Itunes Store – Huge selection of music with lots of extra features

The iTunes Store of the computer manufacturer Apple offers with ten million songs from a huge range of music. In addition an extensive range of videos and podcasts. Unfortunately, the music files are only available in AAC format. While this waiving a copy, do not speak for all MP3 players and smartphones whose playback. Access to the well-stocked offer is only available via the iTunes software.

In addition, users can add PDF files to your library (to add notes to your digital albums, for example), but PDF files can not be transferred or read on an iPhone or iPod. However, the iPhone / iPod Touch applications exist to synchronize any type of files to and from the device to your iDisk from a "" using Apple’s MobileMe service.

In the newer version, iTunes 8.0, the preferences menu, there was a complete transformation. The result added a few new options, but instead eliminated several options. For example, iTunes, once gave users the option to display arrows beside the selected song title, artist, album and genre that is linked directly to the iTunes Music Store. However, these arrows are not removable, except through direct editing of a preference file.

iTunes is available as a free download for Mac OS X, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP from Apple’s website. It is also bundled with all Macs, and some HP and Dell computers. Older versions are available for Mac OS 9, OS X 10.0-10.3, and Windows 2000.



Range: Market leader with ten million songs
In the music section of the iTunes Store, users expect ten million songs and over 18,000 music videos. With this offer, the iTunes Music Store, the ranking of the tested services leads. However, the purchase in the iTunes Music Store is only possible after installation of additional software.

The iTunes Store is also includes audiobooks, TV shows and iPhone more than 35,000 applications for the devices, and iPod Touch. Recently some 500 films to supplement the supply that are in store for purchase and rental. In addition, the online music store 125,000 free video and audio reports offer in the form of podcasts.

File formats: Not every device can play AAC
All the songs on the iTunes Store are available in the AAC format, the data rate of the songs is usually at 256 kbit / s. On the plus side, AAC waived on a copy protection for the buyer, there is therefore no technical hurdle on burning or copying processes. This is not to play each player in a position to the format. So if an MP3 player or a smart phone called his own, which is clearly not with AAC, the files must be converted to the more common MP3 format – or resort to other music services.

Music videos are offered in MPEG4 format with or without copy protection. Music videos and songs without copy protection, Apple under the category of "iTunes Plus". This file identifies the supplier with an increase in the detail view. All other videos have the digital rights management "FairPlay".



System Requirements: Additional software sets the tone
Access to the store now is only possible with the additional software iTunes, which can be downloaded for free on the Apple website. The program works together with Windows XP, Vista and Mac OS.

Steering: Flushing Countless opportunities
The Software iTunes offers music player and online store in one. In addition to music, audio books and videos are TV shows, movies and applications for Apple devices on the platform. There are also complimentary extras in the form of podcasts, and numerous radio stations.

The itunes Store focus on the music department, in the songs, music videos and audio books are offered. On the home page of the music portal, the user will find a selection of new releases and top titles of these fields. Other categories in the navigation invite you to browse the iTunes inventory.

These include, inter alia, the "iTunes Originals" to provide the exclusive live recordings and interviews with selected artists. Behind in the category "iTunes Essentials" playlists once again hide to match the mood. Under the heading "iMix," users create custom song collections and publish them on the iTunes Store.

To these rigid categories of the iTunes Music Store recommendations are additional issues with the current terms and numerous sales campaigns. The offer is so vast and overwhelming effect on the first glance. Unfortunately, the shop frequently dispensed on the overview pages on pricing, labor costs are often not appear in the detail view. Rights to use copy-protected videos are not clearly listed in the article view.

On some albums and video reviews are available in English or German. Registered users can also write comments and give opinions about the products. Remain Clicking on the button "on the date" on the item page to an artist, remains the user about new releases of its stars always up to date

A new feature called “Genius “ creates playlists with titles as needed to suit their libraries. By activating the Genius sidebar will be displayed when playing his own songs at the request appropriate recommendations from the iTunes Store.



Apple iTunes: Plus price cut and more content
The search scoured all areas of the shop and can subsequently be restricted to one category. As you type in search terms appear to suggestions from the available titles in the shop. When the search was successful, iTunes provides a selection of albums, music videos and artist matching the keyword. Upon request, the service also displays items from the categories such as iTunes iTunes Essentials or original.

All titles matching are also available in an extensive list that can assign the user to title, duration, artist, album, price, popularity and genre. Double-clicking on one of the entries starts the audition. For incorrect input, the search engine usually provides suggestions for the correct spelling ..

Payment: pocket money account for kids
At the virtual checkout, the customer pays by credit card or elect to pay by direct debit or payment services ClickandBuy Firstgate. Parents can make their children by setting up an allowance account, which allows local shopping without a credit card. In addition, the iTunes Store offers music downloads with the transfer of the vouchers.

The iTunes Store is an offer from the famous computer company Apple, the first time in 80 years, he recorded his activities and decisively participated in the dissemination of the first computer. The company, based in Cupertino, California has expanded steadily since its offering through new areas such as consumer electronics, operating systems and programs.
The Software iTunes was first introduced in 2001 – as a program to manage and burn music. After extending the software to download functionality of iTunes Store first launched in the U.S..

Apple’s iTunes store has ten million titles over the widest range in our music service test. In addition to music downloads of the online service offers numerous extras such as videos, podcasts, celebrity playlists and live recordings to. Upon request, the service informed its customers about new releases from favorite artists.

The surface makes them easy in the great offer and distinguishes itself through successful design. A powerful search will help users in finding the title even if search words were spelled incorrectly. However, the sheer volume overwhelmed the media appears at first glance, the prices there are in addition to the detail views. The songs are only available in DRM-AAC format, which is unable to handle any portable player.

iTunes is available as a free download for Mac OS X, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP from Apple’s website. It is also bundled with all Macs, and some HP and Dell computers. Older versions are available for Mac OS 9, OS X 10.0-10.3, and Windows 2000.


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