Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough, Tips & Cheats

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough, Tips & Cheats

Fallout: New Vegas is a role-playing video game developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Bethesda Softworks. While New Vegas is not a direct sequel, it uses the same engine and in the same style as Fallout 3. It was developed by a few of the people who worked on previous Fallout games at Black Isle Studios, along with a large number of new employees. It is set in and around post-apocalyptic Las Vegas (New Vegas).

The game was released on October 19th in North America, and on October 22nd in Europe, and will be released on November 4th in Japan. It will be available on the PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3.Fallout: New Vegas has 4 different pre-order bonuses, the Classic Pack, Caravan Pack, Tribal Pack, and Mercenary Pack. As the game has been released in the America region these are not available anymore. You can still pre-order in other parts of the world. Each one has a unique suit of armor and a unique weapon not found in-game, along with a few other items that are available in-game.

New Fallout Vegas has been designed with the most laudable: to reconcile the historical fans of the franchise, which remain firmly attached to the first two episodes, with the direction it has taken in Fallout 3. Fallout New Vegas is full of possibilities, however directly related to your skills or your special features, and in that sense it is a role-playing game much more than could be Fallout 3. Here is an explosives expert that you need to convince your knowledge on the subject so that it lets you take advantage of his arsenal. There is a robot that you can repair defective so that it becomes a very useful companion. Again, your mastery of hooking you provides access, at the turn of a mission, a development that you might not.

It is these situations that help you shape your character and gradually help make your gaming experience unique among all others. Getting back to your abilities, know that New Vegas offers a slight reorganization of powers Firearms (now consolidated into one) and marks the arrival of a new girl: survival. The usefulness of the latter is measured primarily in Hardcore mode, with optional activation has several consequences. First, the need to drink, eat and sleep regularly not to suffer the effects associated with these deficiencies. If you appreciate that these parameters enrich dimension survival too little role in Fallout 3, they prove all too gadgets and no effect on the challenge, the fault of too great a profusion of consumables. Same problem for the craft, now more developed because it covers more areas and requires a tool (or set fire dedicated): it is nice to grill-your-own steaks Brahmin and disassemble, modify crafter and ammunition, it is not necessary given the abundance of these resources. Those are two promising features scuttled by bad settings.


The history of Fallout New Vegas takes place amidst the arid plains and rugged Mojave Desert, Nevada. The Republic of New California and the Legion of Caesar, two rival and antagonistic, it engaged in a struggle without thank you for possession of the Hoover Dam. The challenge? Water supplies and electricity, promises of a new civilization. North of the region, a mysterious “benefactor” has already rebuilt his: New Vegas is the resurrection of the city’s deputy on the ashes of the atomic age.

Addicts, prostitutes and left out hanging out in search of this dream they were promised, while managed flock into theaters and casinos to gamble away their fortunes. This is where you find the conclusion of your journey, but for now, you wake up in the village of Goodspring, a doctor at your bedside. The latter comes to pick up your chips after a group of gangsters have you shot and left for dead in the local cemetery. Yet you’re just a courier and these bastards they were interested in the contents of your delivery?

Anyway, you decide to get revenge by putting you in search of your attackers, what you can do when the doc has finished checking your identity. This is an opportunity for a more sober character creation than Fallout 3, but equally original and much funnier: the comments that accompany the determination of your attributes (the famous HOC) and the hilarious Rorschach test mark the return of adult humor, typical of the series, we had a bit lost in the previous installment. Note however, that intelligence has a different impact than in the first Fallout: mental retardation always seems so politically incorrect.


In this gameplay you’ll see the first steps that will bring in a small town lost nowhere where a robot named Victor, has found in a pit and there has risen. Wake up to the doctor who will ask your name, and besides will give you a sort of “mirror” where you can configure your character’s face. After answering a few questions of the doctor and after distribution point’s status, you can leave home and start the story. Talk to Victor that will explain more or less what happened and how you found, then entered the saloon and talk to the girl with the dog (Cheyenne) on the back and follow it will teach you how to shoot a gun [For the first walking or shooting you must press the mouse button, press it again to return to third person. To switch from running to walking after a press caps lock, press it again to change.] After shooting down three bottles, and the dialogue always click. Follow and complete the first two missions (you just have to kill the monsters) to the third mission to procure two objects will tell you to cook something. Follow the arrow at the bottom left just below the compass, until you reach a small fenced area with scorpions that poison and bee.

Hardcore mode includes still other more convincing: no longer have sleep to recover hit points and stimpacks no longer healed the infirm members (this requires to see a doctor or have a precious medical kit). So, it is not uncommon to finish a fight with a broken arm, a leg or crazy big headache that is significantly increasing the realism of the game! To make matters worse, the battles are quite difficult early game because of total abandonment, claimed by the fans, the level scaling: a super-mutant you “one-shot” no problem at low levels. The developers have taken advantage of this bias for delivering a level design that guides your progress slightly by groups Talon and impassable mountains. Some people enjoy, others less, it being essential that the pleasure of exploration remained intact.


Fallout: New Vegas is different not only in the scenario of his predecessor, Fallout 3, it has also become much more difficult. In the first part of our solution, you will still easily meet the first days in the desert. Because of the many choices in Fallout: New Vegas allow the different factions and character attributes, the different conversation options that covers this walk-through is not all possible solutions and tasks. Where possible, we look at alternative ways of acting, but basically we are dedicated to the righteous way in which the hero of the people supported the wasteland bandits and feeds them to justice.

Beginners Tips

After the intro we find ourselves in the house of Doc Mitchell, the first time we guide you through the character creation. Once we figure the look of the game have determined we are on the Vit-O-Matic vitality tester our attributes and finally answer to the couch in the next room, the questions of the doctor. It does not matter what answers we give in the psychological test, because in the end will allow us the game, the required skills to choose freely.

After Mitchell has led us to the door, let’s look at his home and to keep on the lookout for ammunition boxes. In the fridge we find stocks on the hat stand and where we take the hat hanging on us. After we have decided for or against the hardcore mode, it goes outside.

Back in the Saddle

First we look in Prospector Saloon over in the center and talk with inside Sunny Smiles. The young adventurer is waiting for us after the interview behind the saloon where with the gift of her small-bore rifle three empty bottles of sarsaparilla-shoot from the fence. Sunny is our goal arts so impressed us with the water source in the southeast, takes us where we need to take care of some intrusive geckos. Sunny and her dog after we have followed, we crouch down and shoot us from behind the two geckos on the large wind turbine. After they are done, we follow Sunny to two more wells and prepare there the monster plague to an end.

At the last water source, a local resident resisted Good Springs in the east of the fireplace several geckos. By toggling the wild animals before they overwhelm the defenseless woman, we reap first reputation. We also received from Sunny 50 bottle caps.

Campfire and shooting

The wells are safe again and watch the geckos, the radishes from the bottom. Sunny but a further order in store for us: to bring the protagonists of the basics of the production of drugs and medicines in more detail, we should bring her a Xander Root and Broc Flower. The locations of the two species are listed on the card: The Xander roots grow before the abandoned school in the northwest of Sunny’s campfire, Broc Flower we find in the cemetery on the hill in the north.

Note: While waiting at the school only two harmless giant nymphs terror on us, blocked a major beef Scorpio the way to the cemetery, on top of the hill buzz around then still difficult to be taken. Tip: If we buy a bucket in Chet’s general store, we can open the five fresh graves in the cemetery. Inside we find all ammunition for the Magnum.

With the two ingredients in the luggage, we return to Sunny in the South. On the way we’re looking for a refrigerator lying in the dust of the road next to the lookout. Inside is a former casino visitor, which increases the perception of the hero at one point. After we have shown the Sunny plant, we make the fire a portion of healing powder.

Then send us back Sunny in the saloon, where we witness a conversation between the owner of Trudy and a former convict named Joe Cobb, who is looking for a certain Ring. Tips for gifted voice: Who asks Cobb to its history, can he persuade more to talk about his past and gets an experience point bonus (only if the language level of at least 20).

Baddies provide assistance to the club about to take over the city, and later against the people fighting this. But those who appreciate a good karma, Trudy ask about the whereabouts of Ringo. Before we go to the gas station in the West, we will repair or Trudy’s radio behind the bar – this is a repair value of at least 20 points. To further enhance our respective capacity for a short time before we buy the magazine at Trudy “Even the man” and read it in the Pip-Boy. As a reward we get experience points and bottle caps, with a little persuasion, we can reel off the saloon owner even more money from the ribs (haggling value of 20 required).

Ghost Town Shootout

In the gas station we talk to Ringo or shoot him on the pile in case we have decided to help Joe Cobb. Righteous natures offer their assistance to the refugees and then are sent to Sunny in the saloon, to organize support in the fight against bandits Cobbs powder. Previously, we shall nevertheless have the boxes in the station and take the local ammunition to us – is also a safe in the floor behind the counter.

Sunny is now on fire, but advises us to harness more helpers. Trudy convinces us with a language or crawl-value of at least 25, Chet, we need as many points in the category of haggling. Language and bargaining attributes can be increased temporarily by buying at the Trudy Magazine Representatives-week “and” The Party Animal “and use. To fight the gang and powder explosives to use, we talk with Pete Easy on the porch in front of the saloon. The old man gives us his dynamite, but only if we can point to an explosive level of at least 25 points. Completely without condition helps us Doc Mitchell: When we ask him, he gives us three stimpacks to supply our wounds in combat. Furthermore, we can still give Victor decision, and the robot is usually in front of his hut south of Doc Mitchell.

Once we have persuaded the villagers to fight the gang powder, we give Ringo in the gas station know and follow him and to Sunny Saloon. There we wait until closer to the six bandits of the settlement, and then include them in the crossfire. With the help of the other characters, the powder bandits are quick story. As a reward we get Ringo 100 bottle caps and pull out the completed enemies down to the last shirt.

The School

If we want to Sunny Smiles in the saloon after work in Good Springs, they sent us to the abandoned school in the southwest of the village and handed to us from a number of lock picks and a magazine for short-term increase in the corresponding capability. So we visit the school a visit and do inside all horror giant nymphs. Then we look at on the west wall of the safe. Inside, we find ammunition and supplies. In addition, we can hack the terminal to its left to bag a few experience points.

Geckos Trap

In the south of Good Springs we come near the campfire, where Sunny has to expect as part of the task “1.3 campfire romanticism,” a man named Barton Thorn (with the burned mobile home). The guy asks us to save his friend, who will be surrounded on the hill west of geckos. So we turn to the broken power pole right into the mountains and follow the path upwards.  As expected under the task “1.3 campfire romanticism,” a man named Barton Thorn (with the burned mobile home). The guy asks us to save his friend, who will be surrounded on the hill west of geckos. So we turn to the broken power pole right into the mountains and follow the path upwards.

There we encounter while on a lot of geckos, which we miss the best shot in the head from a distance, but a woman is not a trace. However, we found quite a viewing platform in the North with supplies that are secured with a bear trap. As soon as we have seen this hiding place, is already running and Thorn Barton wants to shoot us from behind. After the fight, we make it to its equipment and loot the crate. Then we let the North fall off the cliff: Below you find a dead body among the rocks, next to a mercenary adventurer outfit is that promises little more protection than the Vault-suit of the hero.

There we encounter while on a lot of geckos, which we miss the best shot in the head from a distance, but a woman is not a trace. However, we found quite a viewing platform in the North with supplies, backed up with a bear trap are. As soon as we have seen this hiding place, is already running and Thorn Barton wants to shoot us from behind. After the fight, we make it to its equipment and loot the crate. Then we let the North fall off the cliff: Below you find a dead body among the rocks, next to a mercenary adventurer outfit is that promises little more protection than the Vault-suit of the hero.

Good Springs

Who wants to be on good terms with the powder bandits, Joe Cobb follows after his meeting with saloon owner Trudy out and offers him help in the process to take over the city. Then we shoot Ringo in the gas station in ruins, and then report back Cobb’s report that it has made with his buddies on the outskirts cozy. Before the battle begins against the residents, we ask Chet supplies a (bargaining or language required value of 25). When the hero something of Medicine considers (at least 25 points), he can lie to some of Mitchell on Highway one injury to him in order to facilitate more stimpacks. After we have refunded Cobbs report, the battle begins against the militia. Once Easy Pete, Trudy and Sunny Smiles are homebound, we still miss Doc Mitchell at his home a load of lead. We then report to Joe Cobb’s execution, the recommendation that we stop by the headquarters of the powder bandits in the RNK-prison

At the door of Doc Mitchell’s house, we talk to the security robot Viktor and question him on the three hoodlums who wanted to bring the hero at the beginning of a premature burial. Then it goes to Primm to the south, where we can express the owner of the Mojave hopefully provide more information.


Good Springs, you have to follow the road south toward Primm. We meet at the sports plane crashed on a camp of bandit’s powder, in which we attend as a righteous hero of the wicked. Caution: In the vicinity of the camping car when the Mines, which we avoid or mitigate that we bring. We enter Primm and talk in the west of the city with one of the RNK-soldiers, to take us to Lieutenant Hayes’ command tent sent further south. The commander informed us that there has been a mass outbreak in the nearby prison, the inmates have overrun Primm and entrenched themselves in the casino Bison Steve. Over the bridge we reach the eastern part of the city. Caution: In the transition, there are three mines that we disarm.

It is best to sneak closer to the powder patrolling bandits and do them individually. On the square in front of the casino is located about half a dozen crooks, this is a sniper on the dilapidated roller coaster in the Northeast. In Vikki Vance & Museum we talk Johnson Nash at the entrance. We show him our delivery and ask him out of the package and the man in the checkered suit, which has the hero at the beginning of the game, missed a ball. The sheriff of the village has information on the whereabouts of the alleged thieves. However, the powder bandits have taken him hostage. So we storm the Bison Steve and get it in the lobby to do the same with multiple opponents. After the battle, we pass the buildings lurk in the south and the wandering enemies on the sneak mode. If you have a Dietrich-capacity of 25, can open the service door on the left – through the tunnel we enter the room where Deputy Beagle is being held. With a little skill we rid the cut law enforcement and from the Casino, without our notice the remaining bandits.

Who wants the criminals but a lesson should be careful, especially to the leader of the gang in the big hall next to the residence of the deputy – he has a dangerous flame thrower! Once we have freed Beagle, we can persuade him to it (language-value of 25 needed), to join us. However, the coward, not much helps in the fight against the bandits in the remaining two upper floors. Is there we can either take over the staircase or we repair – a repair of at least 35 points provided – the elevator. Deputy Beagle should die, we facilitate his body to his diary, in which we find a clue to the whereabouts of the man in the checked suit. Otherwise, it leaves us, the Deputy, after we have cleaned the Casino of villains. The contents of the diary bring us to the city Novac in the southeast.


Once we are freed from the casino Beagle Deputy Steve Bison have us scared of police officers in Vikki Vance & Museum on the search for a new sheriff sent. Beagle should have not survived the fight against the bandit’s powder, we talk Johnson out of Nash. Beagle and / or Nash see two possible candidates for the job: Either we free the former Sheriff Meyers from the prison or RNK we ask to take over Primm, and manned by soldiers. Johnson Nash still makes us aware of a third possibility, if we ask them their security robot Primm Slim ask: We can re-program the android to the sheriff.

The easiest way is to Primm Slimm to promote the new law enforcement: A science worth 30 points assigns the hero of the circuitry of the androids accordingly. Alternatively, we need to create three nuclear fission batteries and four electric conductors. However Primm Slim acts in his new job strictly to the rules of logic, there is no room for compassion or extenuating circumstances.

This invaded the RNK in Primm, we talk to Lieutenant Hayes in the west of the city. This asks us to Major Knight Outpost in the Mojave audition and requests for additional troops. The outpost is located in the south and is already seen from a distance based on the two huge statues at the entrance. The second building next to the road, we talk with the Major at the bar and convince him of it – provided a bargaining value of 20 points – to send reinforcements. Then we will refund Hayes report, following the RNK control of Primm takes over.

To oblige the former Sheriff Meyers, we travel to the RNK-detention center in the northeast of Primm. The easiest way to get there, as we soon travel to the hideout of the bandit’s powder and then climb up the mountain to the east. If we have helped the bandits in Powder Springs Good, we can talk to the prison entrance Dawes and easy go. Righteous heroes are to provide access but by force of arms. After we input the key Dawes have declined, we enter the Visitor Center. Inside lurk three enemies, which will shortly have reinforcements. With targeted headshots in VATS mode we want from the guys. However, it needs to take care of Sheriff Meyers, who sits opposite the entrance at a table. He is easily recognized by his large cowboy hat.

After the battle, we speak to Meyers, who also pledged not to take over the sheriff’s job in Primm, provided that the RNK pardoned him. Once Meyer’s disappeared into thin air, we can do in the prison yard the opponents. The administration building on the left side, we should avoid an enemy gang of the powder, however, because there are more heavily armed opponents, against which we have with our current equipment, no chance. To pardon Meyers, we visit the Mojave Outpost and speak there with Major Knight, in the main building. With a little persuasion (language-value of 30 required) or by payment of 200 bottle caps, we obtain a pardon and give notice Meyers, who is the fire behind the Vikki Vance & Museum. In the Mojave Outpost southwest of Primm, we meet in the bar (the first building on the left) the dealer Cass. After asking them where we can find work, they send us to Ruby caravan in New Vegas.

The Living Desert

On the roof of the pub, we meet the sniper Ghost. She has seen worrying about the little town of Nipton plumes in the East, where shall we get to the bottom. So we follow the road in that direction and take care of our way to the half-dozen jackal-gang members around the destroyed car repair shop. At the entrance we find a confused man named Oliver Swanick, who runs away. If we follow the main road and turn right at the first left, we find the cause of panic Swanick Behavior: The Legion has the residents Niptons crucified and set the houses on fire. Before we talk to the Town Hall dressed in skins Legion-Captain Vulpes Inculta. A fight against him and his companion is not recommended, rather we will refund Ghost report and get our reward.

After speaking with Vulpes Inculta burned in Nipton, we come to the desire of the Savage Legion-Captain: At the entrance of the Mojave Outpost Sergeant Kilborn we tell of the terrible events in town, after which this short order is already completed.

In the barrack at the outpost, we meet in a back room to Ranger Johnson, who holds this job for us. We should clean up the road north of monsters. Johnson refers to the giant ants, the block near the Nipton Road resting place into the street. As the ants stay in the subway, we take it on from up a bead, so we have a clear shot at their vulnerable heads as they come up the road running. Once the diary reports implementation, we return to Ranger Johnson and ask him for a reward. Then we get the useful service rifle of the RNK.


Press the tilde key (or ~) during gameplay to open the console code entry.     

  • addspecialpoints #  – Add # special points
  • advlevel  – Skip to next level
  • player.additem 000000F (#) – # Get caps
  • player.setav <SKILL> # –     Skill level # (max = 100)
  • QQQ – Quit Game
  • SexChange – Sex change
  • tcl – Through walls
  • TGM – Invincibility
  • tmm 1 – All map markers
  • unlock  – Unlock all locks and terminals
  • Infinite : There is a bug in the game that can get experience at infinity. You must have a skill level of dialogue at or above 50, so persuading Old Ben (at Freeside) offering his services to the local bar. If you win the next challenge, you will earn 61 XP. Follow him then he sits down and waits for him to make the same proposal. You can then repeat the process at will.

Achievements :

  • Serial 10G : Reach level 10.
  • 20 e lode 20G : Reach Level 20.
  • The boss 30G : Raggiunggi level 30.
  • Old friend old brother 10G : Recruit a partner.
  • The band at full 25G : Recruit all the comrades.
  • Smart 15G : Create 20 items.
  • Wizard of Mod 15G : Install 20 mods for weapons.
  • Mojave Ranger 10G : Discover 50 locations.
  • Master of the Mojave 25G : Discover 125 positions.
  • Giramondo 25G : Discover all the balls of snow.
  • Barter Town is your 15G : Sell goods for 10,000 caps.
  • Master Energy 15G : 10,000 points Inflict damage with Energy Weapons.
  • Bomb 15G Mon amour : 10,000 points Inflict damage with explosives.
  • Pantry lead 15G : 10,000 points Inflict damage with pistols or rifles.
  • Burglar experienced 15G : Broken into 25 locks.
  • Stimpa tico-15G : Heal damage using Stimpak 10,000 points.
  • Samurai in New Vegas 15G : 10,000 points Inflict damage with melee weapons.
  • Handyman 15G : Repair 30 items.
  • Hacker Mojave 15G : Viola 25 terminals.
  • Master thieves 15G : Digs in 50 pockets.
  • Great orator 15G : Win 50 Challenges Eloquence.
  • Survived the desert 15G : Heal 10,000 points of damage using food.
  • Who leads on the first 2 times leads 15G : 10,000 points inflict damage without weapons.
  • Knowing when to leave 10G : Win 3 matches of Caravan.
  • 10G-armed bandit : 10 games to play slots.
  • Roulette 10G : 10 games to play roulette.
  • Couple down 10G : Play 10 hands of blackjack.
  • Master of the Caravan 30G : Win 30 matches Caravan.
  • The courier who emptied the bank 30G : Be banned from all casinos on the Strip.
  • Hardcore 100G : Start a game in hard mode and complete the game.
  • If this is not bad luck … 10G : Complete “If this is not bad luck ….”
  • They went beyond 25G : Complete “They’ve gone beyond.”
  • Drin ring ring! 25G : Complete “Drin ring ring!”.
  • The House always wins 30G : Complete “The House always wins.”
  • For the Republic 30G : Complete “For the Republic.”
  • To Caesar what is Caesar 30G : Complete “To Caesar what is Caesar’s.”
  • The wildcard 30G : Complete “The joker”.
  • All or Nothing 15G : Complete ‘All or Nothing. ”
  • Veni, Vidi, Vici 15G : Complete “Veni, Vidi, Vici.”
  • Eureka! 15G : Complete “Eureka!”.
  • No gods, no masters 15G : Complete “No gods, no masters.”
  • Fly with me 20G : Complete “Fly with me”.
  • Meeting of talent 20G : Complete ‘Meeting of talent. ”
  • Return to sender 20G : Complete “Return to Sender”.
  • Killer of Arizona 20G : Complete “Killer of Arizona.”
  • You’ll know when it will happen 20G : Complete “You’ll know when it happens.”
  • Melancholy of military 20G : Complete ‘Melancholy of the military. ”
  • That lucky old sun 20G : Complete “That lucky old sun.”
  • Flying! 20G : Complete “Volare.”
  • The legend of the star 20G : Complete “The legend of the star.


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