Creative ambitious PDE plans to rival Apple and Sony

Singapore’s Creative Technology is embarking on an ambitious campaign to rival Apple and Sony in the booming personal digital entertainment player (PDE) market after spending five years transforming itself from a computer soundcard maker.

Creative last week launched its top-of-the-line 10,000-song, 20-gigabyte Zen Touch portable music player, with chairman and chief executive Sim Wong Hoo marketing it as a direct challenge to Apple’s enormously successful iPod.”We are now playing in the big league. We are ready for the prime time. The PDE market is exploding and we cannot be left behind,” Sim said at the launch.

Sim said Creative had walked a “long, long path” for five years as it strived to diversify from its enormously successful soundcards into the PDE sector, where demand is accelerating and earning margins are sharply higher.

Creative, which Sim started 1981, is known globally for its SoundBlaster card, which transformed the personal computer into a mini home-entertainment machine.

News source: Yahoo News


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