Creative’s EAX to enhance Doom 3

Sound Blaster-maker will integrate its EAX audio technology into id’s Doom 3 engine.Though the Doom 3 engine has gotten the most attention for its graphics, its sound promises to be innovative as well. Today developer id Software announced that it has partnered with multimedia hardware manufacturer Creative Technology to further develop the audio portions of the Doom 3 engine.

The creator of the popular Sound Blaster line of PC sound cards will integrate its proprietary 3D audio technology, called EAX Advanced HD, into id’s graphics powerhouse. That means game developers licensing the engine for their own games will receive top-of-the-line 3D graphics and sound in the same package.

Ironically, the Doom 3 engine’s new audio technology won’t be immediately available in its namesake game. Creative and id said that the 3D graphics and audio technology won’t become available to developers until later this year. Doom 3 will ship to stores next week.

News source: Gamespot

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