Golden Sun: Dark Dawn DS Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

Nintendo finally decided after a further part of the two Game Boy Advance RPG Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age a third part for the Nintendo DS is actually published on the hand. Reggie Fils-Aime explored by his own admission, the blogs on the Internet and came to the realization that many potential customers are interested in for a successor. A year later, after a large hole on information about the title then Nintendo announced the full title Golden Sun.


Golden Sun: Dark Dawn play for 30 years after the events of The Lost Age as it is the hero finally succeeded the healing power of the golden sun back to the world Weyard bring. The power of the golden sun has almost everything changes and so driven, for example, from continents and changed the world so much. New countries emerged and new species emerged. But now the world must face a new danger, which is called Psynergy Vortex. They absorb the elemental Psynergy from both the country and from the energy and spreads through the world. This is where the action and a new generation of heroes set out in search of answers to fathom the mysteries surrounding the strange events. Who could be better than the descendants of the original heroes. Matthew, Karis and Terrell.


The story begins at the time when Hans and his friends defeat Saturos and menardy in venus lighthouse. While the lighthouse was collapsing after the victory against Hans and friends merge dragon. Nadia, Alex and Kraden were the small gulf which is near where a boat stranded on the coast so they decide to use it to escape, but at that time due to the strong earthquakes that originated the lighthouse that gulf is separated from the continent and became a floating island adrift in the sea, Nadia, Alex Krad, and realizing the situation they were, go, quickly seized on the boat but then tells Alex to others who found Felix and Sole on the edge of the island.

After Felix and Alex Sole regained consciousness sees that a large tsunami is approaching the small island floating and beached a push to an unknown continent this is the beginning of the lost age Goldensun.

The game takes place 30 years after the Golden sun 2. The golden sun has risen and has returned to Psynergy invade regenerating the world. New countries have emerged, wilderness, impregnable haven.  But not everything could be beautiful. Psynergy dark vortices appear all over the world absorbing the power of the media and the fans, causing chaos and destruction. This is where the new players, children of those who once managed to save the world in search of answers to this strange phenomenon.


Matthew : Main protagonist dark golden dawn sun, is the son of Hans and Venus adept as his father in the other deliveries.

Tyrell and Terry: Dark sun golden star of dawn, a friend of Matthew, is the daughter of Mars Adept Garret and like his father.

Karris: Dark sun golden star of dawn, a friend of Matthew and Tyrell is adept of Jupiter and is the daughter of Ivan.

Rief or Crown: Dark star of golden sun dawn, joins the group to other players at some advanced point in history (as of Piers in golden sun 2), is a follower of Mercury. She is the daughter of Mia.

Eole: Dark star of golden sun dawn is the son of Briggs and is adept Chaucha Mars.

Spade: Is the main antagonist, a follower of Jupiter, with Heart is a commander of a secret nation called Tsaparang (nation militarily and scientifically very advanced).

Heart: It is the main antagonist with Spade is the commanders Tsaparang, unknown type of follower.

Ace: Alex Ace looks identical to previous games, but there seems to thirty years, as other characters from previous games as Hans, his “true identity and nature are a mystery. His actions and those of the company of Matthew, together have a great impact on the fate of the world.

Stella: It is an adept of Jupiter, and the first semi-human character of dark sun golden dawn, telling people in golden sun Garoh 2. No one knows if you have any kind of relationship with Heart or Spade.

Hans: Mathew’s father is a follower of Venus.

Kraden: The game will be released as part of the story (amazingly still alive)

Himi: Venus Adept is a visionary with great Psynergy from an eastern region (Xian or Izumo).

Walkthrough :

From the beginning of the game, you are prompted to enter the name of your character. The walkthrough will keep the original name, Matt. After the cinematic intro to a long dialogue ensues. Once you regain control, go first to the left of the house, there is a grass stashed in a jar. Then mount on the roof, then head to Terry. After the dialogue, you get a leather hat that you Kiara team. Open the chest to your right to recover a short sword, equip it now. Then climb the ladder. In this room, search the library to find a book called The Golden Sun: Vol 1. Go upstairs and open the chest, then equip yourself Gloves found here. Kiara will now see, and pull throughout the house, then go east. After a discussion with Vlad and Garret, go to the right and enter the cave.

Go forward and you come to a pillar that blocks the passage. Use Psynergy Move on the rock, and make it fall into the blank to allow for passing. A little further, you can use to regenerate your Psynergy Pierre PP. Continue forward until it exits the cave. Once outside, go down and use “Move” on the pillar for the shift to the right and create a path to pass.


After little discussion, and Garret Vlad lends you some Djinn, here you are with 3 and 3 Djinns Venus Djinns Mars in your possession! Go ahead and take the path on the lower right to open a chest (Grass). Go up and go forward until you reach another chest .Seeing that you cannot go forward, go back, and Vlad and Garret will resonate with you. After their little demonstration, use the Psynergy “Fireball” (you need a Mars Djinn bound to use it) on the red flower on top.

Continue your way right, then down, and climb the wall here. On the left, start another “Fireball” on the red flower to free passage. Get back on the wall, and jump from wall to wall to reach the right a small plant in soil. Use Psynergy “Bud” (only Matt can use it) on this plant to create a scale in ivy. Climb it and run a “Fireball” on the red flower in height. Take the path that was blocked, and you get two pillars, one on the right push to the right. Open the chest here to get this one Elixir.

As for the other pillar, move the left 2 times and 2 times up to create a path. Use “Move” on the pillar next to the move downwards. Then use Bud on the plant, and you’re at the entrance of the mine. Once inside, grab the Stone Psynergy, then cross the bridge. Use “Bud” on the plant to climb, and head towards the stairs leading down to the right. There is a new Peter Psynergy here. In the next cave you will find Terry unconscious. Go ahead and put you in front of the plant, and use “Bud”. Shop around and get on the ivy, then go ahead and pull a “ball of fire” on the giant flower, which turns out to be a monster. The battle begins!


The fight will be very easy. Use your Djinn priority, like Flint, Luster torch or to inflict great damage. You can also use Granite to halve the damage taken, and humus to block an opponent during a round. Once the Jinn used, swing a beautiful invocation, or 2, and the plant will be struck down in the blink of an eye.  Move then to Terry. Once he is with you, climb the stairs, then walk along the various corridors and finally arrived at the exit of the cave.

Bazaar Gyver

After the cineamatic, get off at the bottom of the tray and leave on the world map. In advancing a little, the Venus Djinn Flint you join, link it directly to Matt. Now take the westward, and you stumble upon Bazaar Gyver.

Here, enter the house, and you will be received by Gyver who will explain the operation of a shop. You can go behind the counter, there is a chest to open at the end. You can already start doing your shopping here, buying shields, as well as new weapons for your hero. Feel free to buy some herbs too, just to get still enough to care. Go upstairs and exit. Head to the top to reach the entrance to the trail Psynergy. Before entering, you notice that there is a tree in the center of the square, and the pillars around. Push the 3 pillars to put them online right from the tree. Then climb the tree, then jump from pillar to pillar to reach the heights on the right. Descend into the tree on the right, and use “Bud” on the plant here. Go down to the ivy, and you get your second Djinn: Forge (Mars Djinn, boosts the attack of the group).


Now go back to the entrance of the trail and talk to the man in front to enter. From the beginning, send a Fireball on the sign with a slime on it, then cross the bridge. Push the log to the right, then use Move on the pillar to make it right. Push the log down to the right, then push the latter up. Go ahead, climb the tree and run a Fireball on the sign of a monster in front of you. Further on, push the 2 pillars on the jets of water to increase the pressure of the medium. Put yourself on the water jet to be thrown from the tower. Here, draw a Fireball on the sign representing Salamander.

There are several propellers here. Use Psynergy Whirlwind (Kiara has one available) on the 1st, 2nd, and 4th helix (in order of appearance). Once done, go down and get on the trolley at the bottom left. Reaching the end of the rails, launch of Balls of Fire on the 3 signs representing the Kraken to unlock the track. Go through the logs, then use Bud on the plant to be able to climb the ladder. At the top of the tower, run a Fireball on the 2 banners representing Salamander and Phoenixia.

This time, stand on the pedestal, then use vortex on the propeller before you to create a path. Go ahead and use Move on each pillar to the left to block the wind created by the propellers. Then you’ll have to cross by jumping on different boxes, to reach 3 pillars you have to push to unlock 3 switches. There is a pillar in the bottom left, top right, and the last being in the bottom right. Once triggered switches, you can go on deck and throwing Balls of Fire on the 3 signs representing Poseidon. Further, use Whirlwind on the propeller to be shown at the top of the tower. Use by the Balls of Fire to destroy the two signs, and representative Agatio Karstine.

To begin this final stage, throw a Fireball on the pillar of ice blocking the road. Advance, and melt the 3 pieces of ice in front of you through other Balls of Fire to recover the dragon’s head on the boxes. After pushing the log to the left, push right now to create a bridge. Go ahead and cast a Whirlwind on the propeller to bring up the staircase. Climb to the top. You’ll have to move a pillar to the right, but beware of spear-moving flames. Once a flamethrower goes up, push your pillar to move quickly without burning yourself. Leave the front pillar on the last flamethrower and go behind to avoid getting burned. Now you need to melt three new pieces of ice at different heights through Balls of Fire. Then, once the flame thrower passes to the left of the plant, use Bud on it and climb to the summit. Arrived at the top of the tower, run a Fireball on Agatio Karstine and then get ready to fight Drakizor. It is a bit stronger than the soles of wood Confused, but the fight will not be very hard. Remember to use your Djinn and Summons with Terry and Matt. Kiara, meanwhile, will use the Psynergy Whirlwind at every turn (she has a very good supply of PP, so please do). Once the monster destroys wood, open a box at random, you get the pass.

Know that you can redo the course again Psynergy to open the 2nd chest. This time, you will have a limited time (but you’ll always have plenty of time to do so) and you must beat a Drakizor X at the end of the trail. It is slightly more resistant than its simple version, but it has exactly the same attacks. The second box contains a Water of Youth (if you do not want, sell it and you will get a max of gold with that!).


Now that you exited the course Psynergy, scroll to the bottom of the bazaar Gyver, and enter the leftmost house. Search the library here to find the book Golden Sun: Vol 2. Now get out on the map to the south. Head to the southeast towards the hilly road from Goma. jump over the river on the right, then use Whirlwind on the flower to the right of the tree. Climb the tree and jump on the flower to reach the elevated high place. Go into the machine and pull a Fireball to move it. Reaching the end, open the chest (Mint Leaf). Now mount up and go to the next area to the north. Push the log up, jump the river, push the log left, then push down the two horizontal logs, and finally push the log left to right. Push the log from the top to the right, then push the horizontal log right up. Finally, push the log left again to the right to drop it. Go to this log to cross the river, then use Whirlwind on the flower on the right. Climb the tree, then go over the flower to reach a safe non-negligible (Themis Axe).

Go back now on the upper path, cross the waterfall and then pull to the right. Someone needs help here, then run Whirlwind to raise the child for the flower and loosen. After that, go talk to Timber is the man dressed in green and orange right next to the bridge. Then follows a long dialogue. After that, go up and go behind the house at the top left. Then use Move on the pillar to knock it down, thus creating a passage. Take it and exit left. Use a Fireball on this platform here, then go around the path here until a Djinn to fight. This is the Jupiter Djinni Breeze.

Come back in the box to the right. Now go to the house in the middle of the zone, and push the log next to the left. Climb it, then climb on the roof and jump down the chimney. Inside the house, search to find a jar of peppercorns. out of the house and go rummaging around a jar behind logs to find this time 123 pieces. Off right now, and you will find a scale below. Take and you can get your first Mercury Djinn, Ice. Ascend the ladder and exit south on the world map.

Head to the west, and reach the Deposit Lumberjack. Summon is here: push the wooden log to the right, below are the flowers to fly through Whirlwind. Then go up into the tree, then go over the flowers and enter the cave to find the tablet allowing you to invoke Zagan (1 + 1 Venus Djinn Djinn of Mars). Return to the map, and go south. Before turning to the east, stay a little here and do the 100 steps, you should meet in a random battle of Mars Djinni, Fever! It is extremely easy to defeat because he has only up to 90 large PVs. Then go up the north-east to reach the Portal Konpa.

Ruins of Konpa

Arrived at the gate, ring the bell for the man opens the door. Climb the stairs to the left and blow the flowers with Whirlwind to get the Venus Djinni Flower, who is hiding underneath one of them.  Now go north to return the card. Head to the north to arrive in the ruins Konpa. Enter directly inside. Once inside, go to the bathroom in front of you. Then push the block in the middle in the first hole before you. Get out and go into the room just right. Walk along the hallway and go right. In this room, use Move on the orb to the center back and activate a mechanism. Get out and go through the door that opened into the hallway. In this room, move the statue in front of you to the right to move the pillars. Go left to move another statue, then move the statue will open on the right. Finally move past the statue that you can now join, then use the Stone Psynergy if you need it, and move on. Cross the hallway, then go left and push the cube in a vacuum.

Activate the 2 switches, then go through the left path. Press the switch here and go back into the previous room, then exit this time by the way the door furthest to the right on 3. You can go in the middle of the room push the block into the hole, more than 2 to find. Now take the stairs on the left as you come to appear, and cross the hallway. Go ahead and use Whirlwind on the purple orb. Now use Whirlwind on the ground for you to create a path to the left door of the room. In this new play, he’ll have to use multiple times Whirlwind to access the pillars. It will push the pillars to create a path that leads to other Fly slabs to reach the next room.

Go to the elevator and get off on the right. Go through the door just right, then push the third block in a vacuum, and go put it in the hole once you’re back down in the main room. Take the elevator to the right, enter the room and push the last block, then go back into the main hall to complete the puzzle. Get out, get taken out through the walls that have emerged, and set you on the hands of the statue. You receive the Book of Glyphs, allowing you to understand the glyphs inscribed on the tablet. Go down and go read that tablet. 4 statues appear:

  • Push the lower one right up
  • Push it to the bottom left to right
  • Push it to the top right to left
  • Push one of the top left to bottom

Once done, go to the flower to go upstairs. Exit through the left and you will arrive after a time out. Climb the stairs and press the switch, then go through the main door. Open the chest here to find the Crystal Input, which allows you to learn Psynergy Enter. The topography of the room change. Equip the crystal on Matt, and use Enter on the right pillar, and then reuse again this Psynergy to grab the stone key. Insert this key in the door to get out.  Exit, and use the ladder to the right. Use Enter to cross the ditch and climb the other ladder. The Jupiter Djinni here now fled as soon as you approach. Put the front of a pillar, and use Enter far to go for it. Fight the powers to recover the Djinn Flash. Go back down and go down right, use “Enter” 2 times to cross ravines, down and exit right. There is nothing to do here for now, except take the lowest road to the left.

Get off the ivy, and go left to get a Psy Crystal in a safe. Go back to the ivy and enter the building. Continue staying to the right, and through the door with the red sign above. Cross the hallway, and use by two times Enter to get in front of the red orb, then pull a Fireball in it. Go out, back across the hallway, and pull a fireball in the rock illuminated in red to destroy it. Take the elevator down to the ground floor, and run a Fireball on the big red block in the main room. Take a staircase to descend, and turn on the switch. Go through the door, heal all your characters with your Psynergy, and recover the Stone Psynergy the center of the room to get your PP. In the next room, go ahead and use Enter, then go down, but not at the bottom. Stay on the first tier, and use Enter on the left pillar. Then push the other pillar below, and get to put in place. Return to the platform height, slide to the pillar, and then use Enter to get around a safe (Elven Rapier). Step off the platform and go to the next room.  Cross the hallway and walk to see a little scene. You enter directly into a battle against 3 Unknown.

3 Unknown

First, do you focus on only one unknown at a time. Unleash more of your Djinn on one, then run an Invocation. The enemies use grenades shrink, making you lose PP, so your Psynergy be a bit useless here, especially prefer Djinn attacks. Their attacks are not especially bad, except the firing stun which can be annoying, since it can cripple for several laps one of your characters. After the battle a cut scene ensues, with OH MY GOD BUT IT’S ALEX! Uh oh, that is pure speculation, but admits that it looks damn! In short, now go through the right exit, and push the 2 logs. Then go push the log to the most right to left, then push the horizontal log up. Then, push the log left entirely to the right to create a bridge. Go over the bridge to leave the room and see the soldiers blocking the passage. After the dialogue, you’ll have no choice but to leave the room.

Outside you will find Robin tied up in a box, which then joined your group. Climb a tree on the right, and use “Bud” on the plant. Mount Ivy, go to the other side, and get to touch the statue of the Inevitable to restore your HP and PP. Then go to the cave here to retrieve the contents of a safe (Cookie). Get out now, then go on the world map.


Stop in small Harpa

Go south, then go towards the west if you want to Summon Shrew , otherwise go east and get off the beach to get to Harper. Go see the children playing near a kind of well on the lower right corner of the city to know more about Robin. Go shopping, take a look at the seer, get the Mars Djinni , and then once you have toured the city, leave it to the Southeast.

Once on the map, go north, cross the bridge and enter to Passage.

Towards Ascension Passage

Upon arrival, start climbing to the left, push the pillar to unlock the path and continue to rise. Use “Whirlwind” on the flower and walk over to pass, and enter the cave. If you want the safe was there before, get out, and slide down then open lez (leather boots), and use “Bud” for up quickly.

Once in the cave, push the 4 blocks in a vacuum here so they fly away. Move north. In the next room, move a pillar to the right to block the gusts of wind, and take the path now cleared. Go ahead, push the block, and then go into the next room. Here, go down the ladder, then go left and use “Whirlwind” on the cube to make it fly.Now go on to gain access to the upper floor.  Go down the ladder and cross the bridge. Push the block right, then climb the ladder. Avoid gusty wind and go right to slip into the last hole. Now push the block down, then push it to the right. Climb the ladder and go get the chest containing an air mass. Go into the next room. Here, slip into the hole, then fight the Venus Djinni Bark avoiding tornadoes. Then go up ladders.

Continue your ascent outside this time. Continue to climb to reach Passage.


Robin follows up the platform heavenly. After the dialogue, go back downtown. Go to the alchemical forge, is the tallest building in the village center. Here, you’ll have to solve a small puzzle to start the forge.

  • All right of the room, push the block volithe up. Then there is a gray and red pillar on the left, move it to the right. Now push the block volithe left, and again upward.
  • Far left, there is a block volithe with a vertical line above. Push it to the right, then up.
  • It remains a block. Push it to the left, then up, right, and again upward.

Now that everything is in place, go take a “Fireball” on the symbol in the middle of the room, and the alchemical forge will be operational again. After much discussion with Bogho, the village elder, out of the forge, and go into the building above the village. Search the library right to recover the book Golden Sun: Vol 3. Then go to the left of the room and talk to everyone, including Baghi. Follow the other side of the room and you get the Flute Sylvester.

Exit the building and get across to the right to enter the reserve volithes. Pass the first room and take the elevator. Exit to reach the very bottom of the Ascension to Passage!


Once on the world map, head east and then go north to enter Kaocho. Here you can find a Venus Djinni, Steel . Go straight through the village to reach the palace. Tell the guard you are mystics and they let you pass. Go straight to arrive in the throne room. After the discussion, you receive the Letter of Wu, you are then shipped through the maze. Go through the door on the left, cross the lanes and push the penultimate act to release an entry. Use “Bud” at the bottom of the cave and you hoist the ivy. Exit the cave and exit Kaocho.

On the world map, go south on the beach to reach Ayutai. Talk to the guard at the entrance and show him the letter Wu Step on the raft, then cast a Whirlwind down to be projected upward. Then run a Whirlwind on the right, then go over the water lilies. Step on the second raft, and cast a Whirlwind to the left, then down. Go ahead and show the letter to the guard outside the temple entrance. Then show the letter to the generals.

Take the right exit, then use Bud on the plant and climb. Go through the left entrance and take the next right-most to arrive in the courtyard. Here, look at the head of the statue and use your Flute Sylvester to clear a passage and meet Haru. Haru follow up the throne room. After a long speech, Haru joins you. Get off the throne room, then take the stairs down to the far right. You arrive in the city’s underground Ayutai. Here, go into the large central building to discover the alchemical wells. After the dialogue, switch to the right room, read the tablet and play the flute to wake up the Scots King of Sand.

King of Sand

You must defeat the king for his power. It is very sensitive to attack by water and is resistant to attack by fire. His attack Rash made heavy damage, you heal immediately after he launched a Wind Vital Kiara, then move the Djinn and Summons and the fight should not pose too many problems. King of Sand-attack hand-to-body almost all the time, and launched a Psynergy every 3 laps, leaving you time to heal each time.  After the fight, you get the Amber Sable. Equip the stone on Terry for him to learn the Psynergy Arid Flows (similar to “Dry” in Golden Sun 2, which ironically was a Psynergy affiliated with Water!). Return to the main room and use your new Psynergy the water tank to the mask to reverse the flow of the well alchemy.

You’ll notice now that there are multiple paths available in the village. Take them to open some chests. Then go the way down the center, and get straight to get to a raft. You can go first to get left with leather boots in a safe. Then go down, then right. Jump onto the lily pad at the bottom to go push the pillar into the water. Then go right on the water lilies to access another raft. With it, go down, then left, and once again down. Open the chest to get a Shiny Tiara, then go left with your raft, and finally enter the Temple of Barai.

Temple Barai

Dry with RSS Arid the saucer before you to be transported to the lower floor of the temple. Come on, then take the left door. cross the corridor, the trunk is empty here. Pull down, then dry the plant saucer. Go down and go to the orange pillars on the left. Use “Move” to move the pillar against the wall to the left. Then go left and go to the next room. Open the chest here to find this letter, which tells you what you are looking for is not here. On the right, move the pillar to the right, then exit here. The trunk is now available contains a spirited Iron.

Dry the saucer with Arid Flows to further lower the water level, go down the ladder, and go through the back door. You arrive in front of waterfalls. Go into the left-most for a chest (Kimono). Then go to the far right to access to the saucer that you must dry. Once that is done, push the orange blocks to form a bridge between the platform with the saucer until the gateway to the center of the room. Only 2 blocks are needed to bridge the gap. Then go fill the saucer with the Psynergy Flood of Robin, then go through the door.

Go ahead, go to the next room, use Flood on the saucer right balance, then up the stairs, and use Bud on the plant. Climb on the scale, then go push the block to the right and climb the ladder to enter the next room. Use flooding here in the saucer and put the pipes in place for the conduct carries water up to the previous room, it’s not complicated at all. Return to the previous room, go drain the saucer right balance, and fill the saucer rather left it. Then step onto the platform, and you will be driven by the current, you will fall into the hole in the middle of the water.

Haru gets the Mirror Seeing. Use Whirlwind on the central helix to be projected on the upper floor. Walk towards the exit, and Haru is proposing to use to retrieve the mirror clairvoyant Djinn here now. Now get out of the temple, then join Ayutai Paltos where the king awaits you at the entrance.  After the dialogue, the well working again. Back in the upper parts of the city, then take the exit at the bottom center of the map of the upper floor. Climb the ladder and Haru will join your team, as a playable character this time! Leave the city now. When you try to exit, the road is blocked by the general Kao brothers.

Kao and Kao Tsung Liu

While Kao Tsung is mostly attacks group, Kao Liu focuses instead on a single enemy attack. Concentrate on one enemy by using your Djinn Psynergys and they are very sensitive, because their resistance is really low elemental. For my part, I think the most dangerous of the two is Kao Tsung, because his attacks have a greater range and can inflict more than 100 PV in an attack by now! Concentrate on him so first. When there is a general, it will be extremely easy to beat yourself.  After the fight, get out of town, and go on the raft with the soldier that takes you directly to the other side. Exit onto the world map.

Back to Harpa

Once Passage, go to the forge and place Alchemic mask on its base. After a great cinematic land south of Angara is irrigated again! Exit the forge and go around the village to see that some things have changed. You can go to the store of weapons and armor to solve a small puzzle, traders will thank you by giving you a Ring of Agility. Now go to the top of the village on the platform of heaven.  Proceed on the mechanism, and it will not work. After the dialogue, made way to Harpa. Once there, go north into the ruins of the city. With water, a corduroy road and pillars were created, allowing you to reach the entrance of the Ruins of Harpa. Go down the stairs and step onto the green block to descend to the lower floor. Take the left path and cross the room.

Arrived in a large room, take the door directly to the left. Cross the hallway, press the switch, then go through the door downstairs. Then walk along the ledge right to find 2 chests (Peppercorns Bone Bracelet +). Go back and let you slide on the ice to the right. Descend to the lower floor to the right. Cross the hallway, there are 2 chests (Powder Crystal + Viking helmet) and a Mercury Djinn.  Go back and go through the door right next to you. In this corridor, push the statue on the ice, then step on the ice since the ace of the corridor, and let you slide down the statue, then slide to the left. Now go up, right, bottom, left, up, left, top, right, and finally up.  You find a statue behind the pillar. Answer No, then Yes.

Ice Queen

As you can imagine, the Ice Queen is very susceptible to fire, thus abusing this element through the Djinns and Psynergy. Early on, it launches the attack Carcan Glossy, which is extremely bad. I suggest you protect yourself with the Djinn Bark if you have it. The Queen also uses Prayer to restore the 250 PV, which can be quite annoying. Furthermore, his attack Iced Kiss, if successful, can instantly knock your characters! Revive it as quickly as possible, otherwise you’ll have serious problems. All 4 rounds, it will launch a huge attack, either Carcan Iced or Glazed Missiles, which will impose in the 150 to 3 of your characters if they are not protected! If you have the possibility to invoke Tiamat or Meteor, made the priority for huge damage.

After the fight, you get the Sapphire Ice, which will allow a Mystic Water to use Psynergy Glazed Trap. Equip quickly jewel Haru or Robin, and use it on the puddle in front of you to freeze the entire place. You can now get out of the ruins, taking the safe passage (Lame Mystery) which is in the next room (you can take with your new Psynergy). When you go out, night had fallen, and Harper is celebrating. In addition, a gate blocks the road you now out of the city. To make it disappear, it’s easy: go to sleep at the hostel! After that, you can leave the city, and take direction Passage.

Pic to Abrupt

When you are in Passage, go to the alchemical forge, and use Icy Trap on the 2 pools of water. After the dialogue, then go to the platform heavenly. After the cut scene, you’ll reach the Path of Clouds. Go ahead and put you on cloud a little further. Pull a vortex to the left to move the cloud, then run into an upward. Jump, and move on to next slab volithes cloud. Launch a Whirlwind to the right, then get off the cloud and use Enter on the pier to cross the ravine. On the next cloud, cast a Whirlwind upwards, then left, and finally down to be sent to the next level.  Here, the path is fairly straightforward as it simply skips slabs slabs, some of them moving. Nothing complicated really. You then come to a Stone Psynergy. Then go to the cloud just above, cast a Whirlwind down to be taken to the next screen. On the next cloud, there will have to be careful not to hit the big ball of electricity, under pain of falling and having to restart the path (not entirely worry).

 To avoid the first ball, pull the Whirlwind when the ball is in the top left of its orbit. For the second, pull the Whirlwind when the ball is at the lowest point of its orbit. Come on then volithe slabs, then climb on the next cloud. Launch a Whirlwind on the left. There you will have 3 balls of lightning to avoid a sudden. Start the Whirlwind when the 2 balls that follow you just walk past. Then mount the stairs to reach the vast ruins of Abrupt Pic. On your right is a statue of the Inevitable that you fully restore HP and PP. Go left and use Bud on the plant, and climb. Then use Enter to cross the void, and then use Move on the statue here to clear a passage. Launch a Whirlwind on the propeller inside to activate a mechanism. Get out and get.

Now use the Enter on the pillar that appeared to turn the mechanism. Go to the central platform to be transported to the lower floor. Here there is room for signs of the zodiac. Go into the hall of the Lion, the cross, and throw a Fireball on the head of a lion. Go into the hall of Gemini Push the statue left to left, up 2 times, 2 times left, down, left 2 times, 2 times up, right. Now go push the statue right up 2 times, 2 times left, down, left 2 times, up 3 times, then left. Go into the hall of Aquarius, put your left on the turntable and use Enter on the pillar. Cross, launch a Fireball on the lion head to loosen the chest (Harnois Studded). Then go flood the jar with Flood. Go to the Hall of Balance, cross. Step on the scale right, then pull the statue on that scale. then go on the balance of left and pull a statue on the scale. Turn on the balance right to the second statue, then go left to the last statue.

Go into the hall of the Virgin, go left for Enter the pillar and rotate the turntable to move forward. Use “Enter” on the pillar next to the Virgin, then use Bud on the plant before it. Go into the room of the Ram, pull a Fireball on the Ram. then pull in on the far left, then pull in a last Aries on the environment. Go into the Hall of Fishes, go to the right of the bridge and use the Enter on the pillar, then cross the bridge. Use Flood on each fish to activate the mechanism. Go into the hall of Cancer, go left to climb on the pillars and use the Enter to move the platform. Then use Enter on the pillar to the right of the statue to rotate and reveal a safe (Ground Gravity). in the next room, use Arid Flows on the saucer. Go into the hall of the Scorpion, go lower left to grab the pillar and creating a bridge. Cross, push the block of the scorpion on the right, then up. Then push the block that sits at the top left down. Now push the scorpion to the left. Push the block that is in the lower left corner to the right, up, then left. Now push the Scorpion down, right, top, and finally left to drop into the hole. Now touch the statue of the warrior to recover vambraces.

 Go into the hall of Taurus, use Enter to rotate the 2 bridges, take the right, and then pull a fireball in the lion’s head so that it drops a Jupiter Djinn. In the next room, use Flood on two horns to fill them with water, then use Icy Trap to freeze the 2 pools. Go into the hall of Capricorn, use Enter on a pillar of the statue to reveal a chest, which is actually a Mimic (Cap Lure). In the next room, use Insight to bring up the paths to use: Push the round up 2 times, right 7 times, and down 2 times. Slide the square down 2 times, left 7 times, top 2 times. Push the triangle to the right 3 times, down 4 times, 4 times left, up 2 times, 2 times left, down 4 times, and then right 3 times to complete the puzzle. Go to the last room, that of Sagittarius. Go left and use the Enter on the pillar to create a bridge. In the next room, use Icy Trap on the puddle to the right to freeze everything, then use Enter putting you on the left of Sagittarius for it breaks the glass. Return to the center of the circular room, and walk to the elevator. Use Enter on the arrow protruding from the mirror and a path will appear. Go left and jump on the blocks of earth to find yourself flying on the world map.

Back to Ruins of Teppe

Head to the north, then go east to land in the city of Teirya. After the dialogue, enter the village, visit a little, and then go into the tent over the top right to hear the conversation between two people. Agree to help them find the bag. Dig the cabinet here to find a Healing Cap. Leaving the tent, you see a man running away. Then go into the tent to the right of the store to learn a little more. Now get out north of the village. On the world map, just go a little further north to fall on the Ruins of Teppe. Go into the small cave on the left, run a Fireball on the chest and open it to get a Water of Youth. Now go to the main cave, where you see someone running away from your driveway. Take the right path, which is a cul-de-sac. The shadow follows you forever, and when you come back, she ran away again. Now take the left path, and the shadow is always running.

Cross the hallway, then take the passage to the far right after the small staircase. Here, go down the rope to follow the shade. Use Enter on the pier to cross the chasm, then move on. You’re here to meet Stella. It offers the stylish bag. Use “Bud” on the plant on the left, then climb. You’re outside, use the ivy to descend, and use “Bud” to return to the entrance of the ruins. exit and head towards Teirya, and will give the bag to the person who asked you before. Walk away now in the Ruins of Tepper, the place where you met Stella, before the statue with a red nose. It joins your group, as a playable character. You have several Psynergys interesting with it. Go through the door that just opened. Go through the door on the right, then shift the pillar to the right. Then go up on the pillars, and use Enter to reach a chest (horned helmets). Will now use your new Psynergy Slap on the nose of the statue to open a passage.

Descend and cross the hallway. Use Psynergy Track to follow the footprints until the next room. Climb the ivy to find you out. Keep track on the outside, the path is not complicated. Remember to open the trunk on the way hidden in the tall grass (Tiare Mithril). Then, there are several holes in front of you, fall into the leftmost to track. Once dropped, cross lanes, go up the stairs and push the pillar lying in front of you so that it falls into the hole. Go right, and thanks to Frozen Trap, freeze the 2nd and 4th puddle (left to right). Go on the pillars, and use Enter to cross the hole. Get off the ivy and go to the next room. There’s the Ivy Djinn to get here. Use slap on the statue and go through the path appeared. Cross the hallway to find yourself outside the Ruins. Stella will leave your group. Scroll down and out on the world map. Go north and you land at Belfune. Take a tour of the city, talk to people. Go into the basement of the house with the monk and search the library first to find the right Golden Sun: Vol 4. Climb to the Castle Belfune, and you will see that access is currently prohibited. Then exit the city to meet some people.

The Feather Rokh

Once on the world map, head to West / North-West Frontier to achieve. Once in town, visit a bit and you’ll be accosted by 2 people. You receive the Letter of Briggs. After the discussion, leave the city. Along the way you come across a person in the band. Get out now.  Once on the map, head east, go Belfune and continue east to fall on the Port of Adgio. Once in the harbor, climb the tree that is near the docks. Climb the path and go up to the roof of the building and push the box below. Return to ground level, and push the crate into the water. Take the path that you created, and further, pull the body to release a pass. Between here and move forward by taking the exit at the top right. Then walk along the canals, and exit at the top left.

Arrived here, head to the right between the barrels and crates, and use “Enter” to move the ladder. Climb on it and scroll down to the left to meet Briggs. At the end of the discussion, you get the miraculous water. Get out of the docks by the same path you took in the beginning. When you emerge, you cross one of the musicians of the troupe Belfune. Get out of town.


Once on the map, go north to land in the city of Saha. Here, go right and move the box to access the well. Enter it, and go through the right path. Use “Enter” to move the water hazard, and climb to the surface. see here happened to Kolima. Here, go to the store potions and herbs, and go upstairs to talk to the lady in green. Tell him you want to help, and it will make you eat leaves dreamlike. When you’re asleep, a purple circle appears. Press A to wake up and you’ll be transported into the dreamlike maze. Proceed on the platforms, and a lizard Psynergy for use of your path. Keep up the road, and push the pillar into the water to create a path. Cross the next room, then the room after that. Continue forward until you reach a large room filled with water. Here, go log on to access the room with a huge sheet at its center. Use “Arid Flows” at the drop of water in the middle to drain any water present in the cave.

Get off at ground level and go left to open the safe containing a mint leaf. Leave the room, push the horizontal log down to you, then push the log over the lower right to left. Then push the horizontal log up, and come back in the room with the giant leaf. This time, use “Flood” on the sheet to raise the water level. Go back and jump on logs all to make their way down. Cross the long corridor and climb the stairs at the end. You can get the Djinn Furnace here. To pass, push the horizontal log down, then push the vertical log to the right. Step on the wall, and move to the next room. Here, you just push the pillar into the void. Now, go back in the big room with the giant leaf. This time, use “Icy Trap” on the puddle. Go down the stairs, slide to the right, down, left, then upwards. Finally, slide to the left to reach land and go into the new room. Cross the corridor and you arrive in front of a large frozen lake. Here are directions to be taken: Right, Up, Left, Up, Right, Down, Right

You can take the chest using the stairs at the top, and sliding down the right and upward (Giant Axe). Remove the bottom right corner of the room. Go ahead, drop the pillar to create a new channel right. Move along the narrow path, use “Enter” on the left pillar to cross the chasm, then use a “Fireball” to melt the ice will block the road. Continue using “Enter” on the other pillar, and go to the next room, which is a corridor to cross.  Here, push the pillar to the left and enter the room he was hiding. Go forward and you will meet again using the lizard Psynergy. Prepare for battle. Furthermore there is still a very long way to go.


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