New Return to Castle Wolfenstein Under Way and All-New id Title Confirmed

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for id Software announcements – a trend set to continue as id Software’s Todd Hollenshead confirms that a new Castle Wolfenstein title is in production, as well as a brand-new game from the acclaimed developer.

During an interview with G4, Hollenshead stated that the new Wolfenstein game is in production already at an as yet unnamed third-party development house, though nothing more was offered. It is expected that the title will be officially announced at publisher Activision’s upcoming annual Activate conference.

In other news, Hollenshead again builds on recent whisperings that the studio is poised for something of a shift in direction, confirming that an all-new game will go into production as soon as Doom 3 is finished proper. What’s more, the project will be based around an entirely original id Software IP, though again – to our frustration – no more details were revealed.

It is predicted that something of the new title will be shown at QuakeCon, taking place between August 12-15 and the wonderfully-named Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center in Texas.

We’ll bring you updates then.
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