AppAssure Software Introduces Free Tool VHD Mount ShellExtension

AppAssure Software, a leading provider of enterprise-class backup and disaster recovery software purpose-built for Windows applications, just announced the release of their free tool — VHD Mount ShellExtension. This free tool is a Windows Explorer-based option for mounting VHDs and is the first of three utilities from AppAssure’s Hyper-V Toolset. The other two utilities will be rolled out in 2009. VDH Mount ShellExtension offers a library that mounts and unmounts VHD files using the VDI interface or powershell scripts available in Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2008 and Windows 7.

AppAssure offers the Explorer snap-in as a free tool which integrates into AppAssure’s flagship backup and disaster recovery product, Replay. Replay provides the following functions:

— Always-on, server-based continuous application protection with integrated compression & data deduplication.

— The ability to restore anything from a single file to an entire server — quickly, and to different hardware — even from complex applications like SQL Server or Exchange Server.

— A "DVR" for your Server! Block-level imaging gives you the ability to roll back to any point-in-time.

— Automatic notifications of problems with your backups, including checks for corruption (the reason 42% of backups fail).

— Highly available virtual servers that are mirror copies of your production environment. In case of failure, failover at the touch of a button.

— Cost effective remote office protection.

— Reduced storage costs with the ability to automatically move backups off-site or into the Cloud.


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