Create a Virtual Machine with Virtual PC 2007

What is Virtual Machine

Virtual Machine allows you to tun any operating system in a new window of your existing operating system. This happens by Virtualization, which is the technology used by the Virtual Machines. Each virtual machine emulates a complete hardware system, the CPU to the NIC, in an isolated and autonomous software, to run multiple operating systems and applications that would be incompatible on a single PC.

Windows Virtual PC 2007

Virtual PC 2007 also supports hardware virtualization technology from Intel (VT) and AMD (Pacifica), which are also activated by default when creating a virtual machine. It officially supports all the systems emulated version of Windows 98, NT4 to Vista (Pro, Enterprise, Ultimate) and OS/2 and not officially the oldest (Windows 95) or other (Linux).

The systems on which Virtual PC 2007 can be installed are:

  • Windows XP Professional SP2 32bits and 64bits
  • Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
  • Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition 32bit and 64bit
  • Windows Vista Business, Enterprise and Ultimate 32bit and 64bit.


Download full version of Microsoft Virtual PC 2007

After Downloading the setup, install it like any other normal application you installs, by running its setup.exe file.  Now after installing it only remains to create a new virtual machine.

Creating a new virtual machine

After you install Microsoft Virtual PC (2007), Run it from start menu and select "New Virtual Machine"

Select Create a virtual machine

Browse the path where to store the virtual machine and give it a name. Generates a VMC (configuration file)

Select the operating system you’re going to install.

Now you will have assign the amount of RAM you want to assign your Virtual Machine. The default gives the recommended RAM to each OS, we can give more depending on how much we have installed.

Now you need to select the Vitual hard disk for you VM, you can select the existing one if you have created one already, or create New virtual har disk. Select "New Virtual Hard Disk".

Browse the path where to store the virtual hard disk and give it a name. Generates a VHD file .

Complete the information necessary for the creation of a new machine and a new hard drive. Click Finish.

In the Virtual PC console  will show the new machine added. 
Clicking on it will give two options:

  • Start
  • Setting


, press it to see its settings. No need to change anything but could increase or decrease the memory, etc.. With the CD or DVD installation of the operating system introduced in the selected drive, select drive, select Start.

The virtual machine may not recognize the CD-DVD and send a message: "Reboot and Select proper Boot Device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot Device"

In the Virtual PC console click on the CD menu and select Use Physical Drive Z: or whatever drive belongs in your system.

Installation begins. From here the process is the same as you installs any operating system. 

After Completing Installation From the Virtual PC console, Action menu , select Install or Update Virtual Machine Additions and follow the instructions until the installation is complete.


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