Metro 2033 Walkthrough & Tips

Metro 2033 is a PC sci-fi shooter game set in a post-apocalyptic world
destroyed by nuclear wars. In this game are well mixed elements of
action, horror and role. The release date for this game THQ is scheduled
for 19 March 2010. Metro 2033 is expected to be much, especially with
its dark atmosphere and a truly compelling story masterfully designed by
4A Games. Because of the terrible wars that form the prologue to
nuclear Metro 2033, the men are confined to living underground. A group
of people has just settled in the tunnels of a subway in Moscow, and
only the bravest of them venture to the surface in search of valuable
assets for the lives of their comrades. Metro 2033 is a very linear
game, and this out of pure choice of their creators who wanted to make
to accompany the players into an almost cinematic and utterly
compelling, when even the slightest detail was taken care of.

First Person Shooter

Set in the shattered subway of a post apocalyptic Moscow, Metro 2033 is a
story of intensive underground survival where the fate of mankind rests
in your hands.  In 2013 the world was devastated by an apocalyptic
event, annihilating almost all mankind and turning the earth’s surface
into a poisonous wasteland. A handful of survivors took refuge in the
depths of the Moscow underground, and human civilization entered a new
Dark Age. The year is 2033. An entire generation has been born and
raised underground, and their besieged Metro Station-Cities struggle for
survival, with each other, and the mutant horrors that await outside.
You are Artyom, born in the last days before the fire, but raised
Underground. Having never ventured beyond your Metro Station-City
limits, one fateful event sparks a desperate mission to the heart of the
Metro system, to warn the remnants of mankind of a terrible impending
threat. Your journey takes you from the forgotten catacombs beneath the
subway to the desolate wastelands above, where your actions will
determine the fate of mankind.

Highlights :

  • Promising  shooter. Multiple endings, interesting world, sumptuous
    graphics – only a small part of the advantages that are hidden in their
    sleeves Kiev developers.
  • Metro 2033 is a gripping, atmospheric first person shooter
    experience powered by cutting edge technology to deliver incredible
  • Witness the everyday horrors of a broken society living in constant
  • Brave the darkness of the tunnels, where mutants hunt their prey
    and ghostly spirits lurk.
  • Explore the desolate city-surface, trusting your gas mask and rifle
    to protect you from a poisoned world and the creatures that roam there.
  • Steel your nerve and prepare to face the terrors that await.

THQ has been seeking licenses and has been found with a license that
will allow publishers to provide something new and unique to video .
Metro 2033 is in development for PC and Xbox 360 and based on the
eponymous novel by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky. It is being
developed 4A Games ‘Underground 2033’ is set in a ruined Moscow metro.
Artyom will control a young man who never left the inhospitable "Vault
of the Metro-City station. His adventure takes him around the metro,
also the home of other factions (some of which are hostile), and the
inhospitable world above ground.

Walkthrough :

In 2013, nuclear fallout, has erased the world as we know it. Twenty
years later, mankind continues to struggle to survive underground,
sheltered from the cold and radiation that have transformed the planet
into a wasteland. Trai survivors there are still those who remember the
area and who, having been born after the disaster, does not remember
anything but dark and damp. Artyom is twenty years old, lives in a
subway station in Moscow, he collects old postcards that are to imagine a
world now lost and still unaware that his fate is inextricably tied to
that of all humanity.
Recently, the nuclear issue is becoming an obsession of programmers, the
specter of global devastation haunts them, STALKER Clear Sky, and
Fallout 3 are a glaring example. In fact these two titles is highly
radioactive for joining Metro in 2033 the new title weblog THQ. A game
which we will be protagonists of the horror of supreme folly of man,
always on the run from radiation, cold, and the inevitable mutant, a
race for survival. So prepare your suits to lead, a new struggle lies
ahead. The Cold War has resulted in the collective ideology of mass
destruction the idea of humanity. By virtue of this is that especially
in large cities of the world powers have been instilled in their young
people what they would do if a nuclear blast. Of course, little could be
done unless the state to provide them to elements with which they could
That is the idea that inspired Glukhovsky Dmitry Metro has to write the
2033 novel that has now become the argument of the video game namesake.

But is not based on mere fantasy but in reality the construction of the
Moscow Metro has been created as a huge bunker to a minimum of 50 feet
below ground level. Contrary to what one might think, the Moscow subway
system was conceived as a nuclear shelter and not a transport network,
as evidenced by the fact that there are at least 100 bunkers recognized.
One of them even work as a museum of the Cold War.  Returning to the
game, it is argued in the birth of Artyom, an orphan raised in the
Moscow subway underground nuclear post struggling to emerge from that
situation and he feels nostalgia for the outside. It’s a shooter and
role in which mutants will fight against the underground network called
"Negroes" and against various human factions of the city-state founded
in each bunker.

Recall that the game’s plot tells the story of ordinary Muscovite guy
named Artem, who by fate were born in the normal world, to see that he
has not succeeded – the sudden nuclear war the world has changed beyond
recognition. In 2013 to the year of global conflict has destroyed the
population, infrastructure, states turned to the planet’s surface
uninhabitable, but a small portion of people managed to escape in
tunnels underground, which in 2033-th year, became their new home.
Repelling the constant attacks terrifying monsters, born of an atom,
experiencing inhumane deprivation, limited in the normal drinking water
and food people are trying to survive and build a new Eden. But back to
the main hero – Artem. Living in the city-station, he had never left the
limits of safe territory. But after learning about the impending
danger, he had no choice but to try to get into the center of
underground and to warn all people about the impending problems. What
story will end, depends only on the player.

Moscow, the year 2033, Metro

The chaos began in 2012 when Russia was completely destroyed by atomic
bombs, an attack so sudden and deadly that no one knew if they came from
the Americans or Chinese. A devastation that swept away any glimmer of
life on the surface only rubble and death. The end of civilization, of
the law. So here we are in 2033: 21 years have passed, but still cannot
know anything about what happened to the rest of the world or because of
such violence, because of very strong radiation, any attempt to
communicate with the outside is pure utopia. The few survivors have
taken refuge in the underground tunnels of Moscow to try to defend
incredibly cold Siberia (arising after the nuclear holocaust) and the
high radiation from the surface. Within the last glimmer of humanity
underground, including shelters and people covered in rags (some armor),
the last safe houses in this bracket hell. Human faces and vital heat
as opposed to what we could find on the surface: a city destroyed and
frozen completely inhospitable. This is the setting and the start of
Metro in 2033, history taken from the eponymous science fiction novel by
Dmitry Glukhovsky (currently exists only in Cyrillic so we should wait
for the game for the translation into English), collaboration announced
in March 2006.

The horror and the technique

Let’s talk about ‘the game system, which turns out to be very
interesting. First of all is a game characterized mainly on stealth and
reasoning, for two reasons: the monsters-mutants have a decent level of
brutality and we should shoot him if we lay them down flat upon our
savings. Yes you read right savings. In a world like that of Metro 2033
where survival is based on the number of bullets that you have with you,
they have become the currency of the underworld. When I say I do not
mean of course stealth titles like Splinter Cell or Thief, in the end is
a fps, but in Crysis. Bullets and air filters as cash … but speaking
of weapons, there will be plenty, but bearing in mind that 20 years
since we should not be used to repair and clean them, will be
upgradeable and customizable as well. Obviously, to color the whole of
madness, will be attended by various factions constantly at war, a
factor that will force us to choose our alliances (and to think before
someone cool). A game, as they promise programmers, with an accelerated
pace in the narrative and an enduring aura of tension and fear.
Technically Metro 2033 will use many features of DirectX 10, especially
as regards the effects of dust and light. Above all was given great
prominence to detail, finely reproduced with weapons, armor, special and
beautiful human faces.

At the beginning of the game is almost no exchange of fire, which is not
very good for the shooter. How do you get out of this inconsistencies. 
Since you are a shooter, the plot of the game has changed. We left the
key points, and movement between them changed. Glukhovsky Dima – smart,
he understands that to go to the kitchen better not. He was satisfied
with the storyline, we have the cooperation.  n the other hand, it is
our first conversation with phrases from the book, some thoughts were
expressed. Some liked it, some do not. But in the end this option was
removed. Still, the player is able to act as he wants. If you want
bloodthirsty play – if you please, but in the allowed zones.
Along with the great atmosphere, Metro 2033 can count from now on a
segment of the highest technical level, at least on PC. The graphics
engine developed internally 4A Games is able to return a very high level
of detail, thanks to detailed textures and a mass of polygons in motion
that cannot remain indifferent. Parsis are very successful outposts,
full of characters intent in their affairs, everyone very closely.
Surely you could do something more about the variety of enemies, not
particularly exciting as we could see, but the finished product could
retain pleasant surprises. Also excellent audio with English voice-overs
played with a successful Eastern European accent, perfect to immerse
the user in the game world.

The same argument with regard to the soundtrack, featuring music by
always intriguing and the right place. Ultimately, even if you talk
about a product is still several months away from publication,
aesthetics impressed us very favorably in all respects, without
forgetting a good optimization allowed us to conduct the tests on a PC
with dual core video cards Geforce old a couple of generations without
major slowdowns or hitches of any kind. The speech is slightly different
as regards the Xbox 360 version, which is also present and available to
be tested. We were not entirely convinced by a calibration of the
controls still need adjustments and an appearance certainly good, but
considerably less than the PC counterpart. Time to refine it all there
yet, and seen how good you were able to do until now, we’re definitely
confident. The same argument with regard to the aforementioned
shortcomings of Artificial Intelligence.

Upgrades fairly standard: optics, silencer, bayonet-knife. They can be
done in the shops. Revolver, incidentally, can be improved for a long
time, so that eventually it turns into cavalry carbine. Yes, you can
wear a knife, a pistol, a weapon "money" 5,45, homemade weapons
(shotguns, crossbows, pneumatic sniper, etc.) and grenades.  All the
monsters are likely to use this attack. However, they do so infrequently
– somewhere in 10% of cases. When the mutants come to blows, and fell a
hero, you must press the button in time to defend himself. This time we
decided to take a break from the free world and make the plot shooter.
The system has a linearity of the metro. You can say "no, no, there are
still ramifications. But the shooter we have a plot, so go straight.

The movement of underground linearly. From a player depends only way of
passage: fast, slow, stealth-style brick-busting action. In the latter
case have to buy special equipment, like weapons with a silencer. On the
surface, we allow more walk, consider the neighborhood.  But do not
forget about filters for the respirator. Filters end, the monsters can
break the mask (on the glass will crack), then you will have to think
very quickly – look for the bodies and take off their masks or quickly
run away. On the surface there is a certain freedom, but within
reasonable limits. The mechanism of a little more complicated than in
the Call of Duty  . In the "Metro" is automatically recovered slightly
injured. In fact, as far as the screen filled with blood, the player
must determine the severity of his wounds. In addition, he hears the
loud beating of his heart, wheezing. In severe injuries camera will
sway, blood on the screen will be really a lot. In this case, the
treatment would be required first aid kit. On this machine the player’s
ride. The main variety of techniques is presented under the earth: hand
trolley, motorcycles, shopping trolley, armored, machine gun tower,
enemy tanks. The book only briefly mentioned, that the Nazis were at war
with the Communists. We decided to skip the player through the front
line. Something like the Great Patriotic War in the underworld. There he
will meet with the local tank – hung with metal sheets trolley.

Tunnels made by the Kiev "samples", but they are the same as in Moscow.
The upper world, a symbolic place, like the neighborhoods of the
Library, trying to convey very clearly. Other exits to the surface –
there is a real building in Moscow, but some of them we moved. We hope
that if the game is like, Muscovites will forgive us. A year ago, THQ
visitors version scattered its evaluators, they were dissatisfied. We
called on the carpet, we began to think together, what to do next. Six
months cursed. But ultimately, I understand that the compromise which
was adopted – this is normal. In the end, they also want to make a good
game, that would be understandable to everybody, not just the
Russian-speaking players. We had a very, very long crackdown on the
plot, as in the book. The first battle – at the second hour. "Why, we
did explain to the world". Now it seems silly. Should not have argued,
they were right. I’m satisfied. A little bit hard, plus there are hot
heads in the team but I believe that such cooperation is very useful,
and the sooner it starts, the better.

In Metro 2033 has some interesting mechanics Monsters – the librarians,
who must look in the eyes. They are fast and strong, although you can
kill them, but will have to run. Seeing players such mutant slowly
approaches, stops and considers it non-aggressive. Then he began to get
nervous and frightened – to jump sharply twitch. It is necessary to
endure and keep your distance. Sometime later, he was disappointed and
leave, giving breathing space to collect the cartridges and move on.
But, in fact, in the book is not a lot of mutants. We Glukhovsky is
discussed, he said that specifically described them as – let the
reader’s imagination some work. The result is a sense that invented a
lot. And we started to count, and there always is mainly "something
terrible ran.  But in the "Metro 2034" Dmitry monsters described in more
detail. I think he looked like, we have implemented mutants in the
game, and unwittingly moved their appearance on paper.

As you can see by the pictures that, Metro 2033 can be regarded as a
sequel to STALKER, not only for the issues and some game mechanics, but
also because many of the developers come precisely from that experience.
Chances are that it is finally leap forward that everyone expected from
Clear Sky. Obviously it is too early to judge, but the circumstances we
are all, as always, is to be expected but the wait for video games is
like wine: the right to refine, making the excess vinegar (any reference
to Duke Nuken Forever is purely intentional).

More Information :

Post-apocalyptic vision of 4A Games continues to grow steadily as the
publication, scheduled for next March 19. At the offices of THQ Italians
have long been able to show both the PC version is the one for the Xbox
360 game and discovered the first frightening events that mark the
lives of Artyom forever.

A bomb

The alternative future that is the backdrop to the entire production is
described by Dmitry Glukhovsky in the novel, a true cult phenomenon in
Germany and of course in Russia. In his vision of humanity has been
devastated by a nuclear holocaust and forced to go underground, in this
case between the dark tunnels of the subway in Moscow, where our hero
was born and raised without ever being able to see the outside, dreaming
of the preceding period disaster. People live by their wits and the few
brave ventured to the surface to retrieve the basic necessities
essential to the survival of their community. The problems for humanity
are not finished, however, the small congregation raised close to subway
stations and be in constant conflict between them are also under siege
by creatures cruel and aggressive, even with psychic powers, called the
Dark Ones.

Disorganized and small communities like the one where Artyom lives are
not strong enough to resist this threat, why the young man beginning a
journey that will lead him to explore forgotten tunnels, mysterious
characters and learn to fight dangerous abominations. Metro 2033 is
presented to our eyes as the installation of an FPS game rather classic
and linear. This is for a specific choice of design from developers who
sought to build an experience that was the most intense and cinematic as
possible, able to keep glued to their screens for all 10 hours needed
to complete the main mode. From this first taste of the results seem
very promising, the game universe is in fact meticulously characterized
and dashed through a multitude of details in this environment are able
to project apocalyptic. From the small community of the ‘Performance
"(the subway stop where Artyom lives), all maniacal attention with which
you try to make it more likely the experience, resulting in distress
and engage the audience enraptured by this universe.

Episodes of camaraderie, children playing, dialogues stolen to the
patrons of a bar, cold silence of the area is difficult to explain in
words the result of that search by the developers, which tells of an
extreme condition in which everyone tries to survive rather, besieged by
a hostile environment and appalled by the continuing attacks of
abominations. And it is the key to the survival of gameplay proposed,
which will arrive at the limits of survival horror because of the little
ammunition available and against the abundance of hazards. In addition
to showing the above fact, we look away from predators of all types,
nostalgic for the old dictatorship, setting traps and a worn out from
the elements, over which you can only breathe through gas masks.

ALSO ‘degraded equipment reflect a future: it will be dirty, old and
heavy, but no less effective for our purposes brutal. The design of
weapons, deliciously retro, allowed developers to do away with the hud
for more immersive gaming, effectively hiding the various indicators
directly into the game. A very appropriate choice. Is this an
opportunity to outline the narrative on which it will develop the
adventure of "Metro 2033", an original first person shooter taken from
the novel of the Russian author Dmitry A. Glukhovsky, a game that
promises to pull over for an engaging plot-level graphics and refined
gameplay. A few days ago we were invited by THQ, the publisher of the
title developed by Ukrainian studio 4A Games, to test a prerelease
version of the game code that allowed us to fully test the first
exciting hours of adventure.

Using a trick if we are unoriginal, but sure effect, "Metro 2033" will
start exactly where it ends. The first level will in fact be set
outdoors, at night, at the foot of a tall and mysterious tower that is
obviously the ultimate goal of Artyom and companions. These first
minutes of the game made us immediately guess what will be the strengths
of the production THQ, which can be summarized in two words: texture
and atmosphere. Intuition has become a certainty the next few minutes,
when we have appreciated the care with which the boys 4A Games have made
the setting of the game.
Past the hectic opening sequence, in fact, "Metro 2033" will jump back
in time, moving the story to eight days before the attack the tower,
when Artyom meet a friend of his father came to visit the station where
the couple lives. Exploring the small community before the meeting with
Hunter, this is the name of the adventurer, we have heard several
conversations Trai NPCs and witnessed scenes of daily life that have
revealed valuable details about the background narrative of the game.
There has also affected the design of the station, despite the
constraints imposed by the particular setting, has proved far from

The inspired level design and supported perfectly by the powerful
graphic engine that 4A Games have developed for this project. The
overall level of detail, but above all the particularly complex system
in which the engine handles the lighting, will make long sections set in
the subway tunnels of Moscow a terrifying experience, in some ways
similar to the popular shooter as in "FEAR" . The engine has only shown
some limitations in making expressive faces of the characters during the
many cutscenes, a small defect made it more obvious by the excellent
Italian dubbing the dialogues. The game mechanics have proved to be
rather traditional, even though the boys from 4A Games has decided to
contaminate their first person shooter with elements taken from the best
representatives of different genres, such as the survival horror. The
comparison with "Silent Hill", "Resident Evil" and the company is not
limited to low light levels, concerns rather the abiding sense of
helplessness that takes the player to progress further. The overwhelming
number of enemies, who are evenly split between human mutated from
radiation and common bandits, and the difficulties that will collect
weapons and ammunition, will discourage the classical approach to John
Rambo asking the player to look for coverage and alternative routes.

Wasting ammunition will prove to be particularly depressing also feature
an exciting selection of designs. The company, inevitably changed by
the nuclear disaster, has replaced the money with special bullets of
military origin, most reliable and powerful than any ammunition handmade
by survivors. The continued lack of cartridges and then force the
player to equip weapons with this type of bullets, and thereby reducing
the purchasing power and increasing the general difficulty of the title.
This feature will push the player to carefully choose the weapons to
carry into battle, each of which will have a characteristic behavior.
The boys from 4A Games have worked very hard on the feeling of pistols
and rifles, which thanks to the excellent simulation of the recoil and
the ability to target directly the eighth, but will reward short precise
bursts, perhaps directed towards the most sensitive parts of the
silhouette enemy.

Realism is the principle behind other design choices rather special. You
will have noticed from the example screenshot that color this page the
complete absence of any indication to screen. The developers have
decided not to develop a true graphical interface, which has been
replaced by a set of indicators applied to weapons and clothing. Not
only that, a bit as it was in "Dead Space", all the game action will
take place in real time, from simple consultation of the goals of the
mission, the more complex charging flashlight, which will rise through a
cumbersome manual. The realism of the simulation to be counterbalanced
by the obvious scripting that characterizes the title developed by 4A
Games. Artyom, in fact, almost never explore the tunnels of the subway
in Moscow alone, but always accompanied by several characters, who
guided him through the levels and will take most of the events
surrounding the plot. The game will still available quests and subplots
that focus, but do not hide that "Metro 2033" should be generally linear
gaming experience. Signals the absence of any multiplayer option, which
judging from what was seen at THQ could prove unnecessary in a product
of this type.

Tips & Hints :

With Metro 2033 just a few weeks from release, we thought we’d give you a
sneak peek at some of the Xbox LIVE Achievements you’ll be able to earn
in the Xbox 360 version. Although they might raise more questions than
they answer – such as, "What is a Librarian? And why would I need to
kill it?. All will be revealed 19 March when Metro 2033 goes on sale. In
the meantime, here’s a sample of what to expect.

Tips and Hints :

1 Heavy Reader      For this you will need to kill a librarian.
2 Ranger    Find all Ranger stashes in Dead City 1 and 2.
3 Exorcist     Without Dying you will have to complete two levels 
first the 
      Ghosts  and Anomaly.
4 Tank Buster     Destroy Fascists’ Panzer.
5 Raider    This s for the Depot Level. Here you will have to first 
      kill a guard silently and then you will 
      have to enter in the Fascist Station without getting noticed. 
6 Fugitive     Finish the Armory Level without getting caught.
7 DJ Artyom     At the Outpost level you will need to reach radio tower . 
      Then broadcast the commander’s message.
8 Merciful     Here without killing any  Fascist
Soldiers  you will have to 
      finish the Black Level.
9 Soft Touch   Disarm 10 wire traps.
10 Scrooge    For this you will need to save 500 military grade rounds.
11 Dealer Subway    You’ve found 10 cases in the
stores of weapons.
12 The King of skullduggery   You have sold 500 military-grade ammunition.
13 Hunter Nosal    To read the full article, click the button.
14 Shooter who lack air    You’ve killed 30 enemies using air weapons.
15 Cowboy      You have killed 30 opponents using guns.
16 Inquisitor    For this you will have to kill 2 demons..
17 Clement     You have completed Level Station
Black "without killing fascist soldier.
18 Arsonist      You have killed 5 enemies with a
19 Air Gunner     You will have to use pneumatic
weapons and kill 30 enemies
20 Anatomist     You killed 5 amoebae.
21 Living underground      A true citizen of the metro. You
know everyone and have seen everything.
22 Explorer      There is no place underground that
you have visited. 
23 Generous      You  To read the full article, click
the button.
24 Demolitionist     At the Cursed Station you will need to blast the Tunnel and
25 Fire in the hole      You will have to kill 20 lurkers.
26 Heavy Metal     Using  the stationary machine
gun  you will need to kill 15 enemies
27 Hedge-hopper      In 
the Frontline Level you have to battle with Red Army and
28 Invisible man     Just finish up the Frontline level and remember don’t kill
29 Ka-Boom     Blow up 10 enemies.
30 Metro Trader     For this you will have to make 10
deals in weapon shops.
31 Ninja     For this you will need kill 10 number of enemies by throwing
32 Nosalis hunter     For this you will need to kill 30 nosalises.
33 Old school    Using the  double-barreled
shotgun  here you will need to kill 30
34 Pathoanatomist   Here just kill 5 amoebas.
35 Pyro    Using the flamethrower kill 5 enemies.
36 Quick Draw    In the Hunter Level you will have to kill all the
      nosalises before letting them entering the ventilation grilles.
37 Ranger     Here just search for all the Ranger stashes which lies in the
Dead City 1
and 2 
38 Rescue Ranger    For this you will need to save a group of Reds from Fascist


Conclusion :

The  implementation seems to be poorly optimized. Otherwise, why would
there a mapping of light pre-calculated? Why do they illuminate the
dynamic things differently from the rest of the world with something
akin to Probe Light? In our experience, it must have at least 150 light
sources to image the interiors look beautiful and natural, and much more
to emphasize things like eyes, etc.  When we play at Metro in 2033, the
enormous number of light sources made with the deferred shading
pipeline really remember what the shooter from Sony, which uses its own
rendering system deferred. regarding Metro in 2033, the choice was easy.
The player spends more than half of the game underground. This means
tunnels deep and dark and dimly lit rooms. There are no sources of
electricity except generators. From the perspective of the engine –
everything to make this visually interesting, compelling and exciting .



Many were annoyed by the fact that the PC-version of no support for
controllers – "have to" use the mouse and keyboard. Terrible awkward!
Probably because the fans think  Developers from decided in advance to
please admirer gamepads – their support is present in the
post-apocalyptic Action (PC, Xbox 360). Although coaches code and are
confident that the mouse and keyboard are better suited for the game,
they are not spared gamepads.
Another small parts – PC-version of will be firmly linked by friendship
with the service Steam.  Achievements, automatic updates and support
content-packs – all in complete and requires a constant  connection to
the Online darling offspring.

PC vs Xbox 360 :

The months since our first contact with Metro in 2033, took place
directly in that of Moscow, were used to collect feedback to the
developers of these and adjust the shot on some aspects that are not yet
very compelling. A further benefit is the version for Xbox 360, still
lower than that for PC, but finally reached a level of maturity that
makes the game enjoyable. In this preliminary version we saw a marked
improvement in the controls, now much faster and more accurate, as well
as greater care in the graphic industry. Of course, a personal computer
with nVidia graphics card is greatly benefited from this point of view,
thanks to a clean texture and a truly remarkable detail, but we
appreciated the fact that the console version has tried to maintain at
all costs good fluidity, even at the most excited. As we said, however,
the game is one of the flags of the new nVidia line, with full support
for PhysX and DirectX 10, as well as already compatible with DirectX 11
and even optimized for display in 3D.

Another remarkable aspect on both versions, is certainly the audio
industry, characterized by an excellent Italian localization, which
shall be amalgamated with beautiful music and sound effects, original
creators (if not the key) of the great atmosphere of the game. And plus
it seems that the Russian version manages to be even more exciting!
From the standpoint of longevity seems that the final game lasts around
10 hours, but there are still no clues regarding the possible replay the
story mode. We only know that there will not be any online component,
courageous choice today, but it saves us a feature that few people would
have actually used and appreciated, averting programmers optimization
of the final product.   

Metro 2033 is presented as a way of compelling interest because of a
very intriguing and a realization technique (PC) in absolute level. A
plant novelty rather classic delegates the success of the project mainly
to the quality of the narrative segment. The link with the work of
Dmitry Glukhovsky should ensure in this way, but only when we determine a
final review. Stay with us.

System Requirement :

THQ and 4A-Games unveiled in this weekend minimum configurations and
best hope to play at Metro 2033 on PC.

Minimum configuration:

  • Dual core CPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • GeForce 8800, GeForce GT220 or any other graphics card compatible
    with Shader Model 3
  • DirectX 9

Recommended Configuration:

  • Any Quad Core or 3.0 + GHz Dual Core
  • 2GB RAM
  • GeForce GTX 260 or any other graphics card compatible with DirectX
  • Optimal configuration:
  • Core i7 CPU
  • GeForce GTX 480 and 470 or any other compatible graphics card with
    NVIDIA DirectX 11
  • The more RAM possible (8GB and more!)

3D configuration:

  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 275 (at least)
  • A screen clocked at 120Hz (or more)
  • The kit NVIDIA 3D Vision
  • Windows Vista or Windows 7

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