Plextor introduces PX-880SA latest design 24x DVD ReWriter

The  Plextor PX-880SA burner, which we talked late July, is now available for sale.

Plextor announces its latest internal SATA DVD writer – the 24x PX-880SA
is the fastest drive in its optical range. It features a new improved
Plextor chassis design that reduces noise and greatly improves writing
quality – making it ideal for all users in the home, home-office and
the larger organisation.

While burning at 24x speed, air flow
can cause inconvenient acoustic noise within other chassis on the
market. Plextor new unique drive design regulates the air flow, reduces
the amount of noise created, and at the same time enhances writing and
reading quality.

The PX-880SA incorporates a host of
features including PlexERASE, PlexUTILITIES, LightScribe technology,
and more. It even bundles Nero 9 Essentials burning software for all
your digital media needs.


Write & Read speed

DVD+R 24x
DVD+R DL 12x
DVD-R 24x
DVD-R DL 12x
CD-R 48x
CD-RW 32x
CD-ROM 48x


Box content

  Retail/bulk Color bezel QIG Full & Trial software
PX-880SA retail black x x

Detailed Technical Specifications

Interface SERIAL ATA
Data buffer 2 MB (with buffer Underrun Proof Technology)
Access Time DVD-ROM 100ms / DVD-ROM DL 220ms / CD-ROM 100ms / DVD-RAM 250 ms
MTBF 70 000h
Disc Loading Tray (30.000 times)
Dimensions 146 x 41,3 x 170 mm
Weight < 900g
Warranty 2 year Fast Warranty Service (in EU, Norway and Switzerland: Collect & Return)
1 year in other countries

Compatible Formats

Disc format supported:
KODAK Photo CD Single and Multi-session, CD Extra (CD PLUS), Video CD,
CD text data (Read / Write), CD-R discs (Read / Write), CD-RW discs
(Read / Write), DVD-ROM, DVD-R Ver.2.0 & 2.1 for General (Read /
Write), DVD-R DL Ver.3.0 (Read / Write), DVD-RW Ver.1.0 & 1.1 &
1.2 (Read / Write), DVD+R Ver.1.3 (Read / Write), DVD+R DL Ver.1.0
& 1.1 (Read / Write), DVD+RW Ver.1.3 & high speed Ver.1.0 (Read
/ Write), DVD-RAM Ver.2.0 & 2.1 & 2.2 (Read / Write)

Write format:
DVD-R (Disc at Once, Incremental Recording (Multi-Border Recording));
DVD-RW (Restricted Overwriting, Disc at Once, Incremental Recording
(Multi-Border Recording)); DVD+R (Sequential Recording (Multi-Session
Recording)); DVD+RW (Random Recording); DVD-RAM (Random Recording);
CD-R and CD-RW (Disc at Once, Track at Once, Session at Once, Packet
Recording (Multi-Session Recording)

System Requirements

  • PC/AT compatible
  • CPU: Pentium 4 – 1.4 GHz
  • RAM: 256MB (512MB for Windows Vista)
  • HDD: 10GB free space
  • OS: Windows 2000 (Service Pack 4 or higher)/XP/Vista


Buffer under Run protection (CD & DVD)
The buffer underrun proof technologies offer a solution to prevent
writing failures during the burning process for CD and DVD by pausing
the burn if the data to the drive write buffer is slowed or stopped.
The drive resumes the burn process after the drive write buffer is


is an advanced application and diagnostic tool that allows you to view
basic and advanced drive information, and to measure and control the
burn quality of every disc. This intuitive tool is easy enough for
newcomers, yet powerful enough for experienced users.
Some of the powerful features include:

  • Viewing Basic and Advanced Drive information
  • Permitting Drive Identification and Control
  • Measuring Disc Burning Quality
  • Updating software and firmware automatically


PlexERASE Technology

  • Protect your personal and sensitive data
  • Safely erase all disc content to ensure full confidentiality


PX-880SA incorporates LightScribe technology to enable custom text and designs to be printed/burned onto discs.



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