  • Chapter 3-3: The oil field

Before you start, buy a sniper rifle if you have the opportunity and put it in the menu Chris. When the chapter begins, aim and get off the enemies that you continue by boat. Then, shoot the enemies that are on both sides of the bank and get them. For this, it is preferable to target and explode the red barrels. However, when the bridge approach, press the appropriate key at the right time to head down. When the boat stops, stand on the bridge, defeat the enemies you see then advance to the left. Activate the lever located at the bottom to open the door and then back to the boat.
When the boat stops for a second time, you must open the gate. But this time the task is more complicated because the area is guarded by two towers and several enemies. Start by mounting the bridge and move left. Planque you behind the plank vertical (right), aim for enemies who are behind and get them. Take the sniper rifle, aim for the man behind the turret and knock it. Then, move towards the turret, collect all the ammunition on the ground and turn one of two levers. Sheva will activate the second to allow the door open. Now back to the boat, eliminate other enemies along the way, destroy the barrels you see and remove as much ammunition as possible.

After the cutscene, you’ll meet Irving. First, it is out of the water four tentacles and tries to attack you with. Dodge the tentacles of attacks by pressing the button indicated at the right time. Use the turrets that are on the four corners of the boat, shoot these appendages and destroy them. The big monster then place the other side of the boat. Repeat the same operation, dodge attacks with tentacles, use the turret and shoot. Then, aim and pull the eye.  From time to time, Irving goes directly to Chris and tries to bite. Then press the right button to dodge the attack. After some time, Irving is at the rear of the ship, highlighted four tentacles and opens her mouth wide. Take the turret, aim for the curved section of the tentacles to destroy them and then aim Irving is in the jaws of the monster. Remember to dodge attacks with tentacles and continue to fire until the monster dies.


  • Chapter 4-1: The Cave

Before starting the chapter, sell the treasures you’ve picked up and buy a rocket launcher. Also, improve the weapons you already have.  Now, go to the hut, take the grenades are in vases and exit through the left door. Follow the path to the cave up the ladder. Defeat the spiders that appear, skip first wide right and go straight to the vessel which is in the corner. Take its contents and then return to scale and climb. Zap another spider, enter the content of the jars and proceed. Destroy the lantern right, take the emerald and kill the many spiders that spring. Then, move, destroy the second lantern and pick up the sapphire. Now, go to the door. Locate the two skulls on the ground, break them and take the gems they contain. Destroy as the lantern, take the treasure and then open the door.

Move left and down. Enter the contents of vessels (left), go down the few stairs and go up a level. Move right, locate the vessel that is left, go up the other room. Open the tomb in front, collect all the documents it contains and then continue left. Destroy the lantern, take the emerald and continue to the next room. After the short scene, take the content down vases and the lower level. Move right, defeat the men who gush before you and continue right. Get off other enemies, climb the stairs and take the treasure that is in the lantern. Walk up the stairs, remove another zombie, above and continue right. Use a grenade and shoot down three other creatures and then enter the room opposite. Open the tomb which is on the left and pick up its contents. Then leave the room, go left and enter the room nearby. Take the ruby is the mummy, the sapphire in the lantern, the grass in the tomb and exit. Continue left and right to advance to the tomb and open it. In falling, press the button that appears on the screen to recover.

Defeat the spiders and the monsters that attack you and pick up the ammunition they leave. Then, find three chests scattered throughout the corridors of this area and pick up their content.  Now, go in the fourth row to the edge. Take a grenade and throw it on enemies who are at the center. Take your weapon and eliminate the survivors. Now, get off in the yard, take the guns and the gold laid on the ground and scoop the contents of all vessels. When shells begin to get inflamed on both sides of the court, run to the middle of the device and turn the lever to open the door. Then, get off, run to the door before it closes and avoid the shells. Now that calm has returned back to court and collect all the ammunition and gold in vases. Finally go down the stairs and open a second door.

Follow the corridor until you walk on a trap. Quickly press the buttons that appear on the screen and follow the instructions to escape this trap. If you make the right combination, you will manage to hang you.  Now, pull the string to reveal the stairs and down. Take the contents of the vessel and then left down the stairs in front. Move left, turn again left and take the grenade in the bag. Come back right, go to the green statue and examine it. You have to hit the strings simultaneously to activate the statue. To do this, step back, look around and follow another corridor. Once the statue is activated, take the sapphire back to the entrance corridor and up the new stairs to the right.

Before operating the second statue, turn left, jump and take the contents of the trunk. Then, toggle the statue and take the emerald. Now, go directly to the opposite side and turn right. Take the grenade launcher, eliminate the enemies coming in advance and then left to the corner. Turn left, go forward, go down the stairs and then left up the steps right. Check the yellow statue, take the gem and move right. Examine the new statue and then retrace your steps and go down the stairs. Move left and go to another statue like the one above. Remove first the zombies that appear and then activate the statue and pull the string. Take the gem that lies beneath the statue and up the stairs. Take that which lies beneath the statue from above.

Now descend the stairs and move straight. Turn right at the end of the road, continue until the red statue and activate it. Take the gem and beat a retreat. A flying monster appears. You have no chance to kill him if you stay there. Therefore, run quickly towards the stairs and go up. Before reaching the entrance, quickly press the dodge button to run faster and avoid the last of the great insect attack.

  • Chapter 4-2: The Shrine

Now, climb stairs, enter the contents of jars left and continue climbing. Once before a sort of temple, go right. You see a solar radius along the entire corridor. Pay attention to this department, wait until it goes off and run to the shelter opposite. Then, hide yourself behind the wall, wait until the beam disappears and run to another shelter farther. Repeat the same operation, run until the end of the corridor and turn right. Continue along the second corridor, defeat the enemies and then coming up the stairs. Take the emblem of the land that is on the opposite pole and then turn around. Climb the stairs at your left, go straight, pay attention and get the radius. Move left, made another gaffe in radius and move to the location of the emblems. Place the emblem of the land then go left. Wait for the solar radius and run to the room which is across from the stairs. Eliminate the enemies that are in this area, climb the stairs to the left off other enemies and then take the emblem of the sea Turn back to the location of the emblems and place.
Now, back left, wait sunbeam disappear and run right until the end of the corridor. Climb the stairs on the right, pay attention to a second radius which makes going back and forth and run left. Then make a jump and helped protect it Sheva time to go get the third emblem. Finally, mount the stairs and leave the area.  You then enter in a location where a ray of light amid mirrors and scattered throughout the area. Your goal is to find the right combination to guide the light beam to mirror that is at bottom left of the entrance. To do this, follow the beam and rotate the third mirror to the left to succeed. Then, put yourself on the square that surrounds the last mirror and get off at the lower level. Again, do drop beams and continue to guide the light beam by moving the mirrors in the right direction. Follow the beam and get again to the floor below.

Start by opening the chest in the middle. The latter is empty. You are then attacked by several spiders. Zap them and take the ammunition they drop. First, forward the light beam to the door. Go to places that just opened and take the treasures located there. Then guide the beam to the last mirror and be careful not to remain trapped inside the radius of the rectangle. Finally, go to the last mirror and mount.


  • Chapter 5-1: The Underground Gardens

First, go left to the bottom and enter the bug that is just before the tanks. Then, climb the stairs and follow the left path to the door. Enter the first room on the left, take ammunition and turn on the computer. Read the information and exit. Move left until the second room, take the grass to the right and enter. Turn the computer on the next table, go right and turn on a second computer. Take the ammunition and exit through the door at the bottom right. Move along the corridor and turn right. Turn the valve and open the door. Activate the lever in front and break the ice and get out. Follow the road left and watch for two monsters that appear. Eliminate them, then take the ammunition take the entry in which they appeared. Open the right door, follow the corridor and enter the room that dan is basically right. Take the AK-47 in the bag, get out and walk up the stairs that are at the end.

Open the door and enter two. Walk slowly along the corridor do you identify with the monsters. When you reach a metal door, you’ll have to open it by making noise and the monsters you find. Enter quickly, take a weapon as explosive grenade launcher and wait for the arrival of animals. Eliminate them, type in the ammunition they leave and then call the elevator. Until the elevator, shoot down other animals and take their ammo. Now, take the ammunition on the shelves, go right and get ready to fight a boss. Indeed, it is a giant spider equipped with long legs. To beat her, you must first get behind the mainframe and target the red section on one of his legs. Once the leg is destroyed, the spider drops and his mouth is found in the open. Then take an explosive weapon, like the grenade launcher, aim the gaping mouth of the monster and inflict him a max damage until it rises. Then take another weapon and repeat the same thing. From time to time, the spider releases of insects that may be harmful. Kill them quickly and then have you the great monster. Repeat the same attack, taking ammunition left by the small critters and eliminate the boss.

  • Chapter 5-2: The experimental center

Move to the door in front of you. Take the ammunition that are in wooden boxes, open the door and enter. Go down the stairs right behind you stash the cash. Aim for the enemies that are near the entrance and eliminate them. Then, go to the entrance, hide yourself behind the wall and eliminate other enemies in the room. Now, pick up ammunition, open the door and enter the new room. Enter the text boxes and then go ahead and stash you behind the post. Aim for the enemies who are behind and remove them. Then, move gradually to the right and you stash behind the crates. Knock other enemies and advance. Once the secure area, collect the ammunition and enter the gate. Planque you once again behind the wall, shoot the enemies in the nearby room and kill them. Then enter the room, get cover behind the crates and go down the men who arrive. Now, climb the staircase to the left and you stash behind the opposite wall. Defeat the creatures approaching and collect ammunition. Then, run straight ahead and get cover behind the crates. Check the gas cylinders that are close to enemies and blow them to annihilate them in one blow. Now, take the ammunition boxes and get on the elevator.

Move along the corridor, take the grass as well as ammunition and turn left. Take the ammunition that is right and then turn again left. Follow the path of the corridor, kill the animals found there and enter through the back door.
Move right, take the ammunition that are in crates and then get off. Kill the enemy before you can stash behind the metal wall to the right. Aim for the enemies that are on the opposite side of the treadmill and get them. Move then to the ladder, then climb down the other side. Shoot more enemies and advance right up to the platform. Now get on the treadmill and run to the other end. Climb the stairs, get off one last enemy and enter.  In this section, be very careful because there are gas cylinders on the treadmill and the enemies can use against you.

First, wait until the big oven stops blowing flames and down. Run quickly to the left, between the carpet and get the enemy is on the bridge. Come on, shoot the gas cylinders and thus eliminate the guards with shields. Also use the bottles and get off the enemies that are near them. When you reach the other end of the mat, stand on the platform left. Operate the lever to stop the carpet and down the stairs. Turn first left, take the ammunition boxes and then back right. Open the briefcase, take your new weapon and equip you. Climb the stairs, go straight down and other steps, right. Move along the walkway, climb the steps and turn immediately right. First enter the contents of boxes are at the bottom then operate the levers. Now, beat a retreat to the treadmill, pay attention to the big beast that appears and kill it. Operate the carpet down and move first to the left. Just before baking, turn right and return along the carpet. Beware of the living dead as they can get up and attack you. Then go right and go to the platform. Take the contents of wooden crates, climb stairs and open the back door. Move along the corridor and down the room. Collect the ammunition that are in the crates and open the door. Enter and prepare to fight a new boss.

Even if this creature seems tough, it can be easily beaten. Indeed, the easiest way is to take the flamethrower which is in the room and incinerate the monster with this weapon. When the flamethrower is short of fuel, return to the machine and put it in place for it to recharge. Then try to escape the boss’s attacks and run continuously until the weapon is reloaded. Repeat the process until the monster is dead.

  • Chapter 5-3: Research Center Uruboros

Keep come out of this room, climb the ladder and then advance to the right. Follow the corridor to the door and enter. First Run right down the hall, take the contents of the box and then advance to the left. Enter, go first to the right and take the contents of the box. Then come back to hideout and left you behind the wall. Aim for the enemies who are on the opposite side and remove them. Then, kill an insect tough and follow the path of the bridge. Planque you behind a wall and down the enemies that are farther away. Move gradually towards the enemy and kill another insect. Continue until the end of the bridge, enter the room and take whatever is inside. Take the sniper rifle in the suitcase and leave. Pay attention to the insect that flows from the roof and kill him.

Now, go to the lever and perform an action with your partner to move the platform. Step onto the platform and wait for Sheva actuates the lever to reach the other side. Zap the enemies who come to the right and activate the lever twice to bring Sheva. Move first right, continue along the bridge and take the ammunition crates. Then, turn back and head to the left of the platform. Take your sniper rifle, hide yourself behind the wall, aim and shoot enemies wielding rocket launchers. Move along the bridge, hide yourself again behind the wall and kill any enemies that come out. Then, climb the stairs and continue right. Take a grenade, get cover and throw it at the soldiers who were inside the room. Finally, enter inside the small room and take the ammunition and the royal necklace. Open the metal door, go left, open a second door and enter below.

Collect the contents of the box and move towards the large search area. Take the sniper rifle ammunition to right and then down the stairs. Activate the lever to raise the platform. After a few moments will end because of the soldier holding the lever on the other side. Then take the sniper rifle, aim for the soldier and kill him. This task will not be easy because the platform is constantly in motion. When the platform goes back a few levels, two other soldiers to stop using two different levers. Remove the first (top) and then remove a second, lower. Once the platform stops, remove the soldiers stationed on the stairs and then up the steps and move to the door.

Exit the tunnel and go to the ruins. Exceed the number of right and activate the lever. Then come back to another lever to the left of the entrance tunnel and activate it. Take the elevator, go along the bridge and eliminate the two monsters that appear. Go forward then left, down three other monsters and continue right. Take the contents of wooden boxes, eliminate many other creatures and push the blue block to the end. Get out while on the roof of the room, take the herb and enter the door. Activate the lever and leave the room, cross the bridge and exit.

In this battle, you’ll meet Wesker. First, avoid direct confrontation with Wesker because you have no chance in the one against one. He is able to dodge your bullets and move at the speed of lightning. Therefore, avoid his attacks for about seven minutes until the struggle has changed location. Now, climb the stairs and follow the hallway until you reach the grave. Take the treasures and weapons in it and continue to dodge attacks Wesker for about seven minutes. After a short cutscene, you must remove the device found on Jill’s breast. To do this, get in the yard, then come to Jill and try to reason with. Then press the appropriate key to snatch the camera. Pay attention to his reaction and dodge his attack if you cannot snatch him. Repeat the same operation with the help of Sheva until you manage to snatch the camera.


  • Chapter 6-1: the deck

Get in the boat, take the contents of the box and then mount the steps. Zap the enemies that come and kill those who are on tour right. Climb the ladder left down the other side and take what is in boxes. Then, take the stairs to the right, defeat the enemy and his big dogs then advance along the bridge. Go down the stairs, go left and remove the monster approaching. Go down the ladder, take the contents of the boxes and move right. When you arrive near the container, go right then turn left after the second. Press the elevator to lift and continue. Move right, climb the ladder on the left, push the blue cage and go to court. Eliminate the enemies that appear on both sides of the container and remove a little monster tough to get the magnetic key. Now, aim the electrical device of the elevator and pull it to work again. Come in, put the magnetic key, open the door and enter. Climb the stairs, down an enemy advance and turn left. Kill the enemy that is on the tower and then climb the ladder. Activate the lever to release Sheva and then beat a retreat. 
Now, go under the truck and move right. Put yourself on one of two elevators (right), wait Sheva shoots it and then do the same thing with her. Continue straight down to the lower level, continue right and enter the captain’s cabin. Take the grass and then the grenade down the stairs. Seize Ammunition, down the stairs, then go ahead and scroll down to the bridge. Move right, get all the steps and take the new weapon. Then, go right and enter the gate. Follow the path to another door, go left and go to a kind of warehouse storage.

Grab a sniper rifle, aim for the enemy is far more kill him. Then, continue left and you stash behind the wall. Aim for the enemies that are above and below the bridge and kill them. Then, go down, find shelter behind the crates and go down the enemies that you shoot. Move gradually to the left door and get out. Move, hide yourself behind the wall and shoot down the enemy giant arrives. The latter has a magnetic key. But you need two keys to open the door. Therefore, stand on the bridge located to the right of the door and move to safe. Open it and take the second magnetic card. Once you enter, hide yourself behind the boxes and get the two enemies have rocket launchers. Then get off and walk up the stairs to the other end. Take the necklace, go to the elevator and go up.

  • Chapter 6-2: The main bridge

Go down the stairs and move right towards the court. After the cutscene, press the buttons that appear on the screen to dodge attacks and avoid the big monster. When you enter inside the ship, follow the path of the corridor and quickly press the indicated key to drop and you avoid the tentacles. Continue right, enter the number of left and exit through the second door. Follow the hallway until you see the body on the floor. Be careful because one of them will wake up and attack you. Remove it and take the card he holds. Enter the next room, use the card deck and open the door. Climb the stairs on the left, cross the entire room, climb other stairs (left) and exit.

To fight the boss of this chapter, you must first use the magnetic key and open the window in the wall. Take this formidable weapon and aim for the red end of the tentacles. Wait until the red circle in the viewfinder narrows and locks the bulb and pull. Destroy the first two tentacles then aim for the head of the monster and shoot. Subsequently, other tentacles appear. Dodge their attacks by pressing the button that appears at the right time. Repeat shots until those tentacles are destroyed. Check again the monster’s head and shoot. Repeat the same operation a third time until the boss disappear.

  • Chapter 6-3

Open the door, down the stairs and enter the orange door. Then, climb stairs and lift access. Move left and knock out the enemy that lies below. Wait for the fire and turn right. Descend into the pool and then go back through the ladder. Zap the enemies then go up the stairs to your left. Activate the lever and beat a retreat. Wait until the gate opens and get all the enemies that are in the new zone. Move directly to the gate at the bottom of the grand hall, and turn the two levers to open. Now you’ll face two giants fitted with a turret. To eliminate them easily, run towards the hangar door and down the stairs on the left. Then go up the ladder to the right and use the turret to eliminate them. Thereafter, take magnetic cards and open the door of the shed.

At the beginning of the battle, you must first enter the rocket launcher and start the levers to turn off the lights. Then, aim and pull a Wesker first rocket. The latter grabbed the guard’s hands. Then take your gun and shoot it to make it explode. When Sheva keeps him, you quickly approach him and try to inject the liquid in the syringe. If you miss your target, go up the stairs and enter the rockets are in a box. Repeat the process until you are familiar with and that the liquid in the syringe is injected.  In the second part of the fight, you must quickly press the buttons that appear on the screen to continue the cutscene.

Finally, in the last part, rewind and go back. Fly first attacks Wesker and move right. Push the big rock on the other side and wait Sheva arrived. Then return to the first combat zone. Wait for the weak point and shoot appears above. His weak point is on the torso. Therefore, aim and shoot as many shots as you can. It is advisable to use the grenade to weaken more quickly if you have plenty of ammunition. Try not to approach him because its tentacles you can inflict significant damage. Repeat this until he died. Once dead, the chapter and the game are completed.


Bonuses :

  • Mercenaries Mode : Finish the game on any difficulty level.
  • New Game +  : Finish the game on any difficulty level.
  • Playing with Sheva : Finish the game on any difficulty level.
  • Unlimited ammunition for a weapon : Increase the maximum improvements.
  • Alternate Costumes : Finish the game in any level of difficulty in improving the weapon up.
  • Filter horror film in the old : Finish the game in Amateur.
  • History of Resident Evil : Finish the game on any difficulty level.
  • Unlimited Ammo : Finish the game on any difficulty level.
  • Infinite rocket launcher : Beat the game on Veteran mode in less than 5hrs.
  • Filter noise : Beat the game on Veteran mode.
  • Professional Mode : Beat the game on Veteran mode.
  • Filter Retro : Finish the game in Normal mode.

Game Weapons  :

  • Submachine gun (Exclusive to Chris)  : Increase the level of the VZ61 up then buy this weapon at the store.
  • Hydra  : Increase the level of the Ithaca M37 up then buy this weapon at the store.
  • Arc (Exclusive to Sheva) : Increase the level of the S75 up and buy this weapon at the store.
  • M93R : Increase the level of the M92F up then buy this weapon at the store.
  • S & W M500 Magnum : Increase the level of S & W M29 up then buy this weapon at the store.

Costumes in Game :

  • Evening dress of Sheva and Chris Safari  : Finish the game
  • Held STARS Chris  : Pull 25 BSAA BSAA emblems.
  • Held Tribal Sheva  : Pull 30 BSAA emblems.
  • Gatling Gun (for Chris) : Improving completely VZ61, then buy the Gatling Gun in the store.
  • Hydra : Improving the Ithaca M37 completely, then buy the Hydra in the store.
  • Longbow (for Sheva) : Completely improve the S75, the Longbow can buy in the store.
  • M93R : Improving completely M92F, M93R and then buy in the store.
  • Magnum S & W M500 : Improving completely Magnum S & W M29, then buy the S & W M500 in the store.

Game  Characters :

  • Chris (Safari) : Level A or more in The Village. — Get A rank on "The Village".
  • Chris (Stars) : Level A or higher in Plant Experiment.  — Get A rank on "Experimental Facility.
  • Jill (Battle Suit) : Level A or more in the Cargo.  — Get A rank on "Ship Deck.
  • Jill (BSAA) : Level A or higher in Public Assembly.  — Get A rank on "Public Assembly".
  • Sheva (Clubin) : Level A or higher in Ancient Ruins.
  • Sheva (Tribal) : Level A or more in area of missile.  — Get A rank on "Missile Area.
  • Sheva (Evening Dress) — Get A rank on "Ancient Ruins".
  • Wesker (Midnight) : Level A or more in The Mines.  — Get A rank on "The Mines".
  • Wesker (STARS) : Level A or more during Prison.  — Get A rank on "The Prison".
  • Embody Sheva : Finish the game once.

Game Upgrades and Level Complete :

  • Chapter 1 to 1 Completed : Complete Chapter 1 to 1 on any difficulty.
  • Chapter 1-2 Completed : Complete Chapter 1 to 2 on any difficulty.
  • Chapter 2 to 1 Completed : Complete the Chapter 2 to 1 on any difficulty.
  • Chapter 2-2 Completed : Complete the Chapter 2 to 2 on any difficulty.
  • Chapter 2 to 3 Completed : Complete the Chapter 2 to 3 on any difficulty.
  • Chapter 3 to 1 Completed : Complete Chapter 3 to 1 on any difficulty.
  • Chapter 3-2 Completed : Complete Chapter 3 to 2 on any difficulty.
  • Chapter 3-3 Completed : Complete Chapter 3 to 3 on any difficulty.
  • Chapter 4 to 1 Completed : Complete Chapter 4 to 1 on any difficulty.
  • Chapter 4-2 Completed : Complete Chapter 4 to 2 on any difficulty.
  • Chapter 5 to 1 Completed : Completed Chapter 5 to 1 on any difficulty.
  • Chapter 5-2 Completed : Completed Chapter 5 to 2 on any difficulty.
  • Chapter 5-3 Completed : Completed Chapter 5 to 3 on any difficulty.
  • Chapter 6-1 Completed : Complete Chapter 6 to 1 on any difficulty.
  • Chapter 6-2 Completed : Complete Chapter 6 to 2 on any difficulty.
  • Chapter 6-3 Completed : Complete Chapter 6 to 3 on any difficulty.
  • Rookie : Complete all chapters in Amateur.
  • Private : Complete all chapters in Normal.
  • Veteran : Complete all sections on Veteran.
  • War Heroes : Complete all sections of the level of difficulty higher.
  • Egg Hunt : Find the 4 types of eggs.
  • Fashion : Buy all costumes available in alternative Bonus.
  • Arms race : Get all available weapons.
  • The must Must : Improving all weapons at maximum.
  • They belong to a museum : Get all the treasures of the game
  • Medal of Honor : Find all emblems of the BSAA.
  • Figures, not dolls! : Collecting all models.
  • A friend in need : Rescue 10 times your partner when HELP is displayed.
  • Rescuer : Save 10 times when your partner die is displayed.
  • Migraines : Defeat 20 enemies with headshots.
  • Knife pulled : Defeat 5 enemies with the knife.
  • Coup juice : Defeat 30 enemies with electric batons.
  • Policing : Defeat 30 enemies with the Gatling.
  • Right on target  : Defeat 30 enemies with the Arc.
  • Street Fighter : Defeat 20 enemies with bare hands.
  • The total : Bind the maximum number of physical attacks.
  • Headache : Defeat Majin an open break with a shot to the head.
  • Fireworks : Making a Molotov cocktail, a stick of dynamite or a hand grenade to an enemy.
  • Be one with the knife : Diverting firing a crossbow with a knife.
  • Rain of flesh : Defeat Majin 3 at once with a grenade or a mine nearby.
  • And there was light : Defeat 2 enemies at once with a stun grenade.
  • Ride the Lightning : Electrocute a Majin with a transformer.
  • Did not you fire?  : Burn 3 Majin both using the exhaust gas.
  • Baptism of fire : Burn 3 Majin at once using a drum or cylinder gas.
  • Specialists of ablation : Cooperate to save someone special.
  • Rancor : Impose a certain amount of damage to your greatest enemy.
  • Driver : Stop an armored truck by shooting the driver.
  • Egg in the face : Beating a Majin with a rotten egg.
  • Right in the heart : Beat a foe in him stabbing the heart.
  • Confidence : Develop a certain level of trust with your partner. 

All the successes of additional content mode Confrontation :

  • Only cons all : Winning 30 games in Slayers. 
  • The survival instinct : Winning 30 games in Survivors.
  • Kill choral : Winning 30 games in Slayers team.
  • We will survive : Winning 30 games in Survivors team.
  • Chain Reaction : Chaining combos Killers 20.
  • Domino effect : 40 chain combos Slayers team.
  • While a few points! : Reach 40 000 points in Survivors.
  • Let the party begin! : Unlock all characters selectable mode confrontation.
  • Beating : 100 players fight enemies with melee attacks in confrontation mode.
  • And all for one! : Reach 80 000 points in Survivors team.


  • Monochrome filter : Finish the game on any difficulty level.
  • Sepia Filter : Finish the game in Normal difficulty.
  • Grain filter : Finish the game on Veteran difficulty.

Unlimited Items :

  • At the beginning of some chapters (such as 2-1 or 3-1) you can retrieve several objects that are in the area. For that, go look up objects, then quit the game Restart the game by choosing "Continue" to begin at the beginning of the chapter with all the items you’ve recovered. You’ll see them appear again on the ground, allowing you to recover a second time. Repeat as many times as you wish.
  • Unlimited rocket launcher – Finish the game in under 5 hours in any difficulty level. Then activate the unlimited ammunition in the Bonus section.


  • New costume : Finish the game once.
  • History of Resident Evil : In the Archives section of the game
  • Unlimited Ammo : Finish the game once. The weapon must be maximized to use the unlimited ammunition (enabled in the settings).

Unlock the Arc :

  • It is maximizing sniper S75 order arc then buy at a price of 50 000 pieces of gold. The sniper section S75 is 2-1 in a small house at the end of the port card, inside a suitcase.

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Degeneration. A syndrome that also affects Resident Evil of the Interior, as the fifth episode seems to disintegrate gradually be suffering from progeria. Resident Evil 4 was however revived a boost to the series to make it almost reached the heights of the game action, four years ago. Mired in the conventions it has itself put, Resident Evil 5 never fails to completely forget the weight of its gameplay (travel, inventory), now obsolete. Magic Resident Evil still operates, driven by a realization that high-end offers moments of pure entertainment. And the introduction of co-op, new highlight of this episode, probably to encourage replaying the best parts of this episode full of surprises. A blockbuster again, but nothing more.


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