XBox 360 new wi-fi adapter Super Elite bundle confirmed

According to a series of papers sent from Microsoft to the Federal Communications Commission will introduce a new wireless adapter for XBox 360 it also supports the new 802.11n standard. The new adapter will provide data transfer rates significantly higher than the current, adhering instead to the old 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11a. Microsoft is preparing the introduction of the Xbox Live Marketplace as streaming video to 1080p.

The 802.11n standard has been ratified recently and can theoretically reach speeds of approximately 300Mbps data transfer. For the moment, Microsoft does not officially confirm the market introduction of the new adapter. Meanwhile, a new show called Super  Elite Bundle for XBox 360 case with the Modern Warfare 2 bundle will be present in this solution two wireless controller and hard disk 250 GB. This bundle is dedicated to Forza Motorsport 3, which will also include a copy of the game. Will be available from October 23, the date of issue of the new driving simulator developed by Turn 10.

The Super Elite bundles will be marketed at a price of 400 euros. For now, Microsoft denies that the hard disk of 250 GB will be sold separately to the two bundles .


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