AIRCOM ENTERPRISE 6.2 Helps Mobile Operators to Deliver Optimal Quality of Service

AIRCOM International, the leading independent network planning and
optimization consultancy, today launched its latest management and
engineering tool suite, ENTERPRISE 6.2. AIRCOM already provides over
half the world’s operators with ENTERPRISE tools: with the improvements
to its ENTERPRISE suite, it is anticipating the changing needs of

The new features include an upgraded OPTIMA module that
is capable of monitoring both fixed and IP networks – essential for
operators investing in converged networks. The RANOPT module now
includes functionality to incorporate indoor coverage level
measurement, which is ideal for operators who want to roll out 3G
femtocell home base stations across their network. Meanwhile, for those
operators taking the evolutionary path towards LTE, the ASSET module
now supports HSPA+.

ENTERPRISE 6.2 delivers a clear and comprehensive
breakdown of network performance by aggregating the outputs of radio
planning, drive test analysis, performance and management tools. Any
necessary remedial action can then be taken through the suite’s
configuration management capability. Using this single platform,
operators can maximize staff productivity through eradicating the need
to input data repeatedly across multiple tools.

Users can purchase ENTERPRISE as stand-alone products or
as part of the total network planning and optimization suite, allowing
them to select the ideal combination of modules to complement their
network optimization requirements. ENTERPRISE 6.2’s ease of deployment,
coupled with user friendly interfaces, makes it the tool of choice for
mobile operators worldwide looking to gain true insight into their
network, without the unnecessary complexity.

Commenting on the launch of ENTERPRISE 6.2, Margaret
Rice-Jones, CEO of AIRCOM International, said, "The thinking behind
ENTERPRISE 6.2 is very simple – better visibility of the network,
whether in the planning or application stage, promotes improved
situation awareness, so that problems can be identified and solved
earlier and more efficiently. We have designed this suite to support
operators in every facet of their network planning, now and in the


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