League Of Legends arrives on October 27 2009

Massively multiplayer genre rather unusual, League of Legends: Clash of Fates is what its developers call a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA). In fact, it is primarily to replicate the concept of a mod very popular like WarCraft III, Defense of the Ancients with what that means for fighting team.

Today, Riot Games and GOA, partners for the event, informed that the release of League Of Legends had been set for 27 October. The availability will be made via the Internet and in stores when it comes to a phase of open beta, a week before the "shelving". Recall also that the game does not require any subscription side players, but a system of micro-transactions was selected for its funding. We invite you to visit the last Official Site designed by GOA to learn more about how the game is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does pre-season mean? Is that different from the game launching?
Moving forward, League of Legends will be operated in seasons. We believe that seasons are a great way to help facilitate competitive gaming and competitive communities. The reason we are launching in a pre-season is to allow time for players to start learning the game, building relationships, and building teams before the first season starts. We’re going to be releasing additional information about how seasons will work in the coming weeks. The pre-season is an opportunity for players and teams to become familiar with the game and begin developing advanced strategies and tactics that will help them climb to the top of the ladder when Season One begins!

Q: If the pre-season starts on October 27th, when does Season One begin, and what features will it have?
The first season of League of Legends will begin in the first half of 2010. We’re going to take the time during the pre-season to ensure that all of the features that we believe are required for competitive play are available, as well as taking the necessary time to balance and polish the game, and the PVP.net client. The features we plan to release between now and the beginning of Season One include clans, teams, tournaments, ranked play and ladders, draft mode, as well as additional content such as new Champions and maps.

Q: Will League of Legends have an open beta?
There will be a short open beta prior to the pre-season starting on October 27th.

Q: I pre-ordered, when will I be able to redeem my code?
You will be able to redeem your pre-order code on October 27th.

Q: Will I be able to keep my Summoner name and account after the beta ends?
Beta testers will be able to keep their Summoner names and accounts after the beta ends.

Q: Will the beta continue until October 27th?
The closed beta will continue until the start of open beta. 




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