Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit for IBM v1.0

The Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit for IBM, Version 1.0 helps to assess your current IT infrastructure and determine the right resources for your IT needs. The tool provides guidance on consolidating workloads with Microsoft virtualization technologies on IBM System x and BladeCenter servers which can help increase utilization of your hardware, making your operations more efficient and helping you save money.

The MAP Toolkit is an integrated planning toolkit that makes it easier for Microsoft customers and partners to quickly identify what clients, servers, and network devices are in their IT environment.  This agentless and scalable toolkit has the ability to discover all computers within Active Directory and workgroup environments.

Features include:

  • Discovers systems to analyze manually or automatically
  • Performs a secure assessment of Microsoft Windows environments without the use of any software agents
  • Gathers performance metrics and generates server consolidation recommendations that identify candidates for server virtualization and how physical servers might be placed in a virtualized environment
  • Provides information on IBM System x and BladeCenter servers which are ideally suited for virtualized Microsoft environments and IBM best practices tips



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