Opera Widgets – Complete Guide

Opera is a Web browser that provides some advantages over other browsers from Mozilla or Microsoft. If you are not using it yet, we highly recommend you give it a try.Much smaller in size, Opera is known for being fast and stable and is available for a number of operating systems, including BeOS, Symbian OS, Linux, Mac OS, OS/2, Solaris, and Windows.

Opera Widgets
And if we talk about a browser, just like Firefox has add-ons , Opera too has a widget system which allows you to add features to the browser.They are based on open Web standards and serve as a delivery vehicle for new Web services. Opera Widgets help users cut through the clutter of the Web to get to the info they want most. Opera Widgets share the same cross-platform compatibility with all of Opera’s products, creating faster time-to-market and interoperability of functions between devices.

For OEMs and operators, Opera offers not only widgets themselves but also a whole ecosystem of solutions. With Opera Widgets and the Opera Widgets SDK, OEMs and operators can customize widgets and manage the widgets they have deployed to customers, offering useful content while opening up revenue-generating opportunities. So here, i have some useful gadgets for Opera and also their complete details:-

1. ImageGREP
ImageGREP, Grep images from various image-search websites including Google, Flickr and Yahoo! Version 2.0 now available! New, sleeker look; plus new engines added. The all you need to do is select the size, enter keyword for the image you want and site. Thats it..


ImageGREP Features:

  • Interface and code redesign
  • Overlay context links when available
  • Removed broken support for My Opera albums
  • Fixed support for Yahoo! Images
  • Added support for Ask.com and Photobucket
  • Networking XML update for Opera 10

2. Google Translator
This widgets is very useful for translating the text or even any URL.Use Google to translate text directly in the widget or translate a webpage. Google Translator uses a theme based off of Gmail’s theme! You can use this widget to convert excerpts of text and entire web pages to and from multiple languages.This widget will translate only the languages that can be translated by Google’s own translation service. Language options will be updated as Google adds more language translation options to their service.


3. dotoo v2.04
Organise tasks in lists and add optional counters.Based on dotoo v1.0 (thanks to tamster for upgrade permission) this widget let you keep track of your tasks with an optional expiring date which counts down in realtime.


  • Multi-language support
  • Remembering the last opend tasklist.
  • You can add an expiring date to each task (Format: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm)
  • In the list overview the next expiring task is shown with remaining time and (optional) the name of the next expiring task.
  • The listoverview is sorted by the deadline of next expiring task (in each list) or by the list/task name (choose in settings).
  • The itemlist is sorted by the deadlines of the items or by the list/task name (choose in settings).
  • Some minor options for customisation.

4. GoogleToolBar
Use the drop down menu to set the desired button size. Drag the toolbar to the desired location (I keep it at the top of my monitor) and finally flip the widget and delete the services you don’t plan to use. You can also create your own custom buttons. To do that…

  • Flip the widget to the config side.
  • Chose the custom tab
  • Add button code

Thats it..

GoogleToolBar Features:

  • add a border
  • expand and contract to preferred tools
  • Arrange icons
  • Group icons
  • frequently used to the left
  • resize search box length
  • better graphics for higher resolutions
  • tooltip should be yellow
  • blog posting
  • full access by keyboard
  • minimize hand/finger movements
  • dictionary/thesaurus

5. Google Map
It is Powerful Google map widgets for your Opera Browser.forexample if you are in New York and you want eat pizza, then write that "New York Pizza" and you will see, where are pizzas in New York.



  • Integrated search. (It can found also street-numbers! )
  • Driving directions, with "itiner", it supported 20 language in newest version!
  • Small widget view
  • Zoom with scroll, or double left click
  • Dragzoom! It is the fastest zoom

6. Password Generator
Now you don’t need hit your head anymore to create a strong and lenthy password. This widget generates 4 char and up to 20 char simple, strong and hashed passwords from meaningful sentences. This tool generate a strong password from any phrase (like a line of poem).It would be great if it generated symbols, as well, even if just based on those in the text entered by the user. A strong hash involved symbols, numbers, letters, and mixed-case text.


7. Temporary Inbox
It Access a temporary email inbox for disposable email. This widget uses the service of temporaryinbox.com to create and check throw-away email addresses.It was about time, that someone did this for Opera, and since noone else did so, i had to. It’s a pretty good tool, to keep your own mailbox free from spam, if you just want to check out, what this suspicious website is all about.

8. Flight Monitor

Real-time (inter)national flight monitor. Track departure and arrival of a flight. Useful to bring or pick-up airline passengers. Use this unique gadget to track departure and arrival of a flight. Useful to bring or pick-up airline passengers. This gadget delivers real-time information about expected arrival and departure time including delays, arrival / departure terminal and gate and status of the flight. Links direct the user to more detailed information about the flight and airports.

9. multiWeather

Check the weather of multiple locations! Everywhere in the world! This widget will show on your desktop the weather condition of up to 8 different locations, choosen among the ones supported by weather.com, everywhere in the world!


  • 3 days Forecasts
  • readded old 1.0 skin for nostalgics
  • improved location search field
  • SKINS!!! Click on weather icon to change the color of a location!
  • weather icons
  • location name (can be customized by user, eg: NewYork -> BigApple)
  • weather description (such as: fair, rainy, etc)
  • temperature (user can choose Metric or English/US system)
  • Real Feel temperature
  • wind direction and speed (mph or km/h)
  • weather alerts (only for US)
  • 8 locations supported

10. multiGmail
Check your Gmail accounts!

You want to know how many unread messages you have in your Gmail mailbox?
You have more than one Gmail account?

multiGmail is the answer!

This little widget will check for you all your Gmail mailboxes!

Of course it’ll work great even if you have just one account!

NEW Feature: Now you can check Gmail labels!!!


11.Pandora Radio Widget
Small simple widget to display pandora radio. shadowk added window-shading and title updating! d.i.z. added a connect button, fixed the issue on initial minimizing, and corrected the validation problems!

Updated for player version 7.200 on 7/27. Also, major thanks to Tommy O from Opera for giving hints on getting it working in the latest builds and tobs999 for the Ajax call to get the current player version!This just uses the current Pandora player. I cannot make a new improved skin for the player until Pandora releases a full API. They have assured me this will happen, but no timeline.

12. Skype Widget
Its really handy interface to make skype calls.

This widget provides a handy interface to make calls using skype. Enter a phone number or a Skype name, press the phone button and get ready to be connected.

Skype must be installed and will be launched to make a call.



13. Screen Ruler

It measure pixels on your screen. A virtual ruler! It’s a useful tool for web designers and maybe for others too Simply click the grid in two places to measure the distance between the points (in pixels). To remove the points, click again. You can create straight lines with Shift key. You have to right click this widget to close it, because it covers the whole screen.Its really a good program but you cant see where the mouse pointer is, could do with the cross being in another colour and one that you can select yourself so you can adapt it to the colour of the page your measuring

A simpler version of the ruler is included for Linux users, because widgets on Linux have problems with transparency. It will be detected and enabled automatically if you don’t use Windows or Mac.


14. Color Picker
Its just a color Picker for web designer and developer


1. Pick color
2. Add to my colors, so you can re-use it next time
3. Palettes



The Opera Widgets is a cross-platform technology. Thanks to their platform and device-independent nature, Opera Widgets, for a variety of screen sizes and hardware are developed using common Web technologies and design rules.


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