220 Software Launches Pocket Stats: NFL 1.0 for iPhone and iPod Touch

220 Software, an independent iPhone developer, today announced the
release of it’s flagship football product, Pocket Stats: NFL. Pocket
Stats: NFL promises to help NFL football fans indulge their football
obsession, by being the ultimate pocket sized statistical reference.

220 Software has over a decade of software development experience, and
has recently begun to focus on the iPhone platform. The company has had
several top 100 releases in the US App Store, including "Baseball Fan
LIVE", and "RaceFan Ultimate". "We’re all about providing focused, rich
experiences for sports fans" says 220 Software President Fred
Vandervelde. "There are hundreds of NFL apps in the store already –
we’re aiming to provide something unique and different."

Pocket Stats: NFL contains the career offensive statistics of over 4500
current and former NFL players. In addition to being a statistical
reference, Pocket Stats: NFL contains useful links to Youtube clips
related to players, as well as links to their bio information on
Wikipedia. "We see Pocket Stats as something no NFL fan would want to
be without. A complete statistical reference is great for solving those
fan versus fan arguments." says Vandervelde, "and when you add in
player bio information, and YouTube clips, you have a nice fantasy
football research tool as well."

Download Pocket Stats: NFL 1.0


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