PS2 and Dreamcast games Emulator for PS3

The indiscretion is not yet officially confirmed by Sony and comes from documents taken from a private FTP Sega U.S.. According to these documents, Sony is preparing a software emulator to run PS2 games on next-generation consoles.

PS2 titles will be sold on the PlayStation Network. The documents are cited GTA Vice City and Sonic, but it is currently not possible to determine the number of shares that will be made available to users of the PS3. According to rumor, Sony also think a section for games part coming from the Japanese market. These shares would be sold on PlayStation Network at a price ranging from $ 9.99 to $ 39.99. Import for the games we talk about localization and subtitles, at least in the menus.

Sony has removed the chip devoted to hardware backwards compatibility with PlayStation 2 games. This chip was already removed in the first PlayStation 3 model sold in Europe. It is present only in the very early models of the PS3 for the North American and Japanese markets. PlayStation 3, therefore is not able to ensure backward compatibility via hardware.

Another new feature revealed by the documents concerning the games Sega Dreamcast. Again Sony is apparently thinking of an emulator. The documents referenced in time to the exclusive PlayStation 3 games for DreamCast, which suggests that these titles may also arrive in sizes XBox 360 and Wii.


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