Video recording with iPhone Video Recorder

Very active community of iPhone users has developed the procedure of
jailbreak, which is a modification of operating system in iPhone,
that allows to add additional applicatons. iPhone Video Recorder is one of those
applications that can record video clips. The purpose of this guide is
allow you to install and use the simplest possible implementations.


First of all you need to install and know how to use iPhone Video Recorder on your
iPhone, which must be jailbreak and have For this, the ZiPhone software can be downloaded for free and this will allow you to jailbreak. But one thing you have to note down that jailbreaking your iPhone will void warranty.


Back to your iPhone, make sure you are connected to your WiFi network and run Install. Then choose Sources among the icons at the bottom of the screen. Press Edit (top right), then click Add (top left of the screen).

Then the screen appear in that field, type the address then select OK. After that go back then the Categories by pressing Install (at the bottom of the screen). In the list select Multimedia and then find the iPhone Video Recorder

Press Install (top right) and let the phone do its work.Once
installation is complete you can return to the main menu of the iPhone
(by pressing the center button) and you will see the icon appear Videorecorder.
Your iPhone is now ready to record video clips. To start recording a
video, you must start the application by pressing Videorecorder. 

A message appears. The software prompts you to buy a license for $ 19.
However, an evaluation version is available for free. With that you can
record 30 videos with a maximum duration of 30 seconds each. This the problem in a evaluation version.

Press Continue evaluation free to use the application.You are
now in the heart of the application. Before starting a recording, you
will have to configure iPhone Video Recorder. 

Configuring iPhone Video Recorder :
To access the configuration menu, press the symbol on the bottom right of the screen. The General section lets you to  choose whether you want to add a signature to the bottom of
the screen or not. This function is only possible when the license is

More interestingly the Video provides access to various settings. Thus, for the Video mode, you have the choice of Best Performance
in the horizontal or vertical way, this allows fast video encoding,
Max picture size which results in a video size of the largest possible
(320×416) and On the fly that allows an outlet, on the fly but in a poor quality. 

In the Image quality, you can choose between Lowest which reduces image quality for the benefit of a reduced file size, Lower which is again sacrificing the quality, but to a lesser extent, Better which offers a good compromise between quality and file weight and Best that offers maximum image quality with file size maximum. Finally the Brightness gives you access to adjust the brightness (magnitude of the adjustment is from -100% to +100%). 

The Audio gives access to all settings for the sound. Thus, it
is possible to choose the rate of amplification of the volume (from
0.20 to 10). In addition, you can choose different audio qualities
(Audio bitrate) by selecting an encoding in 32kbps, 64kbps or 128kbps.
Of course, the better the quality will be the greatest movie.
You have now finished configuring iPhone Video Recorder, and you can start recording your first video on iPhone.

Recording with iPhone Video Recorder :
Back on the main page of the iPhone Video Recorder, you simply click on
the symbol of the camera at the bottom of the screen to start
recording. Again press the same symbol to complete the registration.
Your video will then automatically encode in MP4 format (very
convenient!) And you will see on the home page of the application.

By pressing it, you’ll have access to different options. 



The Playback allows you to watch the video, the Share allows you to send it by email or put video online on YouTube, the Rename allows you to rename the sequence and the Delete
can be use for delete. Thus, iPhone Video Recorder can be an
effective solution for recording video clips from your iPhone. Try it 


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