FON Launches Fonera 2 – a New Innovative Web Applications

FON today released its most innovative WiFi router yet, the Fonera 2.0n. Furthermore, it announced that its international WiFi network, the world’s largest, surpassed 700,000 hotspots. Besides several new features, Fonera 2.0n allows users to up and download files to their favorite Web 2.0 services with their computer turned off. Fonera 2.0n is now available in the EU for just euro 79 and in the US for just $99.

Fonera 2.0n combines all of FON’s revolutionary WiFi sharing and money making features with 802.11n wireless technology, delivering faster connection speeds and more WiFi reach. Most importantly, it has a growing host of features and applications that make it easy for users to manage Web 2.0 services such as YouTube, Facebook, Picasa, Flickr and RapidShare–even while users’ laptops are off. Fonera 2.0n can also automatically post status messages to Twitter, alerting users to when an upload or download has completed or to when another user has connected to their WiFi signal.

"As demand for WiFi and use of the social web continues to grow, FON keeps creating WiFi products that give people what they really want," said Martin Varsavsky, FON’s CEO. "The Fonera 2.0n is not only a router that lets you connect to the world’s largest WiFi community for free. It’s a real social gadget that frees up you and your computer from tedious waiting for uploads and downloads and even ‘talks’ to you via Twitter status updates."

A built-in USB port and Fonera 2.0n management software allow users to connect and manage external hard drives and other USB devices. The Fonera 2.0n can be managed by accessing the Fonera web-interface from laptops, computers and different kinds of WiFi devices including Apple iPhones or Google Android based phones.

While logged in to the Fonera web-interface, users can instruct their Fonera 2.0n to automatically upload videos or photos stored on a camera or hard drive to YouTube, Flickr, Picasa and Facebook, or to download* torrents and files directly to a USB hard drive. Then, because the Fonera 2.0n can also perform tasks independent of a computer, users are free to log out and shut down their laptops completely – the Fonera 2.0n will continue uploading and downloading any remaining files.

Additional features include the ability to backup files to a hard drive, access a printer or webcam from anywhere, stream music via WiFi, and convert a 3G or HSDPA dongle to WiFi. Users are also free to create applications of their own on the Fonera 2.0n’s Open Source platform.

Fonera 2.0n can also help users save money on energy and reduce their CO2 output. A Fonera 2.0n router consumes less than four watts while downloading, instead of a PC that averages 100 watts, so users can reduce their CO2 emissions by 273Kg a year–equivalent to driving an SUV more than 1,500km per year. **

"The deep integration of online file sharing, social networks, and other Web 2.0 content into our already busy daily lives translates into more hours spent at the computer, greater energy use and more greenhouse emissions," said Varsavsky. "By enabling users to handle basic computing tasks from the router instead of the PC, we’re taking a small step towards reducing power consumption without limiting functionality."

Fonera 2.0n also maintains all the features of previous FON WiFi routers. Once connected, it creates two separate WiFi signals, one private and one public, that allow for a secure, wireless internet connection at home and free access at FON Spots worldwide. Fonera owners can also choose to make money*** by selling FON WiFi access passes or letting guests securely roam at their FON Spot.


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