Super Mario Galaxy 2 Wii Walkthrough

Get ready for a new adventure of intergalactic proportions starring Mario and Yoshi.  A universe filled with gravity-defying galaxies, a huge cast of colorful characters both friend and foe, and a host of wild power-ups await in this unforgettable romp through the cosmos.  Mario really jumps at the chance to show off his fancy footwork in space. Single, double, or triple jumps, somersaults, wall jumps, ground pounds, and more he’s got the jumping skills to pay the bills.

Shining stardust falls on the Mushroom Kingdom but once every hundred years.  Mario was on his way to watch the starry show with Princess Preach when he stumbled across a small, lost Luma. With Baby Luma in tow, he finally arrived at the castle to find a bit more than he bargained for the castle was under siege by an old foe, and Princess Peach was being whisked away to another galaxy.  Never one to take hardship lying down, Mario took to the starts with the help of his newfound Luma friends.

No need to go around the bush, Super Mario Galaxy 2 was clearly the star of this summit in London. Not surprisingly, the various journalists and other guests from Nintendo are queuing up to be able to play just the space of about twenty minutes. The game (in the case to say it) was worth the candle, however, because in the end, all the criticism has been conquered. Like its predecessor, Super Mario Galaxy is a game of two platforms consisting of 3D to explore all kinds of planets in order to recover valuable stars. Of course, all levels are entirely new but the game play remains exactly the same. As in the past, so we run in the direction of our choice by rotating the scenery as we advance, it turns upon ourselves to get rid of the creatures that stand in our way, we jump around to collect bonuses, etc. The controls to the Wiimote and Nunchuk have not changed. The sensations are identical. In short, it’s Mario Galaxy pure juice.

The presence of Yoshi does not, however, summarizes in itself new in 2010 and this episode we can count on some innovations schedules are not without interest. Firstly, it is now possible to use drills scattered in some levels to sink into the ground and pass right through the entire planet, which can be found almost instantly as opposed to our point departure. Not surprisingly, as our good Yoshi, the original mode of transport gives rise to all sorts of puzzles and level design quirks requiring the player to cogitate a bit to get their hands on a star, or discover a secret passage . Then, pieces of comets (Comet Metals) are scattered across different environments. Challenge fans try to pick up to unlock more difficult levels. Finally, we note the presence of species of teleporters sending Mario into an arena full of monsters desoldering to earn some bonus. Finally, Super Mario Galaxy 2 certainly not only revolutionized the formula of its older but its new levels as its small game play improvements, foremost of which is Yoshi, will probably crack again all fans of the license .

Walkthrough :

Once again our little Peach has been kidnapped by the evil Bowser, (accompanied by his son Bowser Junior which makes it not really scary). Furthermore you’re tired of just playing in 3D? Then play as 360 degrees for clarity Mario can move the planets (which is up a world) in all directions, it is on a ball and he can move around by gravity. You could head down, head up, head to the left, head  forward. Bowser is back with a new goal to conquer the universe right. He must get used but after it a real treat to start the game


  1. Cloud Flower : These light and fluffy flowers are native to certain galaxies, and Mario will be a lucky plat former if he finds one.  He will become Cloud Mario and be able to create up to three cloud platforms.
  2. Rock Mushroom: Bowl like a boulder when Mario chomps on the Rock Mushroom to  become Rock Mario.  A shake of the Wii Remote sends him rolling, knocking down many obstacles and enemies in his path.
  3. Fire Flower : The classic power-up gets a massive upgrade out in the galactic wilderness.  Fire Mario can take out enemies, snow sculpture, and much more with these powerful fireballs.
  4. Bee Mushroom : Bee Mario can buzz around in the air for a limited time when he snags this fuzzy mushroom.  Wall-crawling on honeycomb walls is also no problem.
  5. Rainbow Star : He’s invincible.  Rainbow Mario can increase his running speed and mow down tons of enemies when he grabs the shining Rainbow Star.
  6. Boo Mushroom : If Mario comes across this freaky fungus, he’ll morph into Boo Mario.  He can pass through some walls by turning transparent, and float in space to ease his fall.
  7. Spring Mushroom : This metallic mushroom coils around Mario, turning him into Spring Mario.  With it, he can time his jumps for extra height, and bounce off of walls to wall jump with the greatest of ease.


  1. Dash Pepper : This super spicy veggie lets loose a fire in Yoshi’s mouth, and a spring in his step.  Watch as he transforms into the bright red Dash Yoshi, and moves at a blazing-fast speed, straight up those steep inclines.
  2. Blimp Fruit : When eaten, this rare fruit sends Yoshi into the sky like a hot air balloon.  Mario can ride big blue Blimp Yoshi all the way up, but even tasty power-ups like this lose their air after short while.
  3. Blub Berry : When Yoshi eats his berry he becomes Bulb Yoshi, and our heroes can see hidden platforms thanks to the mysterious golden light emitted from his body.  Those platforms may not last long though.


You start on a main road you must go to the castle in a highly directed way, you can talk to the Toad to learn while collecting your first fragments of stars (by pointing the wiimote on it). Arriving at the castle to trigger a cut scene in which you’ll see Bowser kidnap Peach and her castle.


1. Portal Celeste :

Mario will then wake up in a place where he will have to take a small rabbit to be in front of the group asked him to play hide and seek. After easily found three rabbits (one in a crater in a pipe, then the last one in the tall grass), you need to talk to Harmony to get some explanations. This will give you the power to whirl, shaking the Wiimote. Try also immediately on the block of ice, then swirl in the starring to be sent into space. Then you land on a small planet on which you will have to collect five pieces of stars for the rebuild. It is not hard to find, just go around the small planet (you need to break the ice blocks, there are fragments of stars in it). Eliminate Goombas in their pulling, jumping over or swirling around them. Finally, you will find a life on this planet, then go to the next planet. Once on it, you must issue the Luma recovering the key held by a Goomba.

After removing it and released the Luma, you will have access to the pipe. Inside, you will have to turn off the machine, walking on all the yellow signs to make them blue (but be careful not to walk on it 2 times or it will return to the yellow). Once this is done, you get your first star. Needless to track a small explanation with a black Luma, who will teach you where you are and you must take direction from the terrace to take a turn on the Egg Planet.


1. Egg Planet :  

On the first planet, go to the top of the stone tower to find a Luma will send you on the next planet. Once there, you need to replenish a star going back five pieces scattered on the sector. Watch for brown sections, because they will slow dramatically, which will make you more vulnerable to rocks. On the next planet, knock the plant piranha in him pulling out a fragment having referred to the Wiimote, then kill it.

This will result in growing a plant on which you should use the whirlwind to reach the next planet. He will repeat the same operation here, going stun the piranha plant, which will grow a new plant that will enable you to reach the next area. Here, climb up the concrete structure, then the ring will send you star on the planet’s first boss. Enjoy the short period of time during which you hover in space with the Wiimote to get a few pieces of additional stars.

2. Dino Piranha :  

You land at the top of the egg, which will crack the wake the dino. Then use the whirlpool on the tip of its tail to break the egg, you must repeat this process three times to overcome this boss. You will need to work around every time. Once beaten, he drop a star.

3. Cosmic Appetite :

Instead of climbing to the top of the tower as before, will instead find a blue Luma at the end of the stone path. He will tell you when the hungry Luma and you should take the road to the next planet you’ll have no trouble finding the ring star frozen in the ice (be a whirlwind for free). It will take you to another star or you will still propel you to land on the planet hungry luma. Feed him by giving him 100 pieces of stars (point the Wii Remote cursor on it then hold the B button pressed). Once satisfied it will become a planet that is your destination. Once on it, move up in having to climb up, then when you find yourself stuck in front of prickly plants, then swirl around the bulbs and green for face and they hit them. You will soon find a life and will go up by jumping from wall to wall.

The next planet you visit will be covered with a glass capsule. Locate the opening to break through a whirl, and drag you inside. Here, the gravity changes with the arrows. Progress in this area by getting a new life, then you will find a ring star at the end of the course. This will send a structure shaped like a star, then after getting all five pieces, you should use the attraction generated by the latter to recover the central star (head to a piece and then abruptly change direction to another song that makes you deflect the trajectory toward the star).

4. The fleet Poulpoboss :

Turn around the globe to find the orange pipe and engulfs you in it. Here you are then inside the house. So follow the items to recreate a well-known music, get a life, and then exit into leaving the planet. On the next release of Toad the ice, it will tell you that plants are sensitive to spicy coconut. Get close to them with a nut, then swirl against it after you have placed in the axis. Remove the plants until you find one that hides a ring star to leave the planet. After landing on the next, you must repeat with the coconut, but this time taking on the enemy composed of stacked balls. Then jump on his head to reveal the starring and join this time a small planet on which run two Chomp.

Avoid them rather then enter into the pipe. Eliminate the enemies of the sector with the star rainbow or rather use the latter at the last moment to take the hose and beat the two Chomp. Leave the planet. Once on the next jump over electric fences and join the green top of the structure, taking care to enemies. Break the ice to reveal the starring will project you to a ship. Start with the release of Toad the ice, then resubmit their shots at the two enemies in front, whirling. Once the bridge was lowered, join the other vessel to open the box and to recover after a fungus that will double your energy temporarily. Then go up the right to break the ice and reveal the starring that will send you to the boss.

5. Poulpoboss :

You must avoid his projectiles fire but when it will launch a coconut, you will need to allocate swirling. If you turn back again. Once you’ve hit three times, he gets angry. Repeat 3 more times the same operation for the win and earn the star.


1. Red Comet :

Planets, eggs and Dino Piranha (cons-trial) 4 minutes. This is the time you have to redo the course of a star, knowing that the rocks on the planet with five pieces of stars have been replaced by Chomp. Succeed in the allotted time and you will get the star.

2. Comet Violet :

Violet parts of planets eggs. You have 15 pieces violets to retrieve the first planet. 10 will be caught automatically be sent to you after the next planet, then you will find 15 new pieces of purple on it. In sending you to the next world, 10 new pieces will cross your path, and 10 others will pick up on the planet arrival. The star of the ring area you will then return to the starting planet, offering 10 pieces of purple on the course. Now, take out the rings that you may have during your cruise takeoffs between planets to retrieve the last 30 pieces violets

3. Luigi in the stellar cluster of egg :

After receiving the letter from Luigi (you will be notified by Toad factor later in the game), select a star and go find it on the roof of the house facing you at the very beginning of level.


1. Mario bee :

You can choose between two paths: one goes down and the other at the top. For now, take the one that leads you upstairs to find a question mark. If you touch it, a weird mushroom will appear on the lower road. Go to this location to catch and transform into a bee. You can now fly around the neighborhood, as long as you do not touch the water or enemies. Fly up until you reach a hole, then drag you inside. You will slide slightly down, then have to jump and fly around until you find the ring star. Once all the enemies eliminated, take a form of bee, then swirl around one of two flowers. Once halfway up, begin to steal to take the road to the large flower.

Use the ring star above, then join the other planet. The bees that you come across one you will learn the benefits of being a bee, you can join on the walls covered with honey. Start climbing. Do not, however, immediately at the top, but take the left path to collect some coins, then go right and find a question that leads to other rooms. After collecting all this, climb a little higher to defeat the piranha plant. Climb even higher thanks to the stem appeared to join the queen bee. Following the discussion, go back to your original form, eliminate the enemies, and then turn on again as a bee. As you climbed the wall of honey, you can also ride on the queen bee. Then find the five pieces to activate a ring star, then use it. This will lead to Toad who will give you a star.

2. Observation tower :

You’ll soon notice the weird blocks around the square. When you overwrite (jump + Z), they will collapse and leave something behind. Most of the time, it will be fragments of stars or other things even better. The second stone contains a plant to which you must spin, and then do the same upon the next to reach the heights (left from where you started). You’ll find trampolines here. Skip it, you’ll then have to choose between two paths, but these will lead you to the same place. You can then either take the piece of wood, taking you a little higher, or use the ring star that will take you to a caterpillar. Jump with your rear end (jump + Z) on the switch for the bridge appeared to be earned and continue.

There is another switch after the bridge. When you activate the platform on which you are going to fall. No panic! So jump from wall to wall to reach the heights and find yourself facing a small lake. Place yourself between the two vertical bridges, then make leaps between them to reach the starring and reach the next planet. You will get out because there’s nothing else to do here. Continue your way to the end and go for it. The question mark will give you a star rainbow. After retrieving it, eliminate the enemies and jump into the hole. While falling, try to collect as many pieces of stars. After talking to the bees, join the other side without paying attention to beetles, then do wall jumps to the top. Then jump on the switch to activate the windmill, then use it to climb higher.

At the top, you will find a new beetle. To beat him, wait until it comes near you then jump to crush the little beetle (jump + Z). Much will then get angry, then perform the same action on it to get the star finally ending the level.

3. Skarabee cons attack :

You see that the level is infested with beetles. Crush them out. When you win the area where you had the first question mark for a star, you will find yourself facing a bubble gun. Stay in front of him, and he will follow a short sequence of flight. Using the skip button while holding Z, do a long jump into the small cave lower right, you had borrowed to go get the first star. When you reach the end, the queen will talk to you. Use the ring star, mushroom and bee win the heights.

4. Skarabee giant :

As he approaches you, use a flower to climb a little higher and crush. It will then move faster, but will do nothing else more than to steal from top to bottom. Have good timing for victory, then grab the star’s life and after it finally hit 3 times.


1. Shadow Comet :

Beat your double in a win the first race where the star! The challenge is not too far out, from the moment you’ve mastered back flips, now feasible Z and pressing A. Use these jumps putting you on the blocks reach the top and run up the star (note that honey could slow you down in the final run).

2. Comet violet :

Search the level thoroughly, return to the places explored in previous events, move the camera to peer into every corner, be aware of shadows on the ground to dig up parts of violets in height, none of them should escape . After collecting the 100, the star will appear at the top level.

3. Luigi in the kingdom of bees :

After the factor has given you the third picture of Luigi, go back to the level of a star, change you into a bee and go up to the entrance of the tunnel behind the waterfall. Stand on the far left, then hover to the left to reach the platform height. This is achievable without too much trouble. You will see Luigi against the tree. Fly to the touch and it will give you the star.


1. Three legs :

Despite the fact that it is a galaxy stamped Bowser, this level is not very difficult. Once you arrive on the planet, take a look just in front of you, you will see a ring star enclosed in a glass shell. To destroy it, you have to attract the attention of a Bullet Bill. Go down to the platform on which Mario has landed, and roam the planet until you get to the Bullet Bill cannon. There, sit so that a Bullet Bill detects your presence, it will then begin to follow your track.

Point your style, the glass shell of the ring where star for the Bullet Bill destroys it. Once the operation is successful, you can eliminate the few creatures that drag to pick up some coins and fragments of stars. Put yourself in the ring then star, and power-on the moon where you can see Bowser Jr. by gathering with the Wiimote out of the fragments lying on the road.

2. Bowser Jr :

Perched on his boat floating, the guy will send you his Megapodius to handle your case. No panic. Start by climbing one of the two legs of Megapodius. The monitoring system will then engage and activate a series of traps to prevent you from reaching the top of this giant robot. You must cross three hurdles as first classic Bullet Bills. Next we must keep the balance on the gears. Once this second trap behind you, continue to advance a few meters to reach the summit – or head – the robot. Facing you is a security fence behind which is enclosed the second Grand Star.

The Bullet Bills homing crisscross the area. Make one of them picks up your presence, and direct it towards the security fence. It completely blew up, a second security fence will then appear. This time, it is divided into eight different pieces, so you can not destroy a single blow. The goal is to explode the second barrier several times. You must create a hole big enough, then destroy the block of glass in which is the Great Star. Get it after the successful operation.


1. Cake Factory :

After collecting seven stars, a Luma will appear outside the terrace. You need to feed with no less than 400 pieces of stars for its transformation into a new galaxy.
In this race, you must avoid falling and you hit by the lasers. The best way to avoid them is to make long jump through. Take care not to fall when you land. Save the other side of the galaxy for a new star.


Maximum Acceleration :

  • Take one step ahead of the shadow of Mario during the challenge of the comet blue from the outset:
  • First put the stick forward directional
  • Then when the timer is on 2, press Z
  • And time of departure press A to make Mario super fast parte

(This test is hard enough, but with this technique it becomes easier)

Lives :

  • To have as many lives as we desire, we must return one of the houses in the garage and then go out and destroy the box next to the ship of the Toad, and so on to have as much as the you want.

Play as Luigi :

  • To play with Luigi, you must have finished the game once with Mario (that is to say have 120 stars with him), then begins the adventure of "Super Luigi Galaxy" (it’s not me who invented it in the game). There are some differences between these two characters, for example, when Luigi stops during a race, a greater sideslip carried over to his brother, (As you discover the other).

Targeting with the ground load :

  • Some enemies (I think for example pirana flora) it is useful to use this technique:
  • Must first jump
  • Then spinning in the air (shake the wiimote)
  • Finally, press Z while spinning, it has effect to target the enemy and crush it with their feet.

Watermelons instead of coconuts :

  • Must meet 9999 Star Bits to make it happen.

Win easily race against Boo :

  • During the mission "Boo Racing: Racing the blue star", there is an easy way to win:
  • Lay fragments of stars on the small planet
  • Do not start the race immediately follow the circuit through the blue stars
  • Arrived at the minefield, explode through the fragments of stars previously acquired
  • Return to the world through the first pipe is to the finish
  • Start race
  • Reached the second place where there are pieces of meat, go right and you will find a small star that will propel you far ahead
  • Then go straight and win the race without any difficulty because there is more than mine.

121st Star :

  • To unlock the latest star of the game:
  • Must finish the game with Mario and Luigi
  • Then go to the new galaxy available.

Counters dead :

  • The worst thing is the meter that shows you how you are no, to unlock, you must acquire 121 stars with each character, and you will see your backup file.

Every 100 years will be celebrated in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario is on his way to the castle of Princess Peach to take part in the festivities. Suddenly, a spaceship will appear in the sky. Is sitting inside an old acquaintance – villain Bowser. He bombards the mushroom kingdom with meteorites and controls directly to the castle. Once there, he cuts the building with huge lasers from the soil and transported it to us. He wants to call a whole new galaxy to life. Princess Peach and the palace to witness this spectacle. Mario cannot prevent the abduction – but avoid the consequences, even if it does work. So he travels afterwards. For this purpose he uses star power to shoot him through space to distant planets.

Despite versatile possibilities of movement can be operated Mario simple. Per analog stick to control the little hero. The number of jumps and other skills, such as swimming or flying, you solve the A button with. For some special moves, press the Z key. Eddy attacks or throwing fireballs are triggered by shaking the Wii Remote. Star dust you collect by directly target the desired location on the screen. And if you turn the control unit, relocate the skate race at the Mario’s weight.

Super Mario Galaxy satisfied with strengths in all disciplines, which should be a lively game, and gives enormous pleasure. Round off this comprehensive masterpiece by an extremely evocative graphics and a great musical accompaniment. In short, high level across the board, no ifs and buts very good.


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