How To Install DesktopBSD

Procedure :

Change the first boot device to CD-Rom from BIOS and then boot from DesktopBSD cd. Boot into Live CD Environment. When it loads you will be at this screen :

Then click on the DesktopBSD logo on the bottom left corner and it will show you a menu like this :

Now click on “Install DesktopBSD Now” to install it on your computer. Now you will get this screen :

One this screen, you have to select your language, Select your language and click “Next”. I will continue this guide in English so I will select English on this screen. Now you will get this screen :

This screen is just a wizard screen which tells you that installation will guide you on how to install the Operating System. Now when you click “Next” you will get this screen :

This screen shows you the hardware information of your computer that it detects and you can change some configurations like screen resolution, disks, etc. Then click on “Overview” to get a detailed information about your hardware :

Now click on Next and you will land on the next screen. This will prompt you to select what type of installation you need to do :

As this is the fresh install select “Installation” from the options and click next. You will get this screen :

On this screen you have to select the installation destination, that is, on which hard disk you want to install DesktopBSD. Select your hard disk and click next. I assume you have only one hard disk and you do not have any other operating system and DesktopBSD is the first and fresh install. Now on clickin next you will reach to this screen :

This screen gives you the option where you want to install DesktopBSD. Do not change this option unless you are sure about what you are doing. Click Next and you will reach here :

This is disk partitioning screen, here you have to create a new partition for your DesktopBSD to install on the hard disk which you selected earlier. Now after creating appropriate partition, click on “Install to Selected Partition”. Then the installation of DesktopBSD will start :

This is what the installation process of DesktopBSD looks like. Now when the installation finishes you will get this screen which will ask for reboot :

Now here click Reboot and remove CD from CD-Rom and let your computer boot from Hard disk, Boot option will be show :

As there will be only one OS that is Desktop BSD, just press Enter and the boot screen on DesktopBSD will appear which looks like this :

Now when DesktopBSD finishes loading, you will be greeted by the welcome screen :

Here click on forward option. Now a screen appears to select other languages that you might need to install :

You can skip this step. Check on the box “Install support for other language” and click next. Then you will get a list of languages :

Here check which languages you want to install and when done click next. After the language packs are installed, you will reach at this screen :

On this screen input the computer name and click next. Now you will be at this screen :

Now on this screen, click on add user and type your username and password then click finish. You will be then presented with the Desktop of DesktopBSD :

The installation is finished, you may experiment on the newly installed DesktopBSD. All the best..!!


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