WhoPaste 3.2 Delivers a Snow Leopard Service & World-Ready Phone Formats

The new Snow Leopard Service in WhoPaste 3.2 makes extracting new
contacts from text easier than ever. WhoPaste 3.2 also adds world-ready
phone formatting; new SMS email address options; linked note support in
Daylite; match detection in Entourage; and a new post-processing
option. WhoPaste can create contacts in Apple’s Address Book,
Marketcircle’s award winning Daylite, Google’s Contacts and Microsoft’s

WhoPaste 3.2 users can now simply select text (no need to ‘Copy’ the
text) and use the Snow Leopard service-savvy context menu to initiate
contact creation.

WhoPaste 3.2 delivers optional world-ready phone formatting which
stores phones number so they can be dialed from inside any country.
This feature will, for example, allow users to take their iPhone to
Geneva and still place calls to their friends in Los Angeles in the
usual manner.

WhoPaste 3.2 enriches its Daylite interface with more options for
handling notes, which can now be added as a linked note to either the
contact or the organization or linked to both. The category of this
linked note can also be assigned. The Daylite preferences pane and
Daylite portion of the main review window have both been revised for
easier use and visual clarity.

Match detection has been added to the Entourage. If a duplicate is
about to be created, WhoPaste will open the existing contact in
Entourage and allow the user to manage the merging operation. A new
post-process option allows WhoPaste to open the newly created contact
in the native address book immediately after creation. This option
allows for adding further custom data to the new contact.

Inside the United States, WhoPaste can now add the SMS email address
to existing contacts. The user can define a custom label and can
specify whether the SMS email address is added to everyone or only
members of a selected group. WhoPaste 3.2 adds a new ‘appendix’ feature
that allows the user to define phrases that halt extraction of contact
information and post the remainder of the text to the notes field. This
can be quite useful when extracting contact data from structured data.

Minor enhancements found in WhoPaste 3.2 include:
User Interface Enhancements
* An open WhoPaste window can be made the front most by simply re-invoking the hot key
* ‘Send Sample’ function now sends emails directly using Gmail when configured with GMail Notifier
* Application launch time has been reduced by 25%
* New context menu support for ‘Add to Appendix Triggers’
* New context menu support for any text found in the drawer
* Country names are now displayed in the user’s native language
* Google login sequence has been improved

Extraction Engine Improvements
* ‘Ignore Labels’ are now extracted from single lines
* Street Addresses will now flow onto as many multiple lines as necessary when saved
* Phone label detection and usage have been improved
* URL extraction will discard any short forms that are fully contained within a longer form

Minimum Requirements:
* 3.2 will be the last version that will support Tiger
* All future versions of WhoPaste will require Leopard or later (Mac OS X 10.5)
* Mac OS X Version 10.4.3 Tiger or later (ships as a Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel)
* 8.0 MB Hard Drive space

Pricing and Availability:
WhoPaste 3.2 is available for only $15.00 (USD) for a single machine
license. WhoPaste 3.2 is a free update to existing owners. A free trial
version is available for download. The trial version allows saving 20
extracted contacts. A WhoPaste Media Review License Key is available
upon request.


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