NI Technology Updates Outlooks for EZchip Semiconductor, NetLogic Microsystems, Cavium Networks, Qualcomm, and Silicon Laborator

Next Inning Technology Research, an online investment newsletter focused on semiconductor and technology stocks, announced it has updated outlooks for EZchip Semiconductor, NetLogic Microsystems, Cavium Networks , Qualcomm, and Silicon Laboratories.

During the July earnings season, Editor Paul McWilliams was spot on. Not only was he the only one to predict Intel would report revenue of $8B, he laid out the details so accurately that one reader commented, "It was almost as though McWilliams wrote the script for the Intel conference call."

With the October earnings season just around the corner, McWilliams has begun publishing his special "State of Tech" reports. In this series of reports, readers will find detailed data covering the sector leaders as well as some of the up and coming niche players, commentary about sector trends and specific calls as to which stocks McWilliams thinks readers should buy and which he thinks they should sell.

To read the State of Tech reports, learn what McWilliams thinks Intel will report in Q3 and have full access to the Next Inning web site as well as a direct feed to McWilliams’ frequent investment ideas that have yielded a year-to-date return of 67% for the NI Portfolio, please visit the following link:

McWilliams covers these topics and more in his State of Tech report:

— In his always-illuminating State of Tech report covering Specialty Semiconductor companies, McWilliams included a special note to readers that he emphasized as being "important." In this note, he described in detail specific industry trends that have masked both revenue and gross profit in certain sectors and described how these situations would turn around during the coming quarters. What is it that McWilliams sees that he doesn’t think Wall Street will grasp until it reads about it in the earnings reports that will start to flow next month? What specialty semiconductor companies stand to benefit the most?

— Ever since the story broke about Juniper Networks stepping out with its own ASIC to replace the EZchip design in the MX router, the price of EZchip has been under pressure. In his quest to get to the bottom of the story, McWilliams has dug up some new perspective on this matter and used it to sharpen his view of EZchip’s future. Does he still see EZchip as a big winner? How does he think the loss of Juniper will play into the model? Is EZchip’s next earnings report for Q3 likely to surpass analysts’ expectations?

— NetLogic has moved up over 125% since McWilliams suggested readers consider buying the stock nine months ago. Should investors be happy about NetLogic’s acquisitions this year? Even after its run higher, is NetLogic still trading at an attractive valuation?

— Cavium has moved up nearly 125% since McWilliams suggested readers consider buying the stock in December. Has Cavium run too far too fast? What are the competitive threats facing Cavium?

— Why have Qualcomm shares lagged their tech peers in 2009? What is McWilliams’ fair value range for the stock and what should investors be looking for in Qualcomm’s upcoming earnings report?

— Silicon Labs has moved up over 103% since McWilliams called it a "good strategic investment" in December. Is Silicon Labs still attractively priced after this strong run higher? What sets Silicon Labs’ management apart from that of its competitors?

Founded in September 2002, Next Inning’s model portfolio has returned 222% since its inception versus 16% for the S&P 500.


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