Nancy Drew Trail of the Twister Walkthrough

Tornado is one of the most terrible natural disasters on the planet. It leaves nothing alive after and destroys everything in its path! Oklahoma is one of the places where tornadoes are most frequently. It is placed at the base of the new game in the series Nancy Drew – Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister. This game is kind of logical hidden object and its main aim is to find the formula of a tornado. Join a team of hunters and tornadoes made an unforgettable trip to Oklahoma! They need your help because the equipment at work can cause serious problems. Lives are in danger! The success of the competition has a great price – $ 100 million! Play Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister and become the best fighter of tornadoes.

Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister again Nancy embarks on an adventure delusional, this time on the trail of a formula to predict the impact of tornadoes. Then contacted by old friends, Nancy finds himself embroiled in a group of scientists trying to find the magic formula of tornadoes. His friends have recently had many unintended problems, natural disasters or organized piracy by enemies, the beautiful Nancy must find out what really lies behind it. In the 21st chapter of the saga, we find the essence of the game system already worship, namely a point and click adventure-oriented exploration and puzzles with some sequences to animate the narrative.


The game begins with a Nancy’s Bedroom and there you can read how to become a detective. You can see a Detective book, your scrap book and a case file. As you are done with your work then just click on the plane ticket to begin your mysterious journey. When the game begins you can see a tornado. See the cut scene carefully and when it is over you can enter the house in front of you. You have to move some blocks on your way to enter the white house. Simply click on the time to move them. Some of them will give you money. Look for tin where you will find a letter and read it. You can found that on the all the garbage lying. Move further in the house and you can see a yellow paper lying near the staircase. You have to read the letter and keep the same. Here you have to take the Tornado Quiz to collection some papers from the filing box. Then as per Debbie you will need to visit a general store. Enter the kitchen and then you can see a filing cabinet. It is black in color which is at the right side of the kitchen table. You have to first correct a sensor here. Capture an image of the puzzle and as you end up a puzzle you will see a new cut scene.

Now you will need to click on the yellow thing on your screen in the wooden part and your puzzle is over. As the puzzle I finished then you will have some words with Debbie and Frosty. Debbie will provide you some information on Scott and she will speak about some stuff which you need to care about. Frosty will join the conversation. As the talking things are over then you will get call from P.G Krolmeister. He is the person for whom you are working. Talk to him and move to the car.  Now the part came here for cloud hunting. As you are driving you can see some really beautiful places with high creek and windmill. You will need to keep an eye on the GPS which will provide you direction. You can see lots of places there with cloud symbol and they are places where you need to take pictures. Now first you will go to the windmill so for that go from the new route. The best thing is following the direction. Get a notebook from Frosty and see the cloud drawing. You can take a picture here.

Here it is not important that there are only some specific part of windmill which you have to capture. Check your list of which will tell you to capture which shots. Now move over and then you can see some marsh type place. Go back to the car and then you can notice the clouds changed suddenly. Take a picture of the sky and from here you will have to now move to N620 Street. Take some pictures and then go towards BlueBird Lane. Here you have to go to some places and take photo. Those places are Mammatus, Gracemount Road, etc. After some quick shot go back to the farmhouse. Now your job is to upload photos on your laptop. Go the laptop and then turn it on. Wait back you phone will be plugged in and then go the Gallery in laptop, click on camera. Click on download button and then you can see images. Download pictures. After that you will need to speak to Frosty.

The other part of job is returning the mp3 player to Chase. You have to go outside. There is someone watching you. It looks a bit scary. Go inside and then give the MP3 player. Talk to Chase about relationship between Debbie and Frosty. Go in the house then. After a sleep in the morning you can first hear a radio. You will hear news about tornados. You can see some unusual things in the living room which disappears suddenly. Go down and here Debbie and Scott will have some words with you. Go to office and listen to Scott. Now Scott needs to buy some mouse trap to get rid of mice in his office. He is going to buy a mouse trap as ask Pa for the same. Here Nancy have to catch some mouse and kill them.

Now go to the museum and then get back to the Fujita Scale, click on booklet and a new puzzle done. As your puzzle is over you can then go and listen to conversation between Brooke and Pa. Now Pa will tell you that you have done the work properly and you can borrow the mouse trap from him. In the museum you can take to Pa and then move over. Under a Router 66 sign you can see a mouse trap. Take it and then keep walking. Pa will tell you about Brooke. You will need to talk about Scott team here. Pa will tell you that Ma is in Chickasha but he is lying because she is no more alive. 

You will need to ask Pa bit larger tube for vacuum which you are going to give Chase. In return Pa will ask you to update the snack aisle display. From here go right and then go down. For this new game you might need to collect snacks and fit them in their best box. It is possible to rotate them by right clicking on that. After finishing Pa will give you a tube and then comes the turn for mouse track. For catching those mouse you will need to find Moon Chunk snacks. Now here are the places from where you will need to catch mouse. The first is Scott’s office, Debbie’s’ place, cellar and at Ma’n Pa’s. The snack will cost you 95 cent. To get a adequate amount of the same you will need 285 Pa Pennies. There are two ways to earn them. First is to play Land Rush at the museum and the second is to fix the circuits for Chase. If you go for Land Rush then beware you have to pay 5 Pennies for each game. Collect 285 Pa Pennies and then go back for trade. Put the mouse trap in the office. 

Catching mouse game is simple and you just need to give some time. Scott will tell you the best place where you can get most of the mouse. Talk to him and then place the traps. You can go towards the corner and then click on any spot. Take the mouse trap out and put the same on the ground. You will have to put the Moon Chunk in the trap and you can see the mouse comes for eating them. To trap the mouse you will need to double click on the meal space. Catch all and then you can see a turner which you will have to rotate. Once done Scott will tell you to go to the Springhouse. Go in your car and set the GPS for the direction. Now put the mouse trap on the ground and then click on them. Return to the house.

After that you will come to know from Debbie that you have to chase storm. Go to the Gracemount Road where you have gone first. You can see the storm there. Suddenly you will get a new task of fixing Frosty camera. You can see for the direction on the screen. You just need to follow the list numerically. Take enough time to finish this puzzle. After a scene the camera works and then you need to go back to talk to Scott. From the controls choose : Not really, no. Now here is a new job for you to capture Prairie Dogs with the vacuum. Go to the marshy area and click your mouse button over them. But click they will be taken in your backup. You have to collect 16 of them. You will be not allowed to go anyplace till you does not found a new house for prairie dogs. So here you have to go at the left of Lexus. Go striating and then empty you bag. Leave the vacuum and go towards Chase.

No go inside and now it is the time for bed. The next job for you is talking with Chase and fixing the antenna. In the living room you can see the Frosty Camera. Have a look on the same and talk to Frosty then. Here you can choose any phrase. Chase has a new job of putting the gears in the car. For that you must follow order and the correct size for each gear. Take a envelop from chase and move further. You might face some more mice there and Scott wants you to take care of the same. Go down and you will find Frosty screaming. You have Moon Chunk Snacks which you can use to place the trap for the mouse. After mouse work is done then drop them to Springhouse. After that you will have to talk to Debbi. There are more mouse in the kitchen. The next place is the trash bin where you will have to put the trap. Same job. The next work is to fix antenna.

Follow the route for next work in your GPS. You can use right click to rotate parts and place them in the right place. You will need to fix antenna now. After that you can see a blue box on the floor. Go towards it and then pick it up. You can then see the storms coming with the help of antenna. The GPS will show you wrong direction here. You have to go towards Willow Boulevard and then take a right from on Creek Avenue. After that look for N620 Street and again take a right on Tumbleweed Drive. You have to then take left from the Kinglet Avenue and drive towards the N630 Street. Look for Hayward Drive go down to N670 and there is the house. In the house Debbie will tell you what happen with the GPS device. Go out and talk to Chase about the GPS. Next is bed time. Now you will notice that Scott phone has fallen and you will need to fix the same. Go the Scott desk and there you can see fire. You will need to spot things here. You will have to trace each of the thing at a single time. The place of red wheel keeps on changing and at the end the puzzle is over.

When you are done with phone work then you can hear some voice in the background outside. Go at the desk of Scott and you can see a green light there. Click on the button and hear the conversation of Scott and Brooke. After listening to them you can look for keys to pen the drawer. There you will see a paper. Close the drawer and go back towards the lock case of Scott. You can see books and wires. Click on the big wire and then move it. Go outside and Chase is working there. Follow the boot prints of Chase’s shoes. You phone will ring and you have to move fast to the store where Pa is waiting for you. Talk to Pa and go in the museum take a right and you can see a Homestead display place. Use your magnifying glass where suspicious things will turn to red. Click on the empty spot. Put more mouse trap here and add some cheese. Drop them out to the Springhouse. Here are some doubts and some questions for which you will need to find answers. What are those oil footprints. What is the diving rod and where it came from. Pick the diving rod and tell Pa that you got the rod. Place the rod back in the display and ask Pa about Scott. Take Pa to the rod and talk to him about the same. You will get some Pa Pennies and then you will need to go back to farm.

As Chase for rod and he will tell you about the same. Your next job is to fix the TV. Debbie want s you to fix the TV. Open up the TV slot and then click on the yellow button. This puzzle is bit tricky and you might take out some time here. Being with the red color. You have to fill up the pictures. Here is bit tips for the same. For red one click on the 1 and then use 7 time to rotate clockwise. Then for the second one you will have to rotate the same 15 times. The third is one time and then same for the fourth time. Now for the green one you have to rotate 9 time for the first and then14, 4 and 17 continuous for second, third and fourth. The last is the blue puzzle and here the number begins with 0, 1, 12 and 13. The TV is working now and you can see the screen. You can see Tornado on the screen and here you are confused that how Frosty got this as the camera was not working for this. The TV goes back off again.

Talk to Frosty about Chase. You can see the photos on the laptop. Tell Debbie about the TV footage you saw. Then talk to Scott and talk about Brooke and Pa. The talk will go long and then you have to call P.G. Krolmeister. You will get some more money near the yellow roses. You will have to click on the tin on the ground. Open it and you can see a letter. It tells about $550 payment. Carry it to the house. Go to Debbie and talk about the tornado footage. Next morning Debbie invites you to come with here for storm chasing. To drive it is better to go in the truck and drive to the west of Gracemount Road. Scott will bring a new work for you. He will show you a box of switches. There are some 4 sets of switches. Open it and there you can see number to switches. You will need to group them. For that here is the answer. Press (1,4, 5) and then click on the green button. In the same way (2,3,11), (7,9,10) and (8,3,10) and your work is done. For fixing the radar open up the tin and then place it properly inside. Pick the wire first and then go to the first. Same way pick the last and then go on 10.

Go back to the house and then you will again find yourself engaged in some more conversation. In the house talk to Debbie . In Scott office open the drawer and read the inside letter. There are some things which are turning to red. Check the charts and you can see some weather stuff. Here wait back for some while and then in the office look for calendar. Go with the first date and then flip the same. In the 3rd march you can see a W letter. There you can also see a notebook paper. Note down this W and then on March 8th you can see M written. Add the same to your paper. The next date is 18 where you can see a 9. In the same way you will find A on March 21. In the same way you will find G ( March 26), V (April 3), 2 (April 2), C (April 10), S (April 12), H (April 29) and 4 (May 6 ). Now you are done with the puzzle. The code you got is WM9A, GV2C and SH4A. Go to the laptop and then click on Gallery. Go down to the pictures and match the code with the pictures of Windmill. Now this the place where Scott is. Drive to that place.

Now comes you last scene where you Scott was not expecting you. Scott hits you and then you get a call on your phone of Debbie. Go the Windmill and then talk to Debbie and she will tell you that she want to meet you at Grange Theater. Your GPS device will locate you to that place. Drive there and then you can see a tornado shelter to the left. Open the shelter and then for that you have the key in the backpack. Go down and the click on white box. There are lots of keys in that. You have to choose the fourth from the top and then click on the Keyhole. Enter the door and wait back. On the road you can see a arrow which will show the place for Scott. Follow Scott. You cannot catch him but he is heading towards Springhouse. At last take the divining rod and then hit hard. Enter the Springhouse. The last scene will begin.

System Requirement :

  • Windows XP / Vista, 
  • 1 GHz or greater Pentium or equivalent class CPU, 
  • 256 MB of RAM, 
  • 1 GB or more of hard drive space, 
  • 32 MB DirectX compatible video card, 
  • 16 bit DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card,
  • 24X CD-ROM drive 

Conclusion :

Nancy Drew: Trail Of The Twister turns into a competition with the key to a reward of 100 million dollars. To win you have to find the formula that will predict tornadoes. But when the material begins to fail and that the team members are injured. The question that then arises is whether it is simply bad luck or if these problems are the work of a saboteur.

A storm moves on the horizon when you get ready in the form of Nancy Drew to explain the launch of Tornado fighter undercover operations in Oklahoma. The scientific prediction of a tornado sounds dangerous enough, but when the equipment failed and team members are injured, it looks as if Mother Nature still lurks behind a very different threat. The sponsor invites you personally and asks you to ferret out the source of the supernatural disaster. If the tornado hunters pursued only by accident or sabotage is really behind it.


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