Haiku an operating system inspired by BeOS

Haiku is an operating system still under development that deserves to be proven and promising startup time operating system combined with a very small extreme ease of use

In recent days Haiku was released its first alpha which is an open source project that draws its origins from the well known and appreciated BeOS. Haiku is now calibrated to the needs of personal computing while offering code compatible with BeOS R5. Furthermore Haiku promising start-up times of the operating system very small and perfectly in line with what is offered by BeOS.

According to those reported by the developers of Haiku project is sufficiently stable then the status of alpha should not worry too much. Moreover as reported recently which introduced support to Wi-Fi. Haiku is definitely worth a try even if you must have a minimum of expertise and desire to solve small problems.

Haiku should not be thought of as an update or overview of some BeOS, it is revised and developed from scratch are several. The minimum hardware requirements may bring a smile it comes to Pentium II 400 MHz CPU and 256MB. The boot times and a promise would suggest some tests on netbook or similar device.

Download the installation ISO is available on Haiku home page from which you can access to another lot of documentation. Moreover, a good way to get Haiku would be to download the virtual machine availability and use by developers with VMware software solutions for example distributed with VMware Player for free.


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