The new Archos 5 tablets not compatible with Mac OS X

Archos 5, Archos bottom shelf  does not require special software to transfer data, but it is incompatible with Mac OS X.

Archos 5 able to handle the file format used by Archos,. Until then all products were formatted in FAT32 format old, well known and had the huge advantage of being compatible with all computers on the market. But FAT32 also has a major flaw today asit is unable to handle files larger than 4 GB At the HD, this problem especially for a tablet intended to read without conversion films in high definition.

To overcome this problem Archos has made the choice of ext3, a format based Linux distributions today, and probably a format suitable for Android. Yes, but if this format is played natively under Linux if Windows is doing with some manipulation, it is totally useless on Mac OS X. Apple has chosen to no longer offer drivers from Panther (10.3) and with Snow Leopard, there is more simple and effective solution to read and write to a disk formatted to ext3.


The wisest course is still waiting for the first returns whether one can use a Tablet Archos 5 with his Mac. At first glance, the simplest solution is to use a virtual machine under Windows or Linux … Archos, fearing perhaps the competition Apple has at least found an effective way to make his latest product incompatible with the Apple OS



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