GoldenEye 007 Wii Walkthrough, Tips & Cheats

The GoldenEye story comes to life once again with an updated single player storyline featuring Daniel Craig as Bond and written by Bruce Feirstein, the screenwriter for the original movie. Surprise enemies covertly or engage in a full on firefight and use Bond’s latest gadget to uncover intel in augmented reality as you relive all the classic GoldenEye movie moments. Infiltrate the dam and destroy the facility; chase Ourumov in the tank through the streets of St. Petersburg; and investigate the secret jungle base. GoldenEye 007 is a shooter first-person Wii exclusive from the movie of the same name. It is therefore embody James Bond and make sure that the famous GoldenEye, a military satellite extremely dangerous, do not fall into the hands of the enemy. The Wii version is not a direct remake of the famous game released on Nintendo 64, it is however a tribute full of winks for fans.

Mean by that that any handling, gameplay, level design, or have nothing to do with the title from Rare. In fact, GoldenEye 007 is based much more of a call of duty than anything else. But before returning to the matter in detail, let’s start with the basics. If developers have announced that the story would follow over the movie version of the Nintendo 64 is a big detail closely. The player controls James Bond Daniel Craig in his version and not in the version Pierce Brosnan as was the case in the original. In fact, probably a rights issue, none of the faces did not match those of the film, and the roles of Xenia Onatopp, Mishkin Ourumov or are played by new actors fictitious. If it hurts at first, nothing serious. History has not changed one iota in its broad lines and you will always get the GoldenEye satellite, stolen by vile terrorists.

From a technical standpoint, we can say that Goldeneye 007 did ample justice to the Wii, at least in single player mode. Can not necessarily play on the texture quality, developers have mainly dwelt on the architecture of the levels and diversity of environments, and this side is a significant achievement that we can only applaud. Some designs like the jungle or the region of Severnaya are really impressive. Unfortunately, this technique has a cost gluttony. GoldenEye 007 does not enjoy co-op mode, while the gameplay yet lent itself very well. 


MISSION 1: Archangelsk

  • Dam
  • Archangel chemical weapons facility
  • Runway

MISSION 2: Severnaya

  • Surface
  • Bunker

MISSION 3: Kirghizstan

  • Silo

MISSION 4: Monte Carlo

  • Frigate

MISSION 5: Severnaya

  • Surface 2
  • Bunker 2

MISSION 6: St. Petersburg

  • Statue Park
  • Military Archives
  • Streets
  • Depot
  • Train


  • Jungle
  • Control Center
  • Caverns



1. Dam  –


  • Disable all alarms: Find a red stamp and use the PP7 Silent or Sniper Rifle. There are 4 alarms. One is in the building opposite where the truck. The other three are in the towers of the dam. 
  • Enable the satellite antenna: From the beginning you have to follow the truck until it stops in front of a building. Behind this building between some boxes is a TV screen. Search your weapons menu and choose Data Backup and throw it to the screen.
  • Calling in reinforcements: Go to the second or third tower and enter down the stairs to the underground. Comes to the end using the Riffle Sniper or KF7 and watch the soldiers holed up. In the end you will find a room with large supercomputers (mainframes). Press Z on the computer in the left corner and win the mission.
  • Jump on the platform: Go to the area of the dam and off the second tower is a platform. Just put yourself there and low.

2. Archangel chemical weapons facility  –


Your mission starts in the ventilation ducts. Take the first left intersection and come above the toilet. Liquid keeps the second WC with a bullet in the head. Cleans the toilet one by one and leave through the door. Go down the stairs and liquid quickly guards the passage. Come back and go through the door under the stairs. Coldly down the guard and take the magnetic key. With the latter, opened the door opposite the stairs and clean the guards without destroying the computer. Active him (he controls the opening of the airlock), come out of the room and jump to the left. Turns left again and pass the metal door.

Quickly crossed the following before it closes and liquidates the 2 guards. Opens the next. Three guards will be delighted to welcome you … Then others try to take you in the rear by the back door. A tip: stay behind the door and the liquid 3 guards from afar and then wait for the guards who will come through the door behind you. Pass the corridor cleaned and pass the lock. You arrive in a U-shaped corridor Liquid guards who patrol and entered the front door. A joyous welcome committee will accept you. The cleaned part, you notice two computers. The left gives access to the laboratory and the right one, access to a piece of research. Take it to the left and you arrive at the laboratory.

  • The laboratory zone: In the fans see on the left to the bathroom and use the PP7 to eliminate the soldiers. Comes to the balcony and go through the door on the left. Go down the stairs, the soldier removes and enter the right door to the stairs to where a soldier back. When you will remove the Access Card B. Go through the front door the soldier and go through the red door to a room with soldiers and a computer. Stand in front of the computer and press Z. Now quickly, get out and go to the left (right down the stairs) and in the end it left turn to a red door that you open. Go straight and you’ll see another door open (this is the one that opens with the computer.) Take the only path to the end where there is a door at the bottom and two lanes (left and right). If you have the Access Card B should go down the hall and left the door open fulfill the mission.
  • Double Agent Contact: Dr. Roak is the double agent and is dressed as a scientist. You’ll recognize him by his hair brown and is the only scientists who do not run. The doctor can be anywhere where they are scientists. Here are 3 possible areas: when you open the door to find on your computer come a long hallway with three soldiers must destroy. You will see each side of the aisle a door for a total of two. On the right are about computers and the left door is a scientist up the stairs. The second area is the right way in the diversion that takes us to the laboratory. Following the road will come to a restricted area with 4 zones and computers that have high scientific. The third area is across the entrance to the laboratory (see Objective A) and get up the stairs to the labs themselves. Within each laboratory scientists have.
  • Reunited with Agent 006: Taking into account that we entered the laboratory area must climb stairs, cross the area of science and ultimately find a red gate with soldiers. In Secret Agent Mode Agent or you just have to cross the door using B. But in 00 Agent mode should go to the Pause Menu and find the weapons menu and select the encoder (the device that is at the end of the menu) and using Z against the red door can open. Walking downstairs to see Alec Travelyan, the agent 006.
  • Destroy the gas tanks: In the room where we meet Alec Travelyan, as you speak you must destroy the containers or tanks on the right. To do this we must have the remote mine at least 3 of them. If we have only three mines should be placed as follows:


1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8


  • The numbers represent x tanks and mines. Of course if we have 5 mines can be placed on two or five in the tanks 1, 6, 3 and 8 or, 5, 2, 7 and 4.
  • Reducing the casualties of scientists: Just do not kill science. Even if in the heat of the moment you kill in one, the goal will still be achieved.

3. Runway –


  • Find the ignition key of the plane: You will start at the output of the facility and must open the doors and go out to the little house on the left. Come in and take the key that is on the table.
  • Destroy the battery Armament: Leaving the house where the ignition key, we go straight without bending on the floor (right top) and in the end find the tank. We upload and manage the track until we find a machine gun between the walls. There are two: one on the left wall and one hidden on a platform of the right wall.
  • Destroy Heavy Weapons: Using the tank must follow the path around the track and spend the plane and see that there are two huge machine guns on the sides of the mountain. Shoot them as well.
  • Escape safely in the air: Now we must turn the plane and press B at the door. Note: A mission is required to escape.


1. Surface –


  • Destroy the communications system: Go to the foot of the giant dish. Arriving at the foot out the door and up the stairs. At the top of it, through the door across from you and off the computer (with B) to interrupt communications. Do not destroy or the target will be missed.
  • Get the key of the safe: Start by following the path and pass the first intersection. In the second, shoot the guards before the 2 cabins and continuous. Pass the 3rd cross. And finally, the fourth turn right. Continue to follow the path and go into the hut on the left. Tackle 2 soldiers and take the key (there is a grenade launcher on one of the boxes). Returns at the second intersection and go home right (closed). You’ll find the keys to the safe.
  • Stealing the construction plans: Returns in the fourth crossing, take this time the left path. Then, when you see the dish, take the left path which bypasses. You will arrive around 2 huts surrounded by a high fence. Go into the first, opens the trunk with the keys and take the shots.
  • Enter the base via ventilation system:  When you’re on the road in front of the dish, take the right and at the next junction take the left. Continue on the left path and come to the ventilation system. There is climbing the ladder, blowing the locks and throw yourself into the hole.

2. Bunker


  • Destroy 4 cameras: Through the door across from you and liquidates the 2 guards. Now look through the door by the right window. You’ll see a camera. Destroy it. Wait for the arrival of the guard and knock. Turn around, back through your point of departure opens the door. We will have in this room, be very fast and knock the wall camera without it triggers the alarm. The alarm was destroyed, opens the double door and liquid soldiers who will lead the corridor (you collect at passage 2 keys on 2 ranks, they will open the room with computers). Now go left and shoot the camera wall located just around the corner of the corridor. The fourth camera is in the great hall of Golden Eye, Blacon behind the bottom (behind glass).
  • Copy Golden Eye key and leave the original: In the hall of Golden Eye, begins with outstanding guards, then go up near the office where Borris. Take Golden Eye near the computer and select “Scan Key” in your inventory. Activates it. The copy will be automatically in the second. Now select the Golden Eye and cast it with “Z”.
  • Force Boris to activate the computer: Arriving near Boris, point your weapon down until it is moving itself to the computer room. Inside, he will crack the computer. We must continue to monitor during the operation, or he will run towards the exit. If so, shoot him once in (in the feet for example) and place yourself in front of him.
  • Record data from your computer: When Boris has cracked the computer, the alarm will trip. Now, hurry up in your inventory, select the “datathief” and place it on the computer. You recover the data.
  • Take a picture of the monitor: Dark in the room and take with your Golden Eye “camera” picture of the giant screen.


1. Silo


  • Photographing the Soviet satellite: We must take one road and after a long journey to find a satellite in front of us. Go to the menu of weapons and accessories and choose the camera to photograph the satellite.  The satellite is in the middle of the 4th room supplies. You just have to take a picture with your camera to achieve the objective.
  • Get Integrated Circuits: The silo has a very similar system and you will travel up to flats. As you go past the first silo find a route with soldiers, then a large chamber with computers and science, then a ladder, another tour and get to another room. In all there are computer rooms few integrated circuits, which are green plates. All are above the small computers and tables. Search every room and you’ll get what you are looking for.
  • Get the Telemetric Data: During the tour you will find in the fuel chamber (the computer) that is prior to the satellite. When you get here you will find a kind of white structure in front of you and to the right a soldier very well hidden. Kill him and win the videotape (Telemetric Data).  They are four in number and resemble small green cards:
  1. There are two in the first room supplies.
  2. Another in the second room supplies.
  3. And last in the third room supplies.
  • Bombs placed in every room of fuel: The fuel rooms are rooms with many computers and scientists. To the right of the room you’ll see two metal pillars and between them is a skull. Go to the menu and choose weapons and pump accessories and place between the columns to win the mission (do not know if you can place anywhere in the room, but I always placed them there.)
  • Minimize casualties of scientists: Try to keep scientists perish. You must be careful that computers do not explode as they easily die.



1.    Frigate –


Off pump control room: Starting the level you go up the stairs to the boat and take the stairs on the left (the first) and will reach the ship’s control room. Kill the soldiers and when the dust settles is the menu of weapons and accessories and chooses the diffuser pumps (diffuse).

Rescue all hostages: Ok, on to the positions and know that it is advisable to use the Deutche D5K Quiet. From the control room we take any of the doors and come to a line with some soldiers and a door at the front and side. We take the latter and found our first hostage. The room is on one side (right of the entrance) there is another hostage. You must be quick and precise to kill the guards first and go quickly to where the second. Now we take the second door of the room hostage and take the right path to the stairs. We will hear a noise down a door in front of us. We should not open it, but keep left without opening the other door. We took the diversion and the way we will find easy to save three hostages. Now we return to the room with noise and now if we take the door and find ourselves in the engine room where we can meet the target C. Downstairs on the left we see that the background is a hostage but do not see soldiers. The soldiers are on the right side (opposite the soldier).

Defuse the bomb the bridge: When leaving your star, take the ladder to the deck. Traverses it in its width past the missile launchers, and lead you to the left. Amounts to the first ladder that you will meet and pass the door. Liquid quickly the guard who held a gun on a hostage and then the other 2. The cleaned part, advance to the row of computers in front of you. You distinguish a C4 bomb on top of this row. To defuse it, place yourself in front in your inventory and select the “bomb defuser.” Applies it on the bomb and the goal is reached. Defuse bomb Engine Room: When we got to the engine room (which is noisy, see Objective B), we take the right door (the first we see later down the stairs). At the end of the bridge to find a computer pump up. We must look at the menu of weapons and accessories Diffuser pumps (diffuse) and press Z in front of the pump.

The engine room is in the second part of the boat down. It consists of two parts: a lower and an upper part. The lower part is reserved for machines and the upper part is reserved for orders. Keep moving towards the top and moves up the computer. You’ll find the bomb on the computer. Applies a second time your “bomb defuser” on the bomb and the goal is reached. Place the scanner in the helicopter: Assuming that we are in the beginning, we go left and climb the second ladder (not the one that leads to the Control Room) and find a door at the end. By opening this door and go down stairs end find the helipad with its own helicopter. Search the menu of weapons and accessories Tracker (Bug Tracker) and place it in the helicopter using Z.  The helicopter is in the back of the boat. You can just select the “bug tracker” in your inventory and the swing on the cabin of the helicopter.


1. Surface 2 –


Destroy the cameras: There are 4 cameras to destroy, here are their locations:

  • For the first, go to the ice road to the 4th intersection and take the right. Go straight and you will see a house on the left. The camera is on one wall of the house.
  • The second lies in the giant dish. Between the two swing door and climbed the stairs. Look at the wall in front of you and you will distinguish the camera.
  • For the third, back to the 4th intersection, take this time to the left and follow road around the dish. You will arrive at a camp where there are 2 screened homes. Keep moving from the outside to the rear of the first home and you stand out on the left, a camera.
  • The last is on a house located on the right, if you continue to follow the road to the camp grill.

Turn off the system for communicating with the Bunker: To disable the system, it must first find a key. Make yourself at 4th crossing, take right and continue straight. You’ll see a house on the left (where the first camera). Go back inside, the liquid and take the key guard. Now go in the parable giant, climbs the stairs inside and out the door in front. Shoot the three communication devices and will be achieved.

Destroy the helicopter: Returns (again) at the 4th crossing, take the left and then right. At the next intersection, take the second road left and continue by road to the right. You arrive at the helicopter. Removing a mine detonated above and let the chopper.

Enter the Bunker: Once the helicopter destroyed, returned to the bunker behind you and the mission will be accomplished.

2. Bunker 2 –


Compare the lists of victims: First, you need out of jail. To do this, you must select “Watch Magnet Attract” in your inventory. Look on the wall in front of you (the side where the guard walks) and you distinguish a key suspended. Use your “Watch Magnet Attract” to retrieve it. Now that you’re hot, go out and settle the custody of a few good slaps. Do not issue especially Natalya! If you deliver it, it will follow you throughout the mission and will be awarded by the first guard coming. We need you to go finish the entire mission Goals and can clean the bunker to the issue.
Once out of prison, spends the first door and take the left lane. Climbs the stairs, take right and go into the first part right. You will find on the desk, the first list of victims. The list in hand, back near the prison. Pass this time the double doors in front of the prison (he will be a key to open that door, normally, you have to have recovered from one of the guards during the shootout in the hallway). Continue straight to reach two other doors down the hall. Pass the 2 doors, liquid guards and you can get the second list of victims in the warehouse (the warehouse is full attention of guards).

Find the CCTV tape: Returns near the prison from the prison doors, take the left lane. Climbs the stairs and take right. Continue straight through the door (he will be a key that you should normally be recovered from one of the guards during the shootout) and take right. After you knock out the guards, you stand out down the hall a camera. Exploding it from afar and give you its location. From there, take the right corridor, opened the first door on the right and you will see the tape, just in front of you on the table.

Destroy the cameras:

There are 6 and here are their locations:

  • To find the first, he must pass the double doors in front of the prison and take the left lane. It hangs down the hall.
  • The second is in the room across the hall to computers (the case where there is a radiator blue), it is sup endue on the wall at the top right when you enter the room through the door opposite the room computers.
  • The third is on the bridge where you start the first mission of the bunker. In fact, when you’ve destroyed the second camera, take the left door (the radiator in the room blue). Advance a bit on the bridge and look above you, you’ll see the camera.
  • For the 4th, before entering the room cooler blue (where the 2nd camera), looks down the hall: you distinguish the 4th camera.
  • The 5th is in the room with computers. Pass the first door plate and against the second you look out the left window: you see through the glass the 5th camera.
  • The 6th is in the hall of Golden Eye. It is suspended behind the balcony at the back, right from the exit.


Get the manual Golden Eye: Thank you in the room with computers, liquid guard to retrieve the key then return near the prison. Go into the room on the left (before the double doors), the liquid 3 guards. You will find the manual for Golden Eye PP7 and two silencers.
Escape with Natalya:  When you have completed all objectives, you can go into the prison to deliver and make you Natalya with her in the room to get out of Golden Eye Bunker and complete the mission.



Statue Park –


  • Finding Zuckovsky Valentine: From the beginning is the only way and after a long journey on the left side you will see a white container and then later a red. Inside the red is Valentine.
  • Find and unmask Janus: Valentin After meeting we go our way and find a mean distance after a few houses. Go through the path of right to the houses and eventually find a statue, the statue of Lenin. Now you have to disarm yourself and wait for Janus guards appear. When you talk Janus look out at the bottom left of your screen and when you see the words “Mission B: Completed” must choose the KF7 and escaping out of there really fast and shooting a few soldiers. Among the ruins found a vest (right of the statue) and you need to run without stopping until the beginning before time runs out.
  • Rescue Natalya: You get to the start of the level before time runs out and find the helicopter Natalya pulled aside. Stick to it and so will stop. Now step aside and she will remain safe.
  • Find the Black Box: You will now have to return to the ruins of the home and must find an orange box (known as black box). Please note that the box is among the ruins and will appear at random each time you play the level. If a text at the top of the screen, telling you that the box is not so far (the explosion did not push too far.)
  • Exit Statue Park: Now you must go to start again and the end (in front of the park), you’ll see several soldiers and Dimitri Mishkin (Russian Defence Minister). Walk out the door and open it. You will be caught but will complete the level.

GRU Military Record –


  • Escape the interrogation room: On the fourth must go to the soldier on the right hand and kill him and win the DD44 and the room key. Now you can get out. You can get the gun from the table but will hurt more.
  • Find and rescue Natalya: Leaving the room questions should go to the right, climb stairs and take the left corridor to the door at the end (do not ever stop). Now you are in a large room with some bookshelves, top runners and a lounge with tables down We go down the left corridor of the hall upstairs and enter the last door (the one facing the ladder). Log in you’ll notice a door that is attached to a kind of rack or balcony. To be more specific, is the door that is on the wall opposite the door you came in (just go straight avoiding the shelves and guard). Inside you will see a Natalya and two soldiers. All you have to do is open the door, look at Natalya and running (no need to kill any guards here.)
  • Get the Black Box: Now we go into the large rectangular room with two floors and down the stairs and open the door that is most right (taking as reference the stairs). Coming here and take the only path in our course will meet with the Russian Defence Minister Dimitri Mishkin. We talk to him and when finished will give us a key. Use it to open the safe behind him and get the Black Box.
  • Escape with Natalya: If all goes well, Natalya will follow us to where the Black Box. We should go back where they came to Mishkin and come to a room with more shelves and some windows on the right. Use any weapon and destroy the glass. Escape out there. Natalya If in case you cannot be for two reasons: you have not accomplished the mission B or, if met, she’s scared. If you meet the goal B and scared you must go to the second floor from the large main hall and take the door on the right (landmark: the ladder) and you’ll come running back home to several offices. Go straight to the door at the end and eliminate the soldiers that take aim at Natalya to rescue a second time. Now go back and when you reach the main room you can destroy the windows on the right.


Streets –


  • Contact Valentin: Advance in the driveway and turn left. Liquid guards on duty and drove the chariot. Climbs and activates it by pressing “B”. Get out of the car park through the gate and take the street on the left. You arrive in a cul-de-sac with a car. Down the tank. Take the alley to your right. Advance and all the guards surrounding liquid. Take the left and you will see an open door on the right. Go into the open house and go into the small room to your left. Valentin will start his little speech.
  • Continue Ourumov and Natalya: The contact made, leave the house, runs up the left and passes a broken windows. Inside you’ll find a grenade launcher and a bulletproof vest. Now, back to the car, but do not climb in and instead continues on foot. Advance along the road. Pass the first intersection. The second turn towards right. You’ll have to constantly turn right at every intersection to reach the exit. During this journey, you will be passed through several military checkpoints. But by charging without stopping and zigzagging to avoid the bullets enemies, you’ll have to finish this mission without too much tear hair.


Depot –


  • Destroy the armory illegal: From the beginning, then turns slightly ahead on your right. Liquid container behind the guard left, then turn left and advance up the grid. Pass the cut straight (you’ll see a warehouse on your left), then came to wall, turns right, liquid guards and recover all weapons on the tables. Now, shoot the boxes of ammunition on the ground. The latter destroyed, the goal is reached.
  • Destroy the computer system: The first objective accomplished, get out of the warehouse and turn on your left. Give yourself close to the warehouse at the back and opens the blinds of metal. Inside, rapidly kills 2 guards (I advise you to close the store behind you), then everyone will appear. The difficulty of this piece resides on the machine gun mounted on top left on the wall. The latter destroyed, explodes the 2 mainframes then the big gray wall screen.
  • Get the key to the trunk: The key lies on a table at the bottom (in front of the screen), in room computer system.
  • Getting the plans of the helicopter: Give up now where the armory was illegal (watch out of the room’s computer system, a flood of soldiers waiting for you behind the store) and turns back to the door. Now, go straight ahead you will reach a small house. Pass the porch, opened the door, the guard and liquid up the stairs. Upstairs you’ll find the chest containing the plans for the helicopter.
  • Locate the train Trevelyan: Plans in hand, going door upstairs and down stairs. Opens a two-pronged metal and you can enter the train by one of the compartments.


Train –


  • Braque destroys units: The units are small cubicles Braque attached to tubes that go up and which are almost always attached to the doors. All the units you will see from the front except for one that is to get to the first passenger deck and is on the left side of the door (you’ll see his face if you return). If you’ve reached the end and the mission has been completed, and you will only return the remaining unit. Use your PP7 ZMG silent or .9 mm (just that it spends more bullets). The last unit is the one in the blue corridor.
  • Natalya save: When you get to see blue runner leaving several soldiers. Wait for two or three to remove them using the GMA .9 mm. When you throw you’ll have lost a key. This is the CONTROL ROOM KEY. Get it, and when you open you have a good aim and hit the soldier to Arkady Gregorovich Ouromov (aka. Ouromov) and thus be saved.
  • Locate Janus secret base: When you have met the target B, Natalya will go to the computer and find it.
  • Discover the key to Boris: This also goes to Natalya.
  • Escape safely from the train: While performing the missions Natalya C and D, you must use the laser clock and remove the pins that hold a small gray rectangle (output is closed). When you’re done and you will fall away, but you should expect Natalya end and leave before time expires. 


Jungle –


  • The big problem in this level: everything is green plants, leaves, and especially the enemy! Never a cover-up has never been so effective. The best way to avoid getting caught is to go step by step with the zoom in your M-16. Also, in the last room (the room out), I advise you to rush and take with Natalya as a crazy on anything that moves (not forgetting to run) because the number of soldiers is infinite and he comes all the time. It therefore serves to hide anything from you and shoot the soldiers one by one with the photo of your M-16.
  • Destroy the guns: 7 machine guns on tripods are placed around the course. Their firing range is not too significant and we should not worry too close. In fact, the best way for all the training is to move step by step with the zoom in your M-16. When you distinguish in the distance one of these guns, firing and will not take long. When you’ve destroyed the second gun, looks left the ground, you will see a bulletproof vest (very useful for fighting against Xenia). Three other guns destroyed after you emerge in a cave. You’ll see a ladder on the wall. Montes it easy for a machine gun waits just above. But climbing slowly and remaining camouflaged to see only part of the gun, you can destroy it without problem. Monte now complete and a little further is arranged last gun.
  • Eliminate Xenia: After the third machinegun, continue your path and come to a bridge. Prepare your mines and advance. Place a mine quickly at the very end of the bridge and back to the entrance. Xenia will come running. Just when it arrives at your mine, do the fart! Now, without losing composure, place another mine at the entrance of the bridge (at your feet, so) and back right. When Xenia happens, re-boom! Do blow your mine. Now get your M-16 (because it is not yet dead, the hussy!) And pulls like crazy on it, while avoiding the bullets and grenades. Now that Xenia is wound up, picks up her 2 weapons: a grenade launcher and an RC-P90!
  • Blow up the ammunition depot: The repository is in fact the ammunition boxes that lie between the 6th and the last machine gun. To reach it quickly, grab the ladder in the cave and shoot a few rounds on boxes to make them explode.
  • Escort Natalya to Janus base: After destroying the ammunition dump, darkens with Natalya to the exit while leaving your finger on the trigger of your gun. The number of soldiers is infinite and he comes all the time so the only solution is to go.


Control Center –



  • Protecting Natalya: You have to protect Natalya 2 times. The first time down the elevator and the second in the control room. For the first time, nothing urgent … Exit the elevator, liquid guards as they arise, then the 3 machine guns on the ceiling. To destroy them, help yourself to the corner walls to protect you. Once the area is released, returns to the elevator to ensure that Natalya. The second time in the control room, things will go wrong at once. He will defend you against a veritable army of soldiers who, in addition, lead across as Natalya in Golden Eye disarms the fiddling on the computer! Little trick to make your life easier: Before you get behind Natalya door, blowing the 5 computers in the central hall, leaving the middle intact. In this way, you will not be embarrassed by any of the furniture during the shootout against the army soldiers.
  • Disarming Golden Eye: Natalya is to do it for you while you protect against the soldiers of Janus.
  • Destroy the computer units (6): They are 6 in total (they are the kinds of large computer cabinets in gray). You can destroy them using mine that you found at the beginning of the level. Here are their locations: Another in the bottom of a corridor to the left of the control room, and behind a small iron door.  2 still on the floor, above the control room.
  • A final, finally, behind a glass wall, passing the second door armored door code to the control room.


Caverns –



  • Destroy internal controls pump: Spent the first 2 locks and down the stairs on the left. Exploding the 2 computers down (avoid making it when a scientist is nearby), take the small underground passage right and exploded two new consoles.
  • Destroy the controls external pump: After the destruction of the first pump, you borrow a spiral staircase, winding around a lake. You will pass a first airlock, liquidate the soldiers will pass a new lock and lead you on a catwalk. Take the stairs on the right, and then turn around. Destroy the crates and you’ll find a small passage. Borrows it and destroy the new lockers. On the other hand, liquid troops, and then exploded the 4 computers (you collect a security card on one of the soldiers).
  • Destroying the main control console: External pumps destroyed, climb the stairs and liquid soldiers. At the top and on the right, you will have to destroy a machine gun. Through the door that faces you, kill soldiers and am the gateway on the right. Pass the new airlock (you collect the second security card and an RC-P90). On the other hand, rushed up on the left, kill the guard, then the next at the bottom right. Gland does not over before the glass room, but a soldier you will be targeted, will blow the gas can and destroy the radio used to contact Jack Wade. Rather wait on the side so that a soldier, then hugging the wall, trying to kill (with the zoom in your M-16) and 3 soldiers stashed behind boxes (not touching any gas can). Active radio to contact Wade quickly and then wait until scientists are out to shoot the left computer.
  • Contact Jack Wade radio: The radio is placed in the chamber of the mainframe. Activates it, and the message will reach Jack Wade.
  • Saving Scientists: Just do not shoot the scientists to achieve this objective.


  • Invisible door at Stack: Stack level in multiplayer mode, walls slightly enlightened concealed passages. Simply press B to close to make them accessible.
  • Automatic Tank: Levels in Runway and Streets, where you drive the tank, you’ll certainly some problems with directions. Start the engine with B and when you’re in the right direction, hold R to go forward without using the analog stick.
  • Mine invisible in multiplayer: In any multi-player level, lay a proximity mine or remote on a box of ammunition or weapons, and then take it. Even if it seems to have disappeared, it is still there.
  • Invisible doors at Temple: TEMPLE level in multiplayer, go straight up where there is a hole in the floor. Observe the 6 panels that are brown on the sides: they are actually secret passages that you can open by pressing B.
  • Clone character: To clone Trevelyan, go to Multiplayer and put the number of players to 2. Go Trevelyan and choose another character. Back to table Multiplayer, set the number of players at 3 and do START. This trick works the same with any character.
  • Mine explosion shows no: To detonate the mines (Remote Mines) without the watch, send a mine and simultaneously press buttons A and B so that your mine exploded directly.
  • Tips at Caverns:
  • Get 2 rifles: Choose the level of the Caverns and start the game arriving to the room where the issuer can contact Jake Wade, go to the right, near the large window. There, in a pull boxes located on the ground: a small box will appear next. Pull it in and following until two monitors appear. Stir-fry and you get two assault rifles (all credit levels contain a weapon).
  • Shortcut: In the Caverns level at some point you may choose to go down one level by an iron staircase or remain the same height. Go down, turn around and you will find yourself in a room with crates. Shoot them and take amuntions. Then, shoot the traps and, miraculously, behind the wreckage of lockers, there is a way to kill an enemy. Follow this road and you come to a difficult place to reach, especially in mode 00.
  • Double RCP-90: In the end the level Caverns, after destroying the two towers in a tunnel drive and you arrive in a room with an elevator. Make way back and you’ll face several guards armed with RCP-90.
  • Tips Archive:
  • Invisibility: Start with multi-player mode. Choose “Odd Job” in your certificate, go to the basement, and destroy the crates, metal (in silence). Then go into the crate, put your head down and nobody can see you.
  • Secret Passage: In compartment walls, you will notice that some parts are darker than others. They are in fact secret passages that allow you to travel from one room to another. Particularly interesting to surprise your enemies.

Mining fly:

  1. When you are in a table where there are windows, throw a mine on the window, then take a gun and shoot the glass (not mine) Mine float magically.
  2. In multiplayer mode, choose the table Bunker. Go where there is a big black screen. Look up, you’ll see TV. Launch remotes mines above and stir-fry. Then, when you ask for mine, they will remain in the air.


Kill Xenia:

  1. To easily kill Xenia, ask remotes mines on the bridge and let them explode when you see it. She did not die right away but it does suffer a few additional shots to complete.
  2. Xenia fight in the jungle can be a real problem. When the music of the confrontation begins, turn around and go on deck. Turn around and step back a second time while dropping mines on the bridge. When you’re on the other side, watch for the arrival of Xenia. When she is in your field of vision, blow up mines, but hurry up and take a weapon because it might not be quite dead. It remains only to give a shot.
  • Get the RC-P90 in the train: For an RC-P90 in the train, just shoot the last two boxes on the first car.
  • Scroll the weapon upside down: During game play, hold the A button and press the Z button: weapons march backwards.
  • Get a DD44: In all tables where you’ll see a scientist (e.g. Facility level), shoot him once in the hand. It will languish. When he returns to normal, pull him have a ball in hand and will give you a DD44. Attention must kill him before he shoots. This trick does not work in Agent.

Get grenades:

  1. For grenades easily, take a level in which there are scientists. Pull a bullet in the hand or foot of one of them, then another. This will release a D44. Avoid all the shots. It will then output grenade. Before he pulls the pin, kill him. You get grenades. Only runs in SA or 007.
  2. In all levels, go near an enemy. Avoid all the shots. It will then release a grenade. Kill him immediately and take the grenade.

Bulletproof vest in the control center: In the level control center, climb to the second floor and walk towards the cul-de-sac on the left. You’ll find a grid, along the wall. Spread the squatting position and get protection. Without it you will have much difficulty in passing the mission.

Tips at Facility:

  • Hiding in the breakdown of toilets: Facility level in the toilet, you can hide in the ventilation. Under the ventilation hatch simultaneously press the buttons R, Z, C-Left and Left. You’ll fly by spinning in the air and end up in the breakdown. If it does not work, adjust your position.
  • Easily earn weapons and ammunition: At the beginning, go straight to a grid. Ask a mine. From what explodes, enter, you will find weapons and ammunition.
  • How to 2:05 Facility (00 Agent): Everyone says it’s impossible. Start by going down the vent (do not kill the guards). Go down the stairs, but do not exceed the otherwise guards will see you. Place a mine next to the door before you, but if not completely off the machine explodes. Go to the door under the stairs. Detonate the mine. Kill the guard with the card to access the machine. Weigh on the machine, go to the main hall with 3 guards and look to the room Dr. Droack right. Place a mine next to the door, when a guard shows up, the mine explodes. If Dr. Droack is not there, look at the second door on the left. If still not there, repeat the level. If he is there as soon as he begins his speech go your way, it will give you the decoder anyway. Go through two doors away and turn left. You’ll see a door that opens. If you weigh on the machine, but if you take your K27 Soviet (the one with long balls), pull the window and a guard will open you the door. Kill him and continue. Open the door with the decoder. You must have 3 mines in your possession. Place a mine for 4 cylinders (mine is set high enough that Alec (006) does not kill himself with the explosion). Alec must be far enough from the explosion. Afterwards, wait for the goal of exploding bottles and talk with Alec. Exit.
  • Obtain two different weapons: For two different weapons, pick up first two identical weapons. Then, take the weapon after your two identical weapons. Leave the button pressed Z. Your weapon will soon have no balls. Then release Z, then press and hold down A and Z. Let go, shoot for about 3 seconds. You will then have 2 different weapons.
  • Secret passages in Library: Go down to the basement. Go up the other stairs. Observe the walls you will notice that some parts are different colors. Stand in front of these parties and press B: they are secret passages

Throwing knives at Bunker 2:

  1. Bunker in Table 2, you can get Throwing knives. Exit your cell and kill the guard. Then, still in the prison room, go over the manhole. Afterwards, press pause and select a weapon watch magnet. Get well above the storm drain and press Z. You will have the Throwing knives.
  2. Choose the Bunker 2 level in 1 player mode. Then start the game and start doing. Choose your Watch Magnet Attract. Go back to the game on the side of the bars, facing the guard and press Z. You get the Key 1 Cell. Unlock the door and if you do this operation very quickly, you will get Throwing knives out of the prison.

Tips for laying mines:

  • Temple: You’ve probably noticed that the doors are thick, dark and they close vertically. Use it by hiding mines under the door or its frame.
  • Complex: In the corner of the walls, there are often hidden passages. Go inside and put your mine against the wall, then hurry to leave. At one place, you will see two bridges. Go down below and place of Proximity Mines under the bridges. When someone go over it will drain half of its energy.
  • Wineries: Try running your mines on posts, columns, stalagmites and stalactites them: they are almost invisible and easier to hide.
  • Stack: Do as the temple or place them on the floor grids.
  • Basement: Hide your mines at the corners of walls, ceilings or columns.
  • Library: The best locations are still under the doors but under the “bridges” is also a good hiding.
  • Facility: In the frames of doors, toilets or stairs. But you can also hide on the doors.
  • Bunker: Put them on doors or hidden on the stairs. But there are places that make them invisible, such as lights or air vents.
  • Archives: Hidden mines on the cases or on the doors of secret passages or on the ceiling.
  • Cavern: Under bridges, they will be unpredictable. On the doors, but they will be invisible in water, they will be incredibly effective.
  • Egyptian: On the columns, the corner wall or stairs.

Note: These tips work best with Proximity Mines in Battle Mode.

  • Do not go, at Surface 2: For this trick, you need infinite ammo and grenades. In the Surface 2 level at the end, before the reinforced door leading to the Bunker, sends a grenade down the stairs (instead of getting caught by a blue Ouroumov and his minions) as follows: the front squat entry. Throw your grenade as far as possible (so that you do not see the explosion). Off immediately after Ouroumov normally discarded and will shatter!
  • Egyptian Level: Complete the game on Agent difficulty 00 for this new level.
  • Skip the gap: When you reach the gap (Aztec), kill the guards (not the top one) and go for it instead to the void of the ditch without stopping and quickly, preferably in a zigzag, not to make you draw SSEUS. When you stumble, keep moving ahead and you should go back and be in excellent position to kill the guard from above.
  • Brush: Get in Multiplayer mode and choose a game with sniper rifle. Get in-one without any enemy wounded or taken any ammunition and double press A. You can then beat you with a brush.
  • Flags invisible: Flag Tag mode, do not select any weapon and hold Z supported when you take the flag. The flag will be invisible until you release the button.
  • Mission 1 Level 3: From the beginning of level, will take the key and return flights. You will find a tank. Climb above (with B) and head over to the aircraft or disable the guns with the barrel.


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