Questia Intoduces Library of Copyrighted Books to iPhone and iPod Touch

Questia Media, Inc., provider of the world’s largest online library
available to end consumers, has made its entire collection available
through a new research application for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

application, called Questia Library, provides mobile access to the full
text of 74,000 books and over 2 million journal, magazine, and
newspaper articles. The collection consists mostly of copyrighted works
and is selected and organized by professional librarians to facilitate
academic research in the humanities and social sciences.

research process is becoming increasingly mobile," said Tim Harris,
President and CEO of Questia. "Questia Library enables students and
other researchers who are on the move to search, browse, skim, and read
a large and valuable collection for the same price they might pay for a
single ebook. Questia Library delivers amazing resources all in the
palm of your hand."

application makes browsing for research purposes easier than ever,
allowing users to quickly navigate Questia’s subject category schema
and drill down to one of 6,700 research topic pages, such as psychology of war or magical realism, where they can view the top librarian-recommended books and articles for that topic.

addition to having mobile access, Questia Library users can log in to
their accounts through any computer with an Internet connection and
access Questia’s full suite of research tools to create project
folders, quote and cite publications, generate automatic
bibliographies, bookmark pages, add items to a bookshelf, take digital
notes, and highlight text. The bookmark, bookshelf, and view highlight
features are available in the application now with the other tools
scheduled to release in a later version.


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