Samsung M3310 dual slider Phones

Samsung M3310 is the Dual slider phone which Samsung is now preparing to unveil in the markets. It is also one device to meet your Music entertaiment needs, because one dedicated speaker was equiped under the slid. New Samsung M3310 is a music structure, which allows the eject bottom of the device in two directions. When you eject the phone down, available traditional keyboard. When you eject up are available speakers playing loud music.

In addition, the Samsung M3310 comes with a TFT display with QVGA resolution and has dimensions of 101.8 x 46.9 x 15.9 millimeters. Also it isequipped with FM radio, 3.2MP camera, 40MB of internal memory, MicroSD card support and quad-band GSM/EDGE connectivity. It can display 65 thousand colors. But, the phone lacks Auto-focus option which can be upset the user.M usic Player adds built-in FM radio.

Additionally, it is Bluetooth enabled, built-in memory of 40 megabytes can increase with microSDHC memory cards.It just weighing 94 grams and supports all GSM bands and EDGE Class. At present the price of Samsung M3310 dual slider music phone is unknown..


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