Nier Game Walkthrough And Cheats

The world of Denial is dying and only a hero well prepared and ready for
anything can change that destiny. And although you believe it or not,
this hero is you! Stop relax near the fountain in the village listening
to the sublime song of old and run-out to conquer the hordes of shadows
waiting for you behind the reassuring walls. But before all things,
consult this complete guide!

Like an ancient books, this solution contains all the knowledge
necessary to navigate this dying world unhindered none! Whether the main
adventure, the 70 side quests or the location of arms and the guide 4
for the game, you’ll find everything you need to save Yonah, the world
and make the most of a heartbreaking story in the tragic turn!

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complete Review and Trailers of Nier.


  • Try
    to pick the most brilliant objects on the ground, they can be very
    useful in future quests.
  • Remember to regularly kill goats and sheep when you go near them,
    you’ll save valuable time when performing certain tasks.
  • Never deny a fight against the shadows because they allow you to
    recover the qualifiers for your weapons, abilities and spells.
  • Herbs and other antidotes to recover in large numbers in the
    and the enemy, so think before you spend too much at the apothecary.
  • While most quests can be picked up at the village tavern, some will
    never appear. So remember to revisit the cities at regular intervals.
  • If you are looking for a rare item at an enemy, remember to equip
    the qualifier Booty.
  • To climb the ladder faster, press the jump button during the

The Village:

After the strange prologue of the game acting as a tutorial, you are
launched in earnest in the adventure. Visit your home and retrieve the
few bright objects in it, you can now leave and head to the library
located on the hill in front of you. Inside, climb the stairs to talk
with Popol which serves as the village head. Popol give you your first
missions to consist initially to hunt sheep and recover herbs. Exit his
office and then back down, you will see your daughter Yonah on the
ground floor of the library . Tell her to get her to go back
to bed and then leave the building, then head to the northern gate and
leave the village . You will find the sheep a few steps from
the door ), it’ll just remove a few to get their meat and
accomplish your mission.

Before returning to the village, move to the big broken bridge to the
north you will find gateways to the summit. If you currently do not need
to climb on top, take the time to climb upstairs to retrieve and herbs
and make some money . Go back to the direction of the Village, by the
way, you’ll run across some shadows that you have to eliminate before
returning. Once back, go to the market and talk to the apothecary to
give him the mutton, if you have not picked herbs on the deck, buy three
and then go back and see Popol in the library to finish your second
mission. You can now take a rest and return to take care of Yonah. The
next day, go see Popol to retrieve a new quest that involves the
destruction of shadows on the northern plain.

Exit the village and go west to fall on the group of monsters at the
bridge, eliminate all enemies and return the village to make a report
Popoli. Again, you’re free to go see Yonah, however, the girl is absent.
Back then see who will talk Popol Temple Forgotten, strange places
where can be Yonah.

Forgotten Temple:

Yonah seems to be only part Forgot Hall and you must find her. Head
towards the north gate where you will find the tape that Yonah will
confirm your fears. On the road to the east, take the left trail to the
entrance of the temple, unfortunately it is blocked by a landslide. Then
use the ladder on your right around the obstacle. You will now see the
Temple on the horizon to get there, walk down along the trail and cross
over the wooden bridge to reach the front door. Enter the temple and
walk around the ground floor to retrieve some items and familiarize
yourself with the surroundings.

Then head to the stairs and start to rise , a little higher, you’ll
stumble upon a box that contains the outline of the Forgotten Temple,
destroy it and retrieve it before proceeding further. Up the stairs, go
right on down the hall to retrieve a key hidden in a box. Turn around
and use the key to open the door in front, it takes you to a level you
can reach the upper level. Climb up and retrieve the gun hidden in a
crate on the bridge before continuing. Then go to the second level,
eliminate the shadows and then walk out the door lies a little further
along the right wall. Move on the wooden walkway to reach the roof of
the Temple Forgot.

Visit the area and then go for a block of blue stone that you must push
in the broken ladder. You can now reach the upper floor that will open
the path to Yonah. Climb down the ladders and save your progress at the
mailbox and enter through the front door of the Temple. You fall down on
a huge number of shadows that continue to flow to infinity. You must
hit the Grimoire imprisoned in a magical shield a little further to
break the deadlock. This book is none other than the Grimoire Weiss, who
is soon to offer his services to overcome the horde of shadow that
continues to attack you. Accept his offer and kill everyone to awaken
the true guardians of the Grimoire, your first boss.

The guards are not very subtle and it will be especially the pounding of
your blows incessantly while trying to dodge their attacks as possible.
When one of them is protected in a bubble, change the target and so on.
After this fight, you return to the village along with Weiss and Yonah.

The Area:

Weiss showed that you could have the power to heal Yonah necrosis rune
but you still miss information. Check Devol, the twin sister who sings
Popoli near the village fountain for additional elements. This you
referring to her sister who seems more able to give you information, go
to his office so the library. Popol explains that the mayor of the area
may have information about Worms seals and necrosis rune, then go out of
town towards the northern plains where you have to face some shadows.

Go west to reach an old railway tunnel, the Cross finally arrive in the
city not very welcoming of the area. Eliminate shadows you the way and
use the scale at the end of the road to reach the higher levels. At the
top, cross the great central gateway and then climb up the ladder on
your right to reach the house of Mayor. It does not seem really
motivated to talk and it’s all you have to turn out for the city. Cross
the tunnel again, but stop in the small shack near the entrance to find a
crown of Moon Tears, flowers legendary. You are then interrupted by a
young woman as aggressive temperament that his outfit is minimalist.

The woman did not seem to want to discuss and attack you immediately, be
resistant to magic, you’ll have to play dodge the attack quickly when
preparing a spell. When you have sufficiently weakened your opponent, an
enemy far tougher will appear and it will join forces with the witch to
get away.

The giant shadow that assails you have only one weak point, his legs. So
Focus your attacks on one of them and is picking up, but do be careful
with its ground attack that will cause a shock wave to sweep you even
violently. When you have sufficiently weakened the beast, you will have
the opportunity to bring him the final blow to the head during a brief
moment to do this, aim correctly and send him your full spears black
bulb to drive her away and put a end the fighting. You can now relax a
little and talk with the young woman, named Kain, who in addition to
being frankly not comfortable is also owned by a shadow.

It’s all you have to return to the village to visit Yonah (Photo 10-11).
It seems to suffer much more than usual and so you decide to find a
painkiller. Go to the library see popoli for additional information on
the drug


You should go to the city of Coast to get a fish-shaman for the cure of
Yonah. Head towards the south gate and go to the southern plain. Along
the way you come across a man being attacked by shadows, defend it and
talk with him for a new weapon before continuing your journey. At Coast,
take the main road and go to the docks near the small beach. You’ll
find an old sinner who will explain the basics of fishing and even
provide you the right equipment. Go then on the beach west to fish a
fish-shaman with your brand new fishing rod (Figure 3), do not worry if
you fail, you get the game automatically After a few tests.

Take home now in reverse, on the road, an old woman you will appeal,
talk with her and accept her application. Then make a U-turn and go to
the post office of the city located on the other side of the large
central bridge. Inside, the postman will issue a letter to the old woman
and a letter to Popoli. Back on the beach only to find that the old
woman returned to the lighthouse of the city, his home. Climb to the
lighthouse and speak with the guard on the second floor , it will give
you a little money for bringing him his mail. It’ll just go back to the
village to administer the remedy to Yonah and thus ease his pain.

The Mountain Robot:

Go back to the Popol letter you recovered Coast, the young woman
explains that while the upsurge in attacks shadow over the city area of
great concern to the leaders of the region. Unfortunately, you could see
during your last visit that you are unable to confront the shadows more
powerful your existing equipment, Popol intimate you therefore go to
the Mountain Robots make upgrade your weapons by skilled blacksmiths. On
the northern plain, go to the destroyed bridge on the north and use
ladders to reach the access to the Mountain. Then go talk to two
brothers in their armory to the left of the entrance. The larger of the
two, Jakob, explain that he needs at least three pieces of titanium
alloy to improve your weapons.

This rare material is found only on machines at the heart of the
Mountain Robot, so you have a solution, enter the complex to the north.
Inside, you will encounter security bots not very resistant but very
dangerous in large numbers, therefore increasing caution. Proceed into
the building and push the metal block that you find at the corner of a
corridor to continue your progress. You will find the alloy you need in
the back room , you will have to face a dozen robots before they get
their hands on titanium. You can then finish your visit before returning
to see the brothers on the outside.

After having upgraded your weapon, Jakob ask you to go in search of his
mother in the basement of the Mountain, it gives you this code for
activation of elevator. Back in the complex and then use the elevator in
front of the entrance to reach the first basement. Destroy the robots
on your way to fall on a defense turret, destroy it and you’ll get
bomblets. Use the bombs to destroy barricades that block the doors and
continue forward.

One step further, you should use a wagon to cross a chasm , hop on the
wagon and use your magic bullets to kill enemies and their attacks while
moving forward. At the end of the road, you fall back on a provider of
bombs, this time you need to drop the bomb over the abyss before making a
double jump to get to the other side. You’ll soon reach a large
circular room where you have to face a giant boss. Indeed, a defense
robot makes its appearance and attacks you immediately. Initially, focus
yourself on one of his hands while avoiding the laser beams.

Once his hands destroyed, you will be bombarded by an army of robots and
a dozen turrets. Only after the destruction of these beautiful people
that you can continue the fight against the giant robot. The challenge
now is to avoid his missiles and then throw a bomb into the mouth at
each of its attacks. Once the robot removed, proceed through the back
room to discover the mother of two brothers who died with her lover .
Get the perfume in her bag and then go back to the surface to explain
with the brothers.

Return to area:

You are now ready to confront the shadows that plague the city of the
area, then go west and cross the railway tunnel. You will fall soon on
Kain confronted with a small group of shadows. Help her to get out and
continue to move to the city. The first large platform, you will
immediately attacked by the giant shadow that you have faced in the
past. Like last time, focus on your legs to drive her away.

You should now join the beast ran away towards the platform overhang.
Cross the bridge by removing the resistance on the path, then use the
right scale to reach the top floor. Once again, you will eliminate
shadows on the road to reach the Giant Shadow and help in its fight
Kain. This time, you will destroy the small hut that the beast is in its
tail, use it for your spears and black magic if you miss, kill the few
shadows that you send the monster.

The monster fled again, pursuing him through the storage area of the
city. You’ll have to cross the entire area eliminating shadows targeted
by a vicious attack. That task accomplished, continue to advance in the
area to reach out and join Kain for the final showdown. The beast is
cornered, but not defeated, however. He’ll have to focus again on its
feet and being very attentive to his movements to avoid being caught in
his stomach during charging. Once the beast to the ground, finish it
once and for all with your black spears. Now that the monster is
definitely offside, join Kain who left to die at the entrance of the
city. Wake her up and then going home to the village in which your new
companion will not want to enter.

The Temple Sterile:

Kain informed you that the king could have Facade information on a cure
for necrosis Rune, so you must go to the desert. Go through the east
gate and take the path straight on the road to the east, you can quickly
reach the desert. Head north when you reach the entrance to the town of
Front. The facade is a city of labyrinthine nightmare , not to lose
you, go along the walls on the left or right to reach the palace with
greater ease. Unfortunately, the palace is closed and nobody will you
open it, you just have to go back to the entrance of the city.

Near the entrance, a girl will drop her basket of fruit in front of you,
help her gather everything for which Weiss is trying to communicate
with the girl who turns out to be dumb. Fyra, as it is called, will now
launch in a tour of the city that may be useful to locate you. The tour
ends at the palace where you will speak with the advisor and Fyra close.
This’re refused entry because the king is already dead from necrosis
Rune, you arrive too late. Follow Fyra to the entrance of the city where
she will meet Kain it already seems to know (Picture 9). You will learn
at the same time that the prince has just disappeared.

Since you’ve got nothing to do here, head for the exit but … Kain does
not want to leave. Go see her for agreeing to go save the prince, who
seems lost in the Barren Temple, the heart of the desert. Leave the city
and follow the small Fyra that will guide you to the sand storm. Follow
it back through the storm but do not lose sight of, even to confront
the few wolves that will attack you. At destination, Fyra give you a map
of the Temple where you will find the Prince. The Barren Temple is the
image of the city of Facade, so you need to follow a series of laws to
pass through the temple.

Go first in the first room on the right, you need to destroy the cube
glowing pink without getting hit by red balls but without jumping since
the "Hare hopping" is prohibited. Use the setting for dodge ball and
destroy the cube rose at the first opportunity. Once the test is
complete, the door opens and you can highlight. Now enter the door in
front, you’ll meet the prince who will soon to be abducted by a flying
cube. In this room, you can not stay still. Avoid the balls and jump on
the cubes to go destroy the cube pink. This done, move the back door to
reach the river sand. Jump from block to block to reach the next room.

For this you can either run or use magic, Kaine also learns the hard way
by being removed in turn. Be gentle on the analog stick and move slowly
with pauses between the waves of balls , and finally, destroy the pink
cube across the room. Dig out and go to the room in front where you can
not use the parade . Use then blocks of stone to protect against balls
and once close enough, step on a block, then jump to the pink cube to
destroy it. Leave the room and go straight to the room , inside you can
not use magic . Go left immediately before the cubes do start firing and
then destroy the cube pink finish.

Dig out and go in the room in front where you can not use your arms.
Stand on the left and use your magic bullets to destroy the pink blocks
located across , then you move cautiously on the left to reach the last
blocks. Once the test is complete, exit through the back door to find
yourself again on the river sand. Jump from block to block to reach the
outside of the temple . Proceed in the back room where you have to face
shadows without using evasion. Finally, exit the room and take the long
hallway to the left to reach the bridge that takes you to the Boss.

The Barren Temple Boss is a strange pile of cubes whose only weak point
is on the pink cubes. At first, use the magic bullets to destroy the
cubic pink when passing in front of you but be careful because at each
level destroys the monster will send you a lot more shots and turn
faster. After this first phase, the monster take a humanoid form but its
weak point will not change. Wait until deduc his fists on the floor and
destroy them when they turn pink. This done, the monster will change
shape again and will take the form of four interlocking squares. Use
spears to kill black cubic roses ends while dodging the projectiles.

Following this confrontation strange, you find the prince and leave to
front where you will be rewarded with a new weapon. Go now see that
Yonah will ask you to spend the night at home with her. During your next
visit to front, go talk with the guard at the entrance to the palace to
receive a compass that will allow you to move in the sand storm . Also,
go on the roof of the palace to meet the king’s advisor that will open
access to wells in the desert sands for you to travel quickly from one
point to another .

The Forest of

During the night a strange young man with silver hair put you on the
path of Forest legends would be another To Sealed, Yonah itself seems to
have a similar dream. Go see Popoli which will share its concerns about
the forest, the inhabitants are apparently struggling with it a strange
disease, the Dream Deadly. Go to the northern plain and head towards
the entrance of the forest north-west. In speaking with the mayor of the
city, you inadvertently enter the dream that holds him prisoner. To
escape this trap, you’ll have to read his story and respond correctly to
the various puzzles that strange man will ask you during the dream. The
correct answers are "a secret", a "sunshine" and finally "the man".
You’re out of the dream and the mayor have saved the same time, you also
receive a new Go Seal.

The challenge now is to save the remaining inhabitants of the forest.
Talk to the young woman lies a little farther on the left to enter his
dream. This takes the form of a macabre story and labyrinthine. If you
do not answer correctly, you will die with the young woman. To cope,
just follow the road North and eastern route alternate . By following
the right path, you come out of dreams and the young woman is saved. Now
go talk to the man at a little over the top right and enter his dream .
The dream will be asked to determine the humanity of one of the
statues. The answer is "Beta is human", you exit the dream that saved
another person. Go see the mayor who will reward you with a new weapon.

The Manor:

Yonah has received a letter from a friend living in a large property on
the southern plain, it ask you to go to his rescue. Leave from the south
gate and cross the plain, you will meet many shades that you will need
to remove. Taking the path to the left of the center of the plain, you
reach the Manor, skip the gate and then go talk to the butler. This
takes you into the house which is not exactly reassuring, follow up the
living room of the house that would not have denied Barry Burton. While
Kain is taking a nap, leave the room by the second door at the bottom
and go for a ride. In the corridor with paintings, try to open all the
doors and then go back to see when Kain Weiss asked. But the pretty Kain
and disappeared in the living room is completely empty.

Back to the paintings in the hallway and go through the main door to go
out in the garden. Cross the area and enter the second section of the
mansion through the door at the bottom. Visit the site and grab the key
on the sink in the last room. Dig out, cross the court again and return
to the paintings in the hallway, you’ll find shades that must be
eliminated before they walk out the door at the bottom left. Continue
forward and go right into the hallway to reach the young Emile’s room,
the master of the house. The boy is suffering from a terrible curse and
you can not look directly without petrified.

Emile gives you a key that will allow you to open certain doors of the
mansion, get out of his room and open the door to the right. Visit each
room and then grab the key that is in the back room to the left, it will
give you access to the butler’s room. Talk to the butler who will give
you a new key, then go into the hallway to paint and open the last door
at the back. On the way, remember to check out a new weapon concealed in
a box before leaving the left lane to reach the library and tackle a

The Boss that you will face is strangely similar to Weiss and she also
has a host of strange powers. Is picking up the book and back when he
starts throwing leaves and Emile take charge of petrified that they do
not affect you. After sufficiently weakened the book, it will protect in
a bubble indestructible Kain charge to detonate reappearing as if by
magic. You just have to hammer the protection of the Grimoire to
destruction to end the Boss. Towards the last sealed in your possession,
you can return to the village.

Panic Village:

After your trip to the mansion of Emile, visit Yonah that always seems
to suffer greatly, check out Popol to get new drugs. Unfortunately, it
is also short and send you so look for Moss Vaporous southern door, the
plant in question is in the house. When you get the foam, you see Emile
seems to be a mess. Go talk to him to know what happens . In the office
of Popoli, Emile cautions you against the imminent arrival of the
shadows, but it is already too late. Get out in fourth gear and then
head to the market where you will meet in full flight Devol. It’ll just
face the shadows that attack people. It was too easy, a gigantic shadow
appeared and destroyed everything in its path.

This colossal shadow is very resistant and may require a lot of effort
to be destroyed. First, attack his left leg with magic, taking care to
dodge his attacks well, at the same time, you will get rid of shadows
that continue to pour into the village. When you have enough messed the
monster, run your spears black on his injured leg for the scare. The
beast will move a little further above the door of the market. Follow it
and climb the stairs to the left again you hounding the legs of the
creature. If the creature tries to smash the door, step back and put you
under cover, so instead she looks to fire with his mouth, come here and
run it all the spears as you can. Once the animal sufficiently
weakened, it will change position again and you have to continue.

The colossus is now heading to the library where the inhabitants took
refuge. Hammer legs and keep your magic to the appearance of targeting
weak points. Once the gauge life monster zero, start to climb to the
library to place you in front of him. Thus, you can easily adjust when
targeting weaknesses appear. The creature now appears to be dead and you
can enter the library where you will still face many enemies. Once the
shadows destroyed, the monster you thought dead, reappears. This time,
we will have destroyed all of its members to come to the end, just make
sure you beat him and dodge his attacks to overcome, or almost …

The beast is now locked in the cellar, but something much worse comes to
entering the Master of Shadows himself. You’ll now face the Black
Grimoire, the alter ego of Weiss, who comes to steal him all his powers.
First, eliminate the shadows that accompany then start attacking the
book. As far as to fight, you’ll recover your To seals, made good use
because the Grimoire to more than one trick up his sleeve. To get all
your seals to end this boss. The Master of Shadows left the scene,
carrying with him Yonah and you leaving him half dead. Worse, the beast
in the basement trying to get out, you have no choice but to paralyze
the powers of Kain Emile. On this final tragic ends the first part of
the history of Deny.

Side Quests:

During the first part of the adventure, you can do 36 side quests, or
51% of the total.

The Bibliophile:

Location: Village Library
Reward: 500G

A young girl in the village library asks for help to store books. Store
the first book left of the main staircase and the second right of the


Location: Office of Popoli
Reward: 500G

Popol asks you to obtain two medicinal herbs. You will find at the
apothecary in the village and in large numbers on the bridge destroyed
in the northern plain.

Traditional Remedy:

Location: Village Tavern
Reward: 2000G

The tavern of the village asks for help in preparing a remedy. She needs
3 herbs, 3 nuts and 3 vetch. The herbs and nuts are everywhere in the
village or plains, vetch are rarer but can be purchased from the grocer
Littoral. After getting the medicine from the tavern, give it to her
grandmother on the village square.

The Lost Eggs:

Location: Village
Reward: 300 gold

The village apothecary wish that you find chicken eggs for him. The eggs
are hidden around the village, look for shiny objects to find.

Hunting wild boar:

Location: Village
Reward: 1000G + dressage boars

The old man next to the chemist wishes that you eliminate a wild boar on
the northern plain. The boar found in the north-west of the plain and
proves to be a very tough opponent. To remove, use a rock to stun him,
or simply fried attacks that will prevent it from reacting.

The Courier:

Location: Village
Reward: 500G + Garden

The Village Florist requests that you report three tulip bulbs. These
bulbs are available at grocery Coast.

The horse part 2:

Location: Village
Reward: Bulb Tulip + fertilizer + 2000G + Garden

The village florist wants you to bring it back to him three manure crop.
You can find the fertilizer at the apothecary Coast.

Good food in the

Location: Village
Reward: 1500G

Village woman asks you 10 legs of lamb. You can find sheep in abundance
on the northern plain.

The application of
the guard:

Location: Village
Reward: 500G

A guard of the north gate asks about her cargo of arms. Go talk to the
blacksmith’s wife to obtain information and then go back and see the
Guard reach for your reward.

2.10 A
salutary remedy:

Location: Village Tavern
Reward: 2000G

The tavern would get an eagle’s egg to concoct a new remedy. You can
find an eagle’s egg in the hut of the head of the area after your first
visit to the city. Give the remedy for the old woman in the village
square, after having received the tavern.

Attention Fragile:

Location: Village
Reward: 1500G

A guard of the north gate wants to deliver a package to the area. The
parcel is very fragile, you should not fall too high or make rolls or
even touch you, you may just want to run and avoid enemies. Deliver the
package to the head of the area then go back and see the guard to
receive your reward.

Yonah range:

Location: Chamber of Yonah
Reward: Sore belly

Yonah would you cook a good meal. For this, it needs wheat and deer
meat. You will find the wheat from the grocer of the village and deer on
the southern plain. Go back to Yonah with these two elements to enjoy
his specialty will be horrible in both cases .

Attention Fragile
Part 2:

Location: Village
Reward: 1500G

An old man in the village wants to deliver a package to innkeeper of
coastline. As the first part, no trills, falls or injuries to
successfully deliver the packet to the tavern Coast. Go back to the old
man to touch your reward.

The stray dog:

Location: Village
Reward: 1000G

An old village wants to find his dog. The dog in question is under the
destroyed bridge north of the complaint. Get the herbs in the dog’s
mouth then return to the village contact the family of the old man and
touch your reward.

The ballad of

Location: Village Tavern
Award: Song of binoculars

A customer of the tavern you submit the idea of Popol Devol and sing a
duet. Talk Devol in the tavern and then go see Popoli, it requires a
special drink of the Coast tavern to sing. See you on shore to talk with
the landlord . It will ask you 5 tails of lizards and five tails of
mice to prepare the decoction of Popoli.

You will find the tails of lizards on the road to the east or under the
bridge destroyed in the northern plains , the tails of mice are found
only in the Mountain Robots. Go back to the tavern with the ingredients
and then go see Popoli, you are therefore entitled to the old song duet.

The solitary

Location: Coast
Reward: Bonus Dexterity

An old fisherman can teach you fishing if you bring him 10 sardines. Go
buy the merchant Lugworms bait Coast then go fishing on the small beach
next to the old fisherman.

The specialty of

Location: Tavern Coast
Reward: 5000G

The landlord wants Littoral you to bring him the ingredients for his
specialty. It asks you 10 herbs, 10 bags of wheat and 10 pegs. You can
buy the herbs from the apothecary on the corner, the sardines with the
seller of bait and sacks of wheat from the grocer in your town.

Bon appetit:

Location: Tavern Coast
Reward: 5000G

The landlord asks you to Coast this time of him digging up new recipes.
Go to your village and enter the library, left on entering, you find a
cookbook. Bring it to the landlord that you send for Sharks 5, 5 sacks
of rice and 5 fungi.You will find rice and mushrooms in the grocery
Littoral, sharks as they will be caught on the small beach next to the
old fisherman with sardines.

The new merchant:

Location: Coast Docks
Reward: 10,000 g

An inhabitant of coastal wishes to engage in trade, why he needs certain
products. It requires 10 balls of wool, 5 pieces of rubber and 10 skins
of goats. You can find the seller of rubber materials Coast and the
wool on the sheep in the northern plain to the seller or materials in
your village. You will find goats on the road to the east and the
northern plains, but retrieve skin is extremely rare.

The anger of the
old woman:

Location: Post Office Littoral
Reward: 1000G for the truth, nothing to lie

The old woman wants the lighthouse back from his love beyond the ocean,
but the postman refuses. After your discussion with the postman, go see
the old woman. You will find half dead in his bed, it goes without
saying that the postman will hear you. Go see the first time, the
villain will do everything to hide the truth, then going home to pull
the load. This time, the postman dropped the piece, then go back to the
post office and push the crates to reach the stack of letters to the old
woman. Talk again the postman then go visit the old woman, if you would
lie, but you will not receive anything if you tell the truth, it will
offer a small amount.

Turn the page:

Location: Post Office Littoral
Reward: Nothing for the truth, nothing for a lie

Go see the postman Coast, it is announcing the death of the guardian of
the lighthouse. You can then tell him the truth or respect the wishes of
the old woman and her lying.

The gift of Yonah:

Location: Chamber of Yonah
Reward: Still a stomachache

Yonah wants you to bring him something. She’ll ask you first of all a
melon that you can buy at the grocer Littoral. She then asked a
watermelon and a pumpkin you can find both at the grocer Facade.

The late letter:

Location: Coast
Reward: 3000G

An inhabitant of coastal wants you to give a letter to his girlfriend
who lives in the area. Take the letter and then go to the area and
search the house of the girl close to that of the head. The house is
empty, you just have to leave. On the way, a large shadow attacks you,
in the slaying, you get a dried freesia. It’ll just break the news to
the young man to Coast.

Attention Fragile
Part 3:

Location: Village
Redial: 3000G

A guard of the East Gate wishes to deliver a package fragile facade. As
always, no trills, falls or injuries, and be careful with scorpions in
the desert. Deliver the package to the gunsmith then return to the front
guard to receive your reward.

The runaway:

Location: Village
Reward: A good lesson

A man from the village wants to find his son who has just run away. Go
then to Coast to find the young man in question near the post office. He
agrees to follow you if you would bring back five legs of mutton and
goat 3. Get the food and then go talk to the innkeeper of Coast to find
that you have been fooled. Go see his father in the village and then
return to Coast to learn that the young man left to front. Take the
direction of the desert city and once home, go talk to the two women to
the right of the entrance to learn about the runaway.

The young man lives just next door, knock on his door and then continue
it in the desert. Stay close and tell him when he stops at the end of
the road, eliminate wolves that attack you and then return to the
village to see his father. But everyone is gone, you have done well.

The little hero:

Location: Front
Reward: 10,000 g

The gunsmith Facade wants you to regain his son out hunting wolves in
the desert. Leave the city and look for the young man near the entrance
of the storm. The boy ran away at your approach, we must carry it
through to the den of wolves in the north-west, right into the sand
storm. Enter the lair and kill all the wolves to finish the quest.

2.27 The Confusing message:
Location: Front
Reward: 10,000 g

A Warrior of Facade wants you to make acquaintance with the inhabitants
of the city. You’ll have to give a clear message to 5 people throughout
the city. The first message is issued to a guard at the entrance to the
city, the message is "The hidden people is proud of its laws". The
second message is sent to a palace guard , the message being "The masked
people devoted to the King". The third message is to be issued to the
woman who cares for children on the north wall . Give him the message
"Raising children is sometimes difficult . The fourth message must be
given a guard of lower levels. The message is "Only the nobles can enter
the cash. Finally, the fifth and final message should be issued to
chatty north walls , the message is simply "Shifting Sands".

The unknown

Location: Front
Reward: 3000G

A woman wants to get Facade 10 food removed for the anniversary of her
daughter. The food in question are actually watermelons, you can buy at
the grocery store in the city.


Location: Front
Reward: 20000G

The curiosity shop Facade wants to reconcile with his wife, to be done,
it needs 10 wolf pelts. You can buy at the store of materials from the
city for an exorbitant price or drive yourself wolves in the wilderness.
Once the skins in your possession, return to the curiosity shop and
then go talk to his wife a little higher.

2.30 The girl disappeared:
Location: Front
Reward: 10,000 g

A woman wants to find his front girl who disappeared. To find it, you
need to contact some people in the city. Start with the guard near the
stop of the gondola sands a bit lower, then go talk to the woman on the
north wall. You now know that the girl was at the lower level of the
city, down to find blood stains. Turn around and talk to the guard at
this level to get information on the boyfriend of the girl. Finally, go
to the entrance of the town to talk with the boyfriend that you admit
having killed . Leave the city to check words and then return the news
to his mother. Here the girl is back, this story is not over.

The pride of the

Location: Coast
Reward: 30000G

This quest is unlocked in some special, first, visit the young man who
finds himself in the lighthouse, tell him and then leave the city.
Re-enter coastline and then return to speak to the young man before
leaving for the tavern in your town to unlock the quest by Devol. Turn
now to the young man who will ask you to find the Fluorite to make a
jewel to his girlfriend. Go then to front and visit the curiosity shop.
It says you run out of Fluorine, hence coming to get by. Go into the
desert and head to the Temple Sterile, inside, move to the big bridge to
the north in search of Fluorine on the ground. You just have to go back
to Coast to touch your reward.

3.1. A
new job:

Location: Coast Docks
Reward: 10,000 g + 10,000 g

A man on the docks of coastline wishes to prepare a remedy against
seasickness, for this it needs a piece of mandrake. You can find one at
the curiosity shop Facade. Give it to the man on the docks to touch
10,000 g, it will then ask you bring him oil toad. You can find the
armory of the brothers.

Life in the desert:

Location: Front
Redial: 10,000 g.

A woman wants from Facade pink 10 seeds. These seeds can only be
achieved in your garden by mixing varieties of colored seeds on the same
site. You can alternate between red seeds with yellow, turquoise with
red or reds with blue but the probability of obtaining seeds roses are
very low.

The royal mask:

Location: Front
Reward: 10,000 g

A palace guard Facade materials needed to produce a new mask for the
king. He asks you to bring a unit of titanium alloy, which you can find
on the P-33 robots in the second basement of the Mount of robots, and a
crystal. You can buy crystal at the seller Facade materials or recovered
in the Temple Sterile.

The bookworm:

Location: Manor Emile
Redial: 15000G

Butler Emile wants you to get rid of a shadow in the mansion library. Go
to the room in question and remove the shadow that does not waver even.

The secret project:

Location: Manor Emile
Reward: Happiness for Emile

The steward of the manor seeking your help to get their hands on
documents that may help him make his body Emile . Go to the secret
laboratory via the courtyard. Scroll down to the second basement where
you will find interesting documents on a desk. Speak with the butler and
then go to Coast to find the home of a former researcher. The house in
question is located just above the entrance to the city. Then return to
the mansion to complete the quest.

In search of shade:

Location: Village
Reward: 5000G

A village guard saw a shadow in the vicinity. Talk to the girl who calls
you and then you go near the river, as there is nothing, go back to the
little girl who will send you to the library. Apparently, the girl lies
to you, so make your survey in the village talking with the women at
the well, the leader in the market and a woman at the end of the street.
Go back to the little girl who will show you where you can find shade.
It is on the small hill accessible by stairs walls. The shadow is not
aggressive but you have no choice but to kill her.

The despicable:

Location: Village
Reward: 15000G

A young woman from the village wants to find her boyfriend disappeared
for 5 years. Start by doing your little survey of the city guards. They
put you on the path of the Forest of Legends. In the forest, talk to the
man in front of his home deep in the zone, it will tell you that the
man you are looking for is Coast. In the maritime city, talk with the
young woman near the docks and then go talk to the postman to the post

Still not enough information, please visit the main thoroughfare of the
city and talk to the man sitting on a barrel slightly elevated, it tells
you to fetch side of the Mountain of Robots. There, talking with Gideon
to have the last word in history . Go back to the young woman to reach
your reward.

3.8 A

Location: Tavern Coast
Reward: 20000G

The landlord wants Littoral afford a chef’s knife from the armory of the
brothers. Go speak with Gideon who asks you 10 units of titanium alloy
to produce the knife. You will find the materials needed for robots P-33
in the second basement of the Mountain.

Army of Shadows:

Location: Armory of brothers
Reward: 30000G

Gideon wants to get rid of shadows that are installed on the 2nd floor
of the mountain. To remove them, you must first repair the defective
elevator with 5 motors and 5 dead batteries that you find on the second
flying robots basement. Bring the pieces to Gideon then return to the
mountain to use the second lift of the ground floor that leads to the
second floor. At the top, remove all shadows to finish the quest.

The shadow of the

Location: Desert
Reward: 30000G

Note: This quest is unlocked after the death of the Faithful Cerberus.

A strange girl wanders into the desert, you will find the first landing
above the desert. Enter town Facade then exit immediately to find the
girl a little closer to the city. Enter and exit again to get even
closer , tell him to discover it was actually a shadow. Eliminate all
the enemies to finish the quest.

The shadow sealed:

Location: Front
Reward: 20000G

A guard at the entrance facade wants you to get rid of looters who broke
into the Temple Sterile . Go to the temple to fall on a robber on the
run , it gives you a giant shadow killed his companions.Enter the temple
and then visit each room within the rules dictated, then head toward
the long corridor to the north, enter it to find the shadow of the
temple and eliminate it. After the battle, examine the corpse at the
bottom to leave the temple. Outside, the thief finally fix the quest.

3.12 A

Location: Front
Reward: 50000G

A palace guard Facade materials needed for reconstruction of the city.
He asks you to bring 20 units of clay, 20 logs and 20 units of iron ore.
You will find the clay to the shop front materials, the logs to the
shop in your village and iron ore to the shop of the brothers.

The sleep of

Location: Palace Facade
Reward: Ode labyrinthine

The King Facade needs you to eliminate shadows in the Temple Sterile. Go
into the temple where you will find this shadow on the large deck of
the temple and in the room where you faced the boss of the temple.

The magic stone:

Location: Forest of Legends
Reward: 10,000 g + Tube Iron

A young woman from the Forest of Legends wants to put his hand on a
stone of divination. Go see Popoli about where you could find one and
step onto the roof of the Temple. Use the blue stone block to reach the
roof of buildings and use the second block at the top to find that up a
little earlier. You will then find the stone of divination on the corpse
of a giant shadow that you have to defeat . Then go back and see the
young woman from the forest that you propose to read your future, accept
his offer.

You’re back at the scene of the prologue of the game , first enter the
building and go behind the shelves to find the iron tube . It’ll just
eliminate all the shadows will attack you out of this nightmare.


  • The
    legendary book 20G: Grimoire Weiss joined you.
  • The amateur combos 15G: Chain up fifty attacks.
  • The master combos 30G: Chain up one hundred attacks.
  • The magician 15G: Learn all spells.
  • The goldsmith of words 10G: Get half of the qualifiers.
  • The arsenal 30G: Find all the weapons.
  • The Handyman 10G: Complete ten quests.
  • The key to any 10G: Complete twenty quests.
  • The master quests 10G: Complete thirty quests.
  • The well-heeled 10G: Collect a 000 000 G.
  • The warrior scholar 10G: Read the last sequence type "novel" the
  • The King’s Temple Forgot 10G: Overcoming Gretel in less than two
    and a half minutes.
  • The devoted friend 10G: Overcoming Tyrann in less than a minute.
  • The dominant robots 10G: Overcoming P-33 in less than four and a
    half minutes.
  • The destroyer of the area 10G: Defeating The Shadow of the area
    within eight minutes and a half.
  • Goalkeeper 10G Facade: Overcoming The faithful Cerberus in less
    than three and a half minutes.
  • The right of passage 10G: Overcoming the binoculars in less than
    two and a half minutes.
  • The dirge of heroes 10G: Overcoming the boar of darkness in less
    than two minutes.
  • The souls Fleshripper 10G: Overcoming the binoculars again in less
    than three and a half minutes.
  • The bonfire 10G: Beating Black Grimoire in less than a minute and a
  • The one and only sovereign 20G: Defeating the Master of Shadows in
    less than three and a half minutes.
  • The inextricable link 30G: Defeating Kain in less than three and a
    half minutes.


  • The
    legendary book 20G: Grimoire Weiss joined you.
  • The spirited companion 20G: Kain joined you.
  • The serene companion 10G: Emile joined you.
  • The release 20G: You Kain released from his prison of stone.
  • The union of the fragments 20G: You found all the key pieces of
    castle of the Master of Shadows.
  • 10G A changing world: You have defeated the Master of Shadows.
  • Finally met 100G: You saw the first end (A).
  • Intrusive memories 100G: You saw the second end (B).
  • 100G thank you: You’ve seen the end of the third (C).
  • Something unique 200G: You’ve seen the end of the fourth (D).
  • The Master Gardener 10G: You have cultivated the flower legendary.
  • The legendary fish 10G: You caught a rhizodonte.
  • The master fisherman 10G: You caught at least one fish of each
  • The collector 10G: You have found fifty different materials.
  • The apprentice blacksmith 10G: You have improved five weapons to
    their maximum level.
  • The blacksmith 10G: You have improved fifteen weapons to their
    maximum level.
  • The master of the forge 20G: You have improved thirty weapons to
    their maximum level.
  • Your friend boar 10G: You walked back to the boar for more than
    five minutes.
  • The massacre bleating 10G: You’ve done a hundred sheep.
  • The warrior swift 10G: You completed the game in less than two


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