Create BOOTABLE Mac OS X DVD with Clone X3

How to create a bootable DVD. With this DVD that you can start OS X but
some thinks that this would be a puzzle, due to the permission problems
in Mac OS X and the increase complexity of the architecture of the new
Apple, but fortunately it is not so complicated as it seems.

The Clone X 3 can be solution for that. This software is a
free to try and also lets you make backups and cloning operations. You
can download a demo version or buy the software on the site of TRI-EDRE.

Clone X3

Copy an entire disk: Clone X provides functions to copy the entire disk contents into another disk (bootable copy), or into a sub-folder.

Clone your System: Clone X provides powerful features to copy
your System, even if the system was installed and updated many times
with the updaters provided by Apple.

Restore your disk or your System: starting from a copy, Clone X
will be able to restore your system or your entire disk, back to a
previous clean state. Clone X can also restore a selection of files or

Bootable DVD creation: Clone X creates your personal bootable OS
X DVD including your desired applications. Creates an Intel compatible
DVD on a Mac Intel, and a PPC compatiible DVD on a PPC Mac.

Create minimal System disks: Clone X can copy a minimal System
to a disk, so that you can install it on a small partition, create a
disk for tests, or restart from a clean reduced System.

Main Features

  • Copy entire disk into another disk or a subfolder.
  • Copy with or without the Users documents and settings.
  • Restore an entire disk or specific files.
  • Bootable DVD creation.
  • Minimal System creation.
  • Disk comparison.
  • OS X only.

Why create a bootable OS X DVD?

If You have Drive Genius to repair and defrag your OS X partition, You
might be worried with frequent updates and new versions arriving.
You’ve downloaded the updates to proceed with the update to this
application that you also installed on your hard drive. You have the
most recent version of this software on your hard drive, but you can
not repair and defrag your OS X partition, due to some reason or unless
you boot from another OS X partition (clone partition for example) from
where you can run "Drive Genius" to optimize your main OS X partition.

If you do not want to have a clone on an external, it is therefore
necessary to make a regular bootable OS X DVD with the latest version
of Drive Genius You can boot from this DVD by restarting your computer
while holding "C" key and optimize all the partitions on your Mac
By the same you can even add to this DVD bootable other applications
such as Disk Warrior or TechTool Pro for example, this DVD is bootable
and will allow you to use all these applications.

Also you can create a bootable DVD with these utilities :

  • TechTool Pro,
  • Disk Warrior,
  • iDefrag,
  • Drive Genius etc


Run Clone X 3 and click on Tools:

To create a bootable DVD, first select whether you use a single-layer
DVD or dual layer DVD then click on Create a bootable DVD in the
bootable DVD section. In the window that opens, give the path where the
disk image should be recorded which will then be used to created the
bootable DVD by Clone X 3. Click Choose.


In Mac OS X 10.5 and above the DVD will only work on Intel machines.

Clone X 3 will then create a disk image containing an OS X
Leopard DVD special to boot. The volume mounted (Clone DVD X) of the
disk image already appears on the desktop. Wait until it ends (few

Once the disk image is created with bootable system DVD, Clone X 3
displays a new window after searching the applications installed on
your Mac

The list of applications installed on your Mac appears in the left
column. Simply select from this list the applications you want to
include on your new bootable DVD. To do this select the applications in
the left column and click on the arrow which points to right. Selected
applications will then appear in the right column. These applications
will be added to the bootable DVD make sure not to exceed the free
space available on your DVD.

Click on Finish Installation to start burning your DVD bootable, you
will be asked to insert a blank DVD after image creation is over. You
can also click Cancel in case you want to burn the disc image later.

Once your bootable DVD is burned insert it into your Mac and then
restart while holding ‘C’ key. The Mac will then boot from this DVD. Do
not worry if the boot process takes times, this is normal as DVD drives
are slower then hard drives.

After a few minutes the CXLauncher (installed on the DVD Clone X 3) will start automatically. CXLauncher allows you to launch any application installed on the DVD.

A drop-down menu also displays the different drives or partitions
present on your Mac. You can choose one you want to restart in the
future, once you finish working.

To use iDefrag from a bootable CD created with Clone X 3, it is
essential to create the disk image after you have copied these two
programs, two directories in the Library folder of the disk image :

Application Support / iDefrag / iDefrag.licenseKey
Application Support / IPARTITE / iPartition.licenseKey

Add these directories and files before confirming the completion of the disk image for burning to a DVD. The application has done its job. Do not worry if booting from DVD takes time.  
In these circumstances, I can not advise to create a clone of your main
OS X partition on your external hard drive if you want to repair and
optimize your main OS X partition as the startup will be much more fast
from the hard drive from a bootable DVD.


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