Mathemagics for iPhone becomes a Staff Favorite on the AppStore

Blue Lightning Labs has announced that their popular iPhone
application Mathemagics has been chosen as an Apple Staff Favorite on
the AppStore. Mathemagics, an application for learning to mentally
calculate math problems at phenomenal speeds, has garnered outstanding
reviews and continues to amaze users. Aspiring Mathemagicians learn and
then practice any of the 20 math tricks while progressively moving to
higher levels of proficiency.

“We have been thrilled at the success of Mathemagics,” said Shane
Crawford of Blue Lightning Labs. “Users love the quick training
sessions and it gives them a mental pick-me-up when they need it. Some
users have even reported an uptick in their child’s grades and test

Mathemagics is perfect for students, teachers, or anyone else
looking to kick their brain function into high gear. The applications
hand-drawn look engages the user and is well-suited for quick practice
sessions. Users are challenged to achieve new levels of competence,
from apprentice to mathemagician, for each trick.

Mathemagics 1.1 challenges users to master 20 math tricks:

  1. Multiply as high as 20 x 20
  2. Square numbers ending in 5
  3. Square any two digit number
  4. Square numbers from 41 to 59
  5. Square numbers in the 50’s
  6. Doubling and Halving
  7. Quickly multiply by 4
  8. Quickly multiply by 5
  9. Quickly multiply by 9
  10. Quickly multiply by 11
  11. Quickly multiply by 25
  12. Quickly multiply by 99
  13. Multiply numbers in the 90’s
  14. Round number multiplication
  15. Quickly divide by 5
  16. Quickly multiply numbers differing by 2, 4 or 6
  17. Quickly multiply numbers whose one’s place adds to 10
  18. Quickly multiply two close numbers
  19. Sum the first n even numbers
  20. Sum the first n odd numbers

System Requirements:

  • iPhone or iPod Touch 2.1 or later

Pricing and Availability:

  • Mathemagics is available now on the iTunes App Store for just $.99 (USD).


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