ComponentOne Introduces New Data Analysis Tool – OLAP for WinForms

ComponentOne, a leading component vendor in the Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner program, has announced the release of ComponentOne OLAP for WinForms, a suite of five Microsoft .NET Framework-based controls that provide analytical processing features similar to those found in Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts.

This new data analysis tool from ComponentOne provides an Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) engine that is responsible for summarizing the raw data according to criteria selected by the user. "Users can integrate ComponentOne OLAP for WinForms into their User Interface (UI) making it compact and offering great customization," said Gustavo Eydelsteyn, managing director at ComponentOne. "Being able to transform raw data into visible patterns and trends without writing a single line of code offers significant time savings and eliminates human error often associated with this task."

The C1OlapPage control groups all the controls inside the suite (Panel, Grid, Chart, and PrintDocument) in one tabbed interface. Eydelsteyn explained to create the simplest OLAP application, just create a new Windows Forms application, drop the C1OlapPage control on the form, and connect to a database. Next, run the application and get instant data views with support for formatting, filtering, customization, and more.

The suite provides a familiar, drag-and-drop UI for defining custom views. Users may perform ad-hoc analysis by selecting any number of data fields they want to analyze and the ComponentOne OLAP controls do all the work summarizing the data.

"We see a tremendous value for our .NET Framework customers by working with Visual Studio Industry Partner program vendor ComponentOne," said Cliff Simpkins, senior product manager for the .NET Framework at Microsoft Corp. "Offerings such as ComponentOne OLAP for WinForms helps customers maximize the power of the .NET Framework to deliver key business results."

Writing a custom application to summarize data without OLAP for WinForms requires extensive maintenance time to add new views and the users are confined to only the views originally implemented. OLAP for WinForms delivers a multitude of dynamic views without the need to write a single line of code.

OLAP for WinForms provides summary views in the grid and chart, and also creates printable reports based on those views. By extending the PrintDocument class it provides properties for specifying content and formatting for showing OLAP grids, charts, and the raw data used to create the report. The page orientation may be changed and the report may be printed or exported to PDF.


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