Increase Laptop Autonomy


The battery is the life blood of your laptop. So when you travel, it
takes the relay to allow you to use your computer without a power
outlet within reach. During the initial charging time, some operations
can be performed to allow your battery to last longer in time.

Once your laptop battery fully charged, then to observe a few rules to
minimize your energy consumption and prolong the battery life of your
laptop when not connected to the mains. Windows XP and Windows Vista
and have functions to manage precisely the power to your laptop and
disable different elements after a certain period of inactivity.

Finally, if your battery is showing signs of weakness, you can replace
it with a new battery or by a more powerful battery that will allow you
to have greater autonomy.

Beware of charge cycles

It is very common to hear of the importance, during the initial
charging time, emptying the battery completely. This should, over time,
it can last longer. Wrong! Made rather careful not to fall below the
beyond of 5% load to avoid damaging the electrical system and batteries
for your battery.

In the early days, it is recommended to impose your battery full charge
cycles. Therefore its level down to 5% and load it up to 100% without
interruption. This benchmarking exercise will allow you to enjoy
optimal performance of the battery. For benchmarking to be effective,
repeat this process every month. In the meantime, you can make small
steps to recharge, even incomplete. Note that a standard battery
supports between 500 and 1000 full charge cycles.

When you use your laptop connected to the outlet (after the battery
charged), it is preferable to remove the battery and store it in a
place away from heat and moisture. It needs to be cautious not to
forget and to recharge before using your mobile outside area.

Avoid demanding applications

Once your laptop battery fully charged, then observe some rules in
order to minimize energy consumption and prolong the battery life of
your laptop when not connected to the mains.

If you want to take the batteries, it is preferable not to run parts of
video games that exploit the 3D capabilities of your graphics card.
Similarly, the use of the drive or the DVD to watch a movie may begin
considerably the autonomy of your PC. It is preferable to encode your
movies to DivX and storing them on the hard disk from which the reading
will be less greedy. In the same way, it is better to listen to MP3 on
your hard drive rather than playing an audio CD.

To optimize the maximum battery life, we also advise you to disable
controllers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, if you are not currently using them.
For this use keyboard shortcuts or buttons provided. When you’re on
battery, also prevent the use of external devices SELF as USB keys,
mouse, USB hard disk, etc.

Configure Windows

1. Windows XP and Vista allow you to precisely manage power your laptop
and disable different elements after a certain period of inactivity.
Click on the right mouse button on a blank area of the desktop and
select the Custom Properties under Vista or XP.

 2. Open the Screen Saver tab.

 3. Then click the Edit Settings button to power Vista or Windows Power Management for Windows XP.

4. Windows XP and Windows Vista offer both types of pre-management of
electricity. You can choose one that best fits the use you want to make
your machine. Thus, to maximize battery life, choose the Power
Management mode minimum for Windows XP and Energy for Vista. These
options determine the waiting time before the extinction of the
monitor, the arrest of the hard drives, pause and simply extended that
your computer is connected to the sector or on battery.

5. Finally, click on the OK button. 


Adjust the brightness of the screen

1. The screen is one of the most greedy of your computer. To save your
battery, you can simply reduce the brightness of the screen. Most
laptops allow you to change the brightness of the screen using a
keyboard shortcut. Locate the keys to adjust screen brightness. They
are usually found with the function keys (F1, F2, F3,) or with the arrow keys.

 2. Press the Fn key and press the button to lower the brightness of the screen.

3. The brightness on the screen then decreases. Repeat until you have a brightness level as low as possible.

4. Reinstall if necessary brightness by pressing the Fn key and pressing the button to increase brightness. 

Change the battery in his laptop

If a properly maintained battery can be used between 2 and 3 years,
over time and use that you do, it inevitably loses its capacity.

However, you can acquire specialized sites on a new battery and give a
boost to the autonomy of your laptop. You can also turn to a more
powerful battery in order to obtain greater autonomy.

To change your battery is very simple.

1. Turn off and unplug your computer portable.

2. Disable the locking of the battery and remove it.

3. Put the new battery to the place. 


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